An Essential Guide to Continuum


Continuum is a Canadian-based science fiction TV show that is currently airing on both the American and Canadian SyFy networks. The show has developed a considerable fan base over its three seasons; Continuum’s fourth season, which was announced in December of 2014, will be the final season for the show.  But that doesn’t mean that viewers—old fans and new fans alike—shouldn’t take a closer look at the series that has been a mainstay on the SyFy network for the past several years. The following is an essential guide to Continuum.


The Story


The premise of Continuum is this: the series is set in North America during the year 2077, where life is relatively peaceful due to the highly monitored, strict police state that grew out of a union between the North American countries and the rise of a very powerful corporate power.

Kiera Cameron is a City Protective Services officer who is suddenly thrust out of her peaceful life into the turmoil of a political action undertaken by the “Liber8,” a group of self-proclaimed “freedom fighters” who were sentenced to die. The group instead finds a way to time travel back to the year 2012, accidentally taking Cameron with them. Cameron then works with present-day police departments to track down every member of the group and stop them from altering the future. Cameron discovers, however, that not everything—including her so called “accidental” trip into the past—is as it seems.

Creative Team


The show is the first major television credit of writer Simon Barry, who also serves as the director, head writer, and producer of the series. Barry revealed in the spring of 2014 that he actually had anywhere from 7 to 10 seasons of Continuum plotted out, although the SyFy networks eventually decided to only pursue four seasons.



The show stars Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron; Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra, a head detective at the modern-day Vancouver Police Department; Alec Sadler, a teenager computer genius who will play a key role in the development of the police state of the future; as well as Stephen Lobo, Roger Cross, Lexa Doig, Tony Amendola, Luvia Petersen, and Omari Newton as members of the Liber8.

The show also includes recurring cast members, including Richard Harmon as Julian Randol; Terry Chen as Curtis Chen; Magda Apanowicz as Emily Hartwell; Ian Tracey as Jason Sadler; Nicholas Lea as Agent Cardiner; William B. Davis as the elderly Alec Sadler; and Ryan Robbins as Brad Tonkin.




The show has been fairly well received by television critics, who often praise the show’s editing and production work, as well as its interesting take on a dystopian future and the subsequent effects of time travel. The show has never received stellar ratings, although it did earn almost one million viewers early on its first season—before steadily dropping down to an average of about 350,000 viewers per episode. These ratings are not considerably bad for the SyFy network, which does not usually get high ratings for its original programming.


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