4 Surprising Facts about Betty White

Betty White is one of the most beloved actresses of all time. Betty White is best known for her role as Rose Nylund on the hit series The Golden Girls, but in recent years she has showed up in everything from her own comedy reality TV show to guest appearances on Law and Order and much more. The following are 4 things that might just surprise you about this popular, and well loved actress.

Her name is just Betty
Most people assume that Betty White is a stage name which uses a shortened nickname for Elizabeth. However, Betty White’s name… is just Betty! According to White, her parents disliked most of the derivatives of the name Elizabeth (such as Lizzie, Liz, Beth and Bethy) and decided to simply name her Betty to avoid any unwanted nicknames.

Betty White was originally cast as Blanche in The Golden Girls
Betty may be best known for her role as the sweet, naive Rose on The Golden Girls, but did you know that she was actually first cast in the role of Blanch Devereaux? In addition to this, Rue McClanahan was cast in the role of Rose Nylund! Both the director of the show and the actresses decided that they did not want to play these roles because they had each previously played a similar role (White in Mary Tyler Moore and McClanahan in Maude) and did not want to become typecast. The rest is history!

She doesn’t care for (most) reality TV
Although she has never officially stated why she doesn’t like reality TV,  Betty White’s dislike for the genre may lie in the fact that she has a history in the field of television show production and script writing. Despite her dislike for the genre, White produced and hosted a prank show called ‘Betty White’s Offer Her Rocker’ in 2013.

Betty White had a black eye in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Betty White had a black eye in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

She is an avid supporter of animal rights and welfare
Betty White’s primary passion in life is her support of animal rights and animal welfare. White has donated plenty of money and time to anima rights charities, and has even turned down acting work because of her principles. In 1997, for example, Betty White was offered the role of the mother in the hit film As Good As it Gets. White turned down the role, however, because she did not like how the production team treated a dog that was used in the film.



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