3 Questions We’d Like to See Answered by The Walking Dead

There are some questions that will probably never be answered in the course of The Walking Dead—especially questions that would take away from some of the mystery of the walkers, such as how the outbreak started in the first place. But that doesn’t mean the show can’t provide any questions. The following are three questions we are dying (or is that undead?) to see answered by the writers of The Walking Dead.

Is There Any Sort of Government Left in the World?
The group has come across several pockets of survivors who have effectively created their own mini government in their encampments. But are there any vestiges of government left in the world? Or did the zombie outbreak turn absolutely everything to chaos? It is possible that there could be some sort of government left in the world—presidents, governors, and other important politicians often have bunkers or other hidden safe zones where they might be able to retreat in cases of emergencies. Are there presidents around the world hiding underground, waiting for the safe chance to come up?

How Far Can Walkers Decompose?
The show has definitely indicated that walkers can decompose. This is evident when you compare how most of the walkers looked in season 1, compared to how they look now. The walkers in the latest season have less flesh and look more rotting than the walkers in season 1, some of whom looked very “fresh,” so to speak. But just how far can walkers actually decompose? Could they decompose to the point of being unable to move at all—like a handful of walkers we’ve seen throughout the four seasons, including the famous walker in the first episode who reaches out to Rick? If walkers can decompose that far, it could be a good thing for survivors, who will only have to worry about watching out for heads on the ground.

Are There Any Real “Safe Zones”?
The citizens of Woodbury might have been relatively safe, but it definitely wasn’t a safe zone in the vein of safe zones from other zombie films or properties. Are there any real safe zones in The Walking Dead universe—areas controlled and patrolled effectively to the point where people that enter are safe, at least from the walkers outside the complex? It would be interesting to see how such safe zones might work, and how—or if—the group would join one.


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