B.B. King: The Blues Legend

The blues legend, B.B. King passed away last week at the age of 89. Since his death, streams of his hit songs have been going up as new and old fans alike have paid homage their homage to the king of blues.

B.B. King was reported to have died peacefully in his sleep, and a memorial will be held over the next few days in Las Vegas where he died. His many famous albums include L.A. Midnight (1972), Take it Home (1979), Six Silver Strings (1985), and countless others. B.B. King was also well-known for the many movie sound tracks he wrote and performed.

Fans of B.B. King have been invited to a public viewing, and talk of a possible TV special is also being thrown around as millions of fans mourn the loss of the greatest blues legend of our time.

B.B. King, born in 1925 in Mississippi, won only 1 award in his lifetime and received two nominations, but fans have devoted many hours of their time to listening to his hit songs. After the news of his death came about, social media platforms were quickly flooded with comments on B.B. King’s great musical contributions to the world of blues, and many fans took the chance to express their favorite songs and memories.

Within the past few days, one thing has become clear: just because B.B. has passed, he is in no way gone from our lives. In fact, Forbes confirmed that streams of his songs have increased by nearly 10000% (about 9800% to be exact).

Many listeners have went beyond streaming, with two of King’s greatest collections already reaching the top 20 charts on Amazon over the past few days. While it’s typical for fans to show their support and love for passed artists and stars through watching, listening  and reminiscing, the tremendous increase in streams and purchases have proved that B.B. King truly was the king of blues, and he will not be forgotten.

While under unfortunate circumstances, many have speculated that the news of his passing and the media surge that paid homage to the blues legend has also led to more fans of his music. Even though thousands have now discovered B.B. King after his passing, new fans expressed their new love for his music and shared their condolences for B.B. King’s family.

B.B. King left behind three daughters: Shirley, Patty, and Claudette. All three of his daughters have shared stories of him over the years, and always said they grew up hearing his melodies and attending his performances. Now in her 60s, King’s daughter Shirley has also found her way into the music business and has established a great reputation over the years. Alongside her, Patty and Claudette have also expressed their love for listening and performing.

Fans have continued with their mourning, and many have voiced their love for King’s great music and made it clear that he will be leaving a long-lasting legend behind him.

Many of King’s greatest fans have given a silver lining to the situation, pointing out that today’s digital world will allow his music to be stored and shared for decades to come. Because of this, thousands – or even millions – of future music lovers will be able to discover King’s music.

Over the decades, King has been credited with many titles. Every single one of his albums have managed to impress his fans and attract new ones, and his music is now well-preserved so it can continue to do so far into the future.

Within his  career spanning from the 50s to today, he produced over 40 studio albums, 16 live albums, and over 160 singles. Over the past few days, many of his greatest hits have topped the charts once more as new and loyal fans listen in remembrance.

King has left a lasting legacy, one that his fans hope will be carried on well into future generations. King’s contribution to blues and early rock is unmatched. Many great artists and everyday listeners alike have happily handed him the title of the King of Blues, and with today’s streaming count heading into the billions, there’s no doubt that he deserves it.

As fans of King await further news, many are anticipating a TV special and further documentaries into King’s incredible life. Fans have openly expressed their love for his music for many years, but if there’s any good side to King’s passing, it’s that more fans will be able to discover his legend and carry it on.


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