All About Danièle Watts

Danièle Watts is an American-born actress who is most well known for her appearances in television shows, such as Weeds, and films such as Django Unchained.

Danièle Watts was born in southern California, but her family often moved due to her father’s job in the military. Although she attended elementary school in California, her family moved to Orlando, Florida during her middle school years and moved once again to Atlanta, Georgia in time for Danièle Watts to attend high school. She attended the North Springs Character School of Arts and Sciences, where she could get an education that focused more on arts and social sciences than an ordinary high school.

After she graduated from high school, Watts made the decision to move back to Los Angeles in order to attend the University of Southern California, where she studied acting and dramatic arts. After finishing her education at the University of Southern California, she moved to London and studied acting at the famous British American Drama Academy.

Danièle Watts has performed in numerous films and television shows since about 2008—although she did have one small role as ‘Ruth’ in Magic Al and the Mind Factory, most of her acting career spans the years 2008 up through the current year, 2014. It was recently announced that she is set to play the role of Laura, the daughter of a character played by Martin Lawrence in Braddock and Jackson, a new television comedy that is currently being developed for the FX network.

Television Filmography
Danièle Watts has appeared in over a dozen different TV shows. Her most notable TV roles include: a guest role as ‘Lori’ in How I Met Your Mother; a guest role as Donalyn Sullivan in Cold Case; a guest role as Tracy Anderson in Criminal Minds; a special 8-episode guest role as Angela Mullen in weeds; and 10 episodes as Laura Jackson in Partners.

Danièle Watts was detained by police
Danièle Watts was detained by police

Cinema Filmography
In addition to her work in television, Danièle Watts has also appeared in over a dozen films. Her early film roles include the role of ‘Adalie’ in Starter Home; the role of Marianne in The Strange Thing About the Johnsons; and the role of Jodi in All Ages. Her later film roles include the role of ‘Coco’ in Django Unchained; Amber Adams in Straight Down Low; Crystal Gladwell in Muted; and Whitney Hinds in You Are What I Want.


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