3 Great Easter Eggs from Fox’s Gotham Premiere

Fox’s Gotham tackles the prequel story to the ever-popular Batman franchise; rather than focusing on the deeds of the bat-caped crusader, Gotham will instead focus on a young James Gordon (yes, the future Commissioner of Gotham!) as he navigates the dark, seedy and corrupt world of Gotham City. Gordon’s first big case is, naturally, the infamous murder of the Waynes, witnessed by their young son Bruce.

Gotham earned respectful ratings for its season premiere, and many critics are praising the show for its cinematography, acting and its ability to appeal to those who haven’t even picked up a single Batman comic. But there is still plenty of tidbits and fun trivia for Batman fanatics to enjoy—did you spot the following Easter eggs in the show’s first episode?

Ben Mckenzie as 'James Gordon' in FOX's 'Gotham'
Ben Mckenzie as ‘James Gordon’ in FOX’s ‘Gotham’

The Mayor
This is an Easter egg that even some of the most diehard Batman fans missed. In a brief scene, the Mayor of Gotham—Aubrey James—was seen addressing a news crew about the murder of the Wayne family. In the comic books (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, issue 204, to be exact) Aubrey James is labeled as one of the “Madmen of Gotham,” who were designing a drug that would suppress violent tendancies in criminals but ultimately gave them strange superhuman powers.

Renee Montoya

New time ‘Gotham’ initiates could tell that something was up with the relationship between Renee Montoya, the detective and Barbara Gordon, James’s Gordon’s wife. But fans of the Batman animated series and comic book series will recognize her as the same Renee Montoya who ended up being courted by Two-Face/Harvey Dent, before she revealed that she was not attracted to men. In the comic series, Montoya revealed that she had once been in a relationship with Batwoman; given the dialogue between the two, it seems likely that the “Gotham” version of Montoya may have been in a relationship with Gordon’s wife, Barbara.

The Villains Gallery

Gotham's 'Rise of the Villains' promo
Gotham’s ‘Rise of the Villains’ promo

If there was anything Batman fans took away from the Gotham premier, it was an abundance of future Batman villain references. The medical examiner Edward Nygma—who eventually becomes the Riddler—talks in riddles; a young redheaded girl named ‘Ivy Pepper’ who is seen near the plants in her home; and, of course, Oswald Cobblepot as a smalltime gangster who is cruelly nicknamed ‘Penguin’ by his compatriots in crime. Holy Villain Foreshadowing, Batman!


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