Best Films of 2016 So Far

Cinemagoers have been treated to a variety of movies thus far in 2016. As usual, this year has brought us a good number of action flicks, love stories, superhero reboots, and comedies.

Captain America: Civil War


This was one of the most anticipated superhero movies of the year. It was indeed an ambitious project with a huge cast of Marvel heroes. However, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo were able to pull it off. They took some favorite heroes and pitted them against each other, and still managed to keep the movie enjoyable for all. Before the movie was released, one fear from critics was that so many superheroes might spoil the broth, but the producers pulled it off seamlessly.



This Walt Disney animated movie expected success long before it hit the theaters, but the kind of performance it delivered at the box office was totally unexpected. The story revolves around a bunny cop, who patrols the city of Zootopia – the plot addresses the challenges of this rabbit trying to fit in this new world and how difficult she finds her new job. Zootopia also touches on many different topics like rigid societal roles, friendship, family, and parenting. It’s definitely a children’s film, but adults can also take a page or two from it.



The cast and production teams behind the movie deserve props for making an outstanding picture out of a rather childish superhero. Deadpool fans waited decades for this, and Ryan Reynolds delivers a fantastic rendition of the sarcastic, troubled hero. Even if you aren’t a consistent Marvel fan, the movie is still hilarious and enjoyable too. It contains a lot of dark humor, puns, a great love story, and lots of action.

The Hateful Eight


Quentin Tarantino is back. The Hateful Eight is set in the post-Civil War era, and revolves of a bunch of unordinary travelers who are stuck in a blizzard and forced to take refuge at a pit stop. All of them are headed to Red Rock with different agendas, but two of them are bounty hunters. However, they soon learn they may not make it out after all. The movie is everything you would want out of a Tarantino movie: interesting conversations, embedded comedy, and, of course, his signature blood splatters.

The Nice Guys


The Nice Guys is a comedy thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. The movie follows the lives of Holland March, a private investigator, and Jackson Healy, a hired enforcer who intentionally hurts others for a living. When a woman named Amelia goes missing, circumstances force these two to become partners to solve her disappearance. The chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is noticeably excellent, and the movie has a fascinating plot with limitless witty humor.

High Rise


Director Ben Wheatley is known for creating disturbing and graphic films, and High Rise is no different. High Rise is based on a 1975 novel by J. G. Ballard, and delivers themes of anarchy and class tensions. Residents of a London high-rise building suffer from a simultaneous nervous breakdown caused by the building itself — they are absorbed by this desire to vandalize the building and perpetuate chaos. Tom Hiddleston delivered a remarkable performance as protagonist Dr. Robert Laing. However, be warned: you should watch this movie only if you’re ready for some serious violence.

The Witch


‘A New England Folktale’ is an aptly chosen subtitle for this movie. The Witch is essentially a bedtime story made up of nightmares — the horror flick completely succeeds in creating that quintessential spooky atmosphere. The plot follows the life of a family that has been banished from a plantation and is forced to shift to a new farm that is also haunted by a witch. The movie does complete justice to its genre and is a must-watch for the fans of the horror genre.


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