3 Must-See Episodes of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the hottest comedies on TV, and for very good reasons—people just can’t get enough of the quirky comedy, romantic relationships, and the ever-awkward Sheldon. There have been many great episodes of The Big Bang Theory throughout the years, but some episodes stand out more than others as being “must-see” for everyone—whether they’re diehard fans of the show itching to rewatch or new fans looking to get acquainted with the very best that the series has to offer. The following are 3 must-watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

The First Episode/Pilot

Not only is the first episode/pilot episode essential viewing for anyone getting into the series, it’s just a great episode on its own. The episode manages to introduce all of the main characters without things seeming awkward or forced, and has plenty of genuine laughs (and even a bit of heartfelt sweetness!) for those looking for a good chuckle. It’s also interesting to see how the pilot episode compares to the show as it stands now, with new characters, new relationships, and new motivations.

The Precious Fragmentation

This season 3 episode is often cited as a fan favorite due to its “nerdy” storyline: The group finds a “one ring” from the Lord of the Rings series, which turns out to be an actual prop used in the film. A hilarious fight ensues with everyone from the group holding onto the ring at the same time—each wants to do something different with the prop, and whoever is holding the ring last gets to decide what to do with it. The episode is full of Lord of the Rings references that aren’t just topical but genuinely funny to fans of the original source material.

The Middle Earth Paradigm

In this episode, Leonard & co are invited to a Halloween party hosted by Penny. The episode has a lot of great gags—the costumes that the group wears are funny enough on their own, but their awkward interaction with Penny’s more “sociable” friends at the party make for some hilarious encounters. The episode, like many episodes of the show, isn’t afraid to include some emotional moments as well; Penny and Leonard share an intimate and touching moment together during the party which was one of the many early ‘sparks’ that would set the pace for their future relationship.


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