3 Characters We’d Like to See in Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful’s first season is over, and although the second season isn’t slated to premiere until 2015, fans are already speculating and posting their hopes for the gothic-horror show’s next season. The first season of the show featured several (public domain, of course) literary characters who were given a “Victorian gothic” makeover for the show. But there are plenty of other literary characters who, given the right treatment by the show’s creative team, would make a great addition to Penny Dreadful. Let’s take a look at three characters we would love to see on the next season of Penny Dreadful.

Tom Sawyer

'Vanessa and Dorian' in 'Penny Dreadful'
‘Vanessa and Dorian’ in ‘Penny Dreadful’


It sounds strange at first, but Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain’s novels would make an intriguing addition to the show for several reasons. An updated Sawyer would be older, perhaps slightly young but seasoned adventurer looking for adventure in overseas London. Giving him an All-American, charismatic, adventure-like attitude would make a great contrast to the show’s more embittered characters and put him at odds with the show’s dark and terrible version of 19th century London.

Elizabeth Bathory

Meet the cast of 'Penny Dreadful'
Meet the cast of ‘Penny Dreadful’

A character based on the real-life Elizabeth Bathory would add a touch of elegant darkness to the show—and could provide a counterpoint to the implications of Dracula in the first season. Bathory was a countess who was accused of murdering dozens to hundreds of young girls and bathing in their blood to retain her youth and beauty. Although the accusations may not have been true—everything we know about her was handed down through her enemies, who resented the fact that she had a significant amount of power despite her female lineage—they make for a dark and creepy story that is perfect for a show like Penny Dreadful.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde seems almost tailored for the show—not only are the characters from the same time period, the story itself is a type of gothic horror that surely inspired the basis of the show. It would be interesting to see how a character like Jekyll/Hyde would play out on the show, especially if they played around with the traditional portrayals of the characters—for example, having Hyde be physically attractive and charming on the outside with his deranged psychopathy kept underneath, while Jekyll is physically unattractive and socially awkward but otherwise a good and caring person.


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