Does the All-Star Cast of “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” Deliver?


The first thing you need to know about the summer blockbuster “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” is that it boasts an all-star cast: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek and Gary Oldman. And this is an all-star cast that really delivers for several big reasons.

#1: “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” brings back the buddy action comedy

Remember back in the 1980s and 1990s when all the big Hollywood studios were cranking out buddy action comedies? The whole premise of those films was the “odd couple” or the “mismatched couple” that was forced to solve a problem together despite their seemingly irreconcilable differences. Everything else that happened – the car chases, the explosions and the stunts – was secondary to the banter and chemistry between the two stars.

Those types of films seem to have disappeared from the cinema in recent years (unless you count films like “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “Central Intelligence”), and that’s why “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” seems so fresh. This is the classic, all-time “odd couple” – you have the straight-laced Ryan Reynolds who plays a “triple A security executive” (i.e. a bodyguard) and then you have the foul-mouthed assassin Darius Kincaid played by Samuel L. Jackson.

It’s the constant banter and wit between those two members of the all-star cast that should get all the attention. For example, one of the ongoing jokes of the movie is how Darius Kincaid has tried to kill Reynolds’ character (Michael Bryce) 28 times. And there’s a big in-joke involving Samuel L. Jackson’s role in “Pulp Fiction.”

Despite all the car chases, explosions and violence in the movie, it’s the moments of humor between these two that has attracted the attention of moviegoers. In one scene, for example, Samuel L. Jackson is doing a sing-along with a group of Italian nuns in a cramped bus as Ryan Reynolds looks on incredulously. And there’s another hilarious scene where Ryan Reynolds sings a falsetto version of Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign.”

It’s clear that the Hollywood marketing behind this film is designed to get moviegoers in the mood to see this odd couple. There’s one movie poster where Ryan Reynolds is carrying Samuel L. Jackson around in his arms, clearly looking like that’s about the last thing in the world he’d like to be doing.

#2: Salma Hayek steals every scene she’s in “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”

Speaking of the all-star cast, you can’t forget about Salma Hayek, right? She’s always sultry and sexy, but here she really out-does herself. She plays Sonia Kincaid, the incarcerated wife of Darius Kincaid. Some critics have called her a “potty-mouthed Latina” for her role in this film, and that’s pretty accurate: she’s one woman you wouldn’t want to mess with and she’s not afraid to drop a few expletives here and there.

But she’s clearly playing more than just a stereotype here. There’s a lot of humor in her role, such as her desire to do yoga while behind prison bars. Every yoga scene she’s in is really top-notch.

And then there’s a funny flashback scene where we learn how Darius and Sonia fell in love – he’s such a badass assassin, and it turns out that the thing that really turned him on to her was her unflinching ability to take on a room of bad guys. During the scene, music from Lionel Richie’s “Hello” plays, so you can get an immediate sense of what kind of twisted humor the show’s director, Patrick Hughes, has in mind.


#3: Gary Oldman really delivers as an evil East European dictator

The whole premise of the movie is that there’s a dictator of Belarus, Vladislav Dukhovich, who is having everyone murdered who dares to testify against him in a human rights case at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in the Netherlands. And so Gary Oldman, who plays the role of Dukhovich, has to pull off his very best “bad guy” routine to make the whole movie work. And boy does he deliver!

At first, you might not even recognize that it’s Gary Oldman. But he is able to convince everyone that he’s capable of getting to anyone in the world – even Darius Kincaid, who is being protected by the bodyguard Michael Bryce. Special props to Gary Oldman for pulling off his Slavic accent. Some critics have noted that it sounds a lot like his Russian accent in “Air Force One” – and if you’ve ever seen that movie, you’ll realize how much Gary Oldman really delivers on his role here.

#4: The real acting surprise of “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” is Élodie Yung

Once we meet the love interest of Samuel L. Jackson in the movie, Salma Hayek, then you know that, sooner or later, we’ll meet the love interest of Ryan Reynolds. In this case, it’s the remarkable French actress Élodie Yung (best known for her role in “Daredevil”), who plays the French-English Interpol agent Amelia Roussel. It turns out that Michael Bryce and Roussel had a romantic relationship in the past, but then things went wrong. Bryce even harbors the suspicion the Roussel might have been responsible for his fall from grace as one of the most sought-after bodyguards in the world.

#5: “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” is more than a live-action cartoon

Some critics have complained about all the bodies that seem to pile up, one after another in the movie. And yes, there are plenty of explosions, gunfights and violence that rapidly increase the body count within the film. However, here’s the thing – the characters of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds keep this film from being just a live-action cartoon.

At one point in the movie, Darius Kincaid asks Michael Bryce to reconsider his sense of good and evil, his notion of right and wrong, and to consider what makes a “righteous” profession. In short, is it better to have a career killing evildoers (as Darius does, as an assassin), or is it better to have a career protecting the people who commit acts of evil (as Bryce often does, as a bodyguard-for-hire)? That question is not always an easy one to answer, which is why this film may have a few additional layers to unpeel before you can dismiss it as just another summer blockbuster.

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” has been a welcome summer surprise – it’s an action comedy filled with an all-star cast that really delivers. Moviegoers will love the non-stop banter and chemistry between Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds, as well as appreciate the great acting roles of Salma Hayek, Gary Oldman and Élodie Yung.



Why “A Ghost Story” Will Haunt You


A Ghost Story” is a story about ghosts, but everything about this small art house film is designed to challenge your views about the supernatural. The film is haunting and intense, but is not designed to be “scary” in the conventional sense. But as you begin to consider the implications of what filmmaker David Lowery shows you on screen, you may begin challenging everything you thought you knew about the afterlife and the linear march of time. Here are all the reasons why “A Ghost Story” will haunt you.

#1: “A Ghost Story” uses unconventional storytelling techniques

If you think about most horror movies, they are designed to shock and frighten you, usually with scenes of gore or some other spectacle. “A Ghost Story,” by contrast, does not rely on any CGI special effects. Any special effects, such as they are, are quite minimal.

In fact, it’s arguable that the only real special effect in the movie is Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck wearing a white bed sheet – the kind you might wear for Halloween – over his head for much of the movie. He is largely mute, using only his movements and gestures to signify what he is feeling.

Director David Lowery purposely lingers on scenes for far longer than feels comfortable. For example, after the loss of her husband (known only as “C”), the wife (known only as “M), played by Rooney Mara, eats a pie in near-total silence for four whole minutes. Moreover, Lowery often shoots at a distance, and that helps to create a certain type of relationship between the viewer and the people on screen.

To top it off, he uses a square aspect ratio, giving us the sensation that we are viewing the action through some kind of keyhole. This is immediately disturbing – it’s almost as if we are voyeuristically involved in studying how a woman is dealing with the death of her husband. All of the action largely takes place in just a single house, forcing us to focus on what is happening right in front of us.

It’s really the case that there is no final spectacle, no final grisly moment when we come face-to-face with the occult. Instead, we are shown the passage of time, and the ghost staying anchored to his spot, seemingly immobilized by his own grief. With each new tenant in the house that C and M once occupied, the ghost remains fixed in place. In fact, that’s literally the case – the ghost almost seems to be anchored in place.

#2: “A Ghost Story” is a ghost story as well as a haunting love story

With most love stories – even tragic ones – the audience knows much about the characters. We know why they fell in love, we know a history of their romance, and we most certainly know their names. But this film is very different – it is a love story, as the ghost waits patiently for generations to pass so that he can be reunited with his former wife. He almost seems stuck in a purgatorial way station, waiting for events to play out.

But here’s the thing – we don’t know the names of the characters. In the credits, they are known only as C (for Casey Affleck) and M (for Rooney Mara). We don’t know much about their previous life – or even if they were married. They are generic couples, and that’s what makes the film so supremely haunting – this is a story about C and M, but it is also a story of us. C and M could be any couple caught up in tragedy.

David Lowery has said that he was moved to make this film on a very limited budget ($100,000) after an argument with his wife. They had argued about mortality, about the life of the soul, and how certain places and spots in time are preserved over time. Moving from a house, he seems to be saying, means leaving these shared moments. He also seems to be making the case that emotions such as love and loss live on long after the body is gone.


#3: “A Ghost Story” is a supernatural story of space and time

You could make the case that the real heroes of this movie are not the characters, but rather, the house itself. It is the house where the ghost lingers on for decades. And, as we see with each new generation of tenant (such as a single mom with two kids), there is something to human life that is very short, fleeting and transient.

At one point in this movie, a bohemian intellectual rambles on about the doomed efforts of humanity to leave lasting evidence of its life on Earth. But, alas, that permanence is not to be found. Instead, the best we can hope for, the film seems to be saying, is that we’ll linger on in some odd half-state between the physical world and the spiritual world. It is not heaven, and it is not hell. It is not even purgatory. It is a lost moment, and that is all.

By the end of the film, certain scenes start to make sense. We realize that things that go “bump in the night” do so for a reason.  In one scene, for example, the ghost gets visibly upset when his former wife begins to get romantically involved with someone else.

There are so many different ways to interpret “A Ghost Story,” and nearly every moviegoer will leave the film with a different view of what just happened. The film, undoubtedly, will polarize audiences. There will be some who love it, because it is so unique, new and moving. And there will be others who hate it, viewing it as being too precious and too affecting, and not nearly “scary” enough.

But one thing is clear – it is impossible to watch the film and not be deeply affected. The film is disturbingly intense, with the ability to transform slow motion takes of grief and sadness into moments that will touch your soul. “A Ghost Story” will haunt you, and you will want to discuss why with your friends and family.



Charlize Theron Kicks Ass in “Atomic Blonde”


Charlize Theron is the super-sexy, super-talented female spy that movie audiences have always wanted. In every scene in which she appears in “Atomic Blonde,” she dominates the action – whether she’s fighting off groups of bad guys with a dazzling array of action moves or slinking around in some impossibly sexy outfits. In short, Charlize Theron kicks ass in “Atomic Blonde.”

Charlize Theron’s character is James Bond meets John Wick

Some have tried to compare Charlize Theron’s character, MI6 Agent Lorraine Broughton, to a female James Bond. Yes, she’s employed by Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Yes, she’s impossibly cosmopolitan and suave. Yes, she’s trying to outwit a rival group of spies and double agents. And, yes, there are scenes where she’s downing shots of her favorite vodka drink (not shaken, and not stirred, by the way).

But the real inspiration for Charlize Theron’s character is really John Wick. And that’s not just a coincidence – David Leitch, the co-director of the first “John Wick” film, is also the director of this film. As a result, we get a character very much like John Wick – this is one badass woman you don’t want to mess with. She doesn’t need a gun to kill you, she’s just as adept as using the stiletto heel of one of her glamorous pairs of shoes. She’s perfectly willing to improvise, using a common garden hose as an unlikely form of strangulation. She’s able to stab someone with a set of car keys or shoot them straight up with unerring ease.

Charlize Theron is stunning in perfectly choreographed fight scenes

And where Charlize Theron really shines is in her fight scenes. Make no mistake about it – she’s perfectly willing and able to take on all comers. She’s in peak fighting shape, and employs a unique form of “lethal creativity” (according to one film reviewer) in devising new ways to take out her opponents. That’s what makes the action in this film so irresistible – every action fight scene is almost balletic in motion, with bodies moving to a perfectly choreographed beat.

And despite the frenetic pace of the action, Theron is always in control. Whether she’s careening through the streets of Cold War-era Berlin, where much of the action takes place, or fighting off Soviet assassin spies, you know that Theron is going to jump, kick, shoot and maim her way to victory. She’s always ready to kick ass, even if she’s just arrived in a foreign city and is trapped in traffic. “Trust no one,” she’s told. But there’s no real need to tell Charlize Theron that – she’s not the trusting type.

And what makes it all so badass is that Theron always looks better after fighting off her assailants. Even blood spatter in her hair looks more like funky pink highlights than any sign that she’s just been in a bloody battle. And the non-stop action is all synced to the pounding pulse of a 1980s soundtrack, in which songs from the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order help to highlight the action. At times, the movie feels like just one badass music video: Who really cares about the plot line and narrative, as long as our Atomic Blonde is out there, shooting up the place and killing all the bad buys?

“Atomic Blonde” perfects the cartoon-style violence of a graphic novel

In fact, sometimes Charlize Theron kicks so much ass on the big screen that it almost seems like the violence we’d expect from a superhero cartoon. And that’s no mistake – the movie sometimes attains a comic book aesthetic as a result of all the action. The movie is actually based on a graphic novel – “The Coldest City” – and so it’s no coincidence that some of the fights are so ultra-violent and ultra-bloody.


Charlize Theron is a stone-cold killer (literally) in “Atomic Blonde”

And what makes Theron so deadly is that she’s so cool, calm and collected throughout. She’s a stone-cold killer, feeling little or no remorse for all the bloody victims left in her wake. As if to emphasize that point, David Leitch films scenes with Charlize Theron, naked in an ice bath, as she sips an icy cocktail. She’s an icy blonde you don’t want to mess with. She may be dressed to the 9s in a slinky dress and impossibly high stiletto heels, but she’ll take out any baddies just as easily as if she were dressed in full military camo gear. She’s just that cold of a killer.

Charlize Theron exudes a type of savage sexiness

If you’re used to Charlize Theron film roles in which she deliberately disfigures herself (the role of Imperator Furiosa in “Mad Max: Fury Road” comes to mind), then you’re in for a real treat in “Atomic Blonde.” This female spy-assassin-killer is as savage as she is sexy. It’s a rare combination on the big screen.

And perhaps one of the sexiest scenes in the movie is one in which Charlize Theron describes her impossibly hot tryst with a French intel officer (played by Sofia Boutella of “The Mummy”). Her handlers at MI6 literally can’t believe what they’re hearing – and they don’t want her to stop. It’s just that hot and sexy.

This is one “Atomic Blonde” you don’t want to double-cross

The true mark of any badass is that you don’t ever want to cross him (or her). And Charlize Theron is very clear in this film that she’s not someone you want to double-cross or triple-cross. It can be sometimes hard to follow all the plot developments, but one thing is clear – Charlize Theron is more assassin than spy, and she’ll always get the person she wants.


No doubt, the summer of 2017 has been very good to us. We first got Gal Gadot in “Wonder Woman” as a female superhero who kicks ass. Now we have Charlize Theron as a female super-spy who kicks ass. If given our choice, we’d take Charlize Theron. There’s not a single one of her scenes in “Atomic Blonde” in which you can’t take your eyes off her. This film is so good it almost makes us long for the good old days of the Cold War, in which spies and super-spies played out an epic cat-and-mouse game in European capitals. Forget James Bond, though, we now have Charlize Theron as Agent Lorraine Broughton.



What To Expect From “Justice League”


The upcoming superhero film “Justice League” from DC Comics, set for a nationwide release in cinemas on November 17, has already started to generate buzz among moviegoers. If anything, all the excitement about “Wonder Woman” earlier this summer has only intensified anticipation about this film, which will include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Here’s what we know about “Justice League” so far…

#1: “Justice League” is a direct sequel to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

With franchise Hollywood blockbusters, it’s never really clear until the last minute whether a film is a prequel or a sequel to previous films. And, even then, it’s never immediately obvious how long of a period of time has elapsed between the original and the sequel. But “Justice League” is different in this regard. We’re being told right from the outset that “Justice League” is a direct sequel to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

What that means for moviegoers is that the action in “Justice League” will take place just a few months after “Batman v Superman.” It’s not clear what has happened to Superman, and the thinking is that Superman has sacrificed his life for the greater good of humanity. That’s how the film starts – but not necessarily how it ends. Based on what we’ve seen in the trailers for “Justice League,” it now appears that Superman (played by Henry Cavill) is going to return at the end of the film to help save the day. The return of the Man of Steel is going to be a major subplot of the film.

#2: “Justice League” is going to be a movie about friends and teamwork

After the latest trailer for the film dropped at San Diego Comic-Con earlier in the year, it now appears that this DC Comics superhero blockbuster is going to be a “Super Friends” movie, in which an all-star cast of superheroes led by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman save Planet Earth from evil intergalactic aliens. Other superheroes in the film will include Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa), Flash (played by Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher).

Unlike previous superhero blockbuster films, which have pitted superheroes against each other (most notably, “Batman v Superman”), this film promises to be much more of a “Super Friends” movie. The superheroes rally together to save Earth from an existential crisis. This time, the enemies are Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.


#3: “Justice League” is going to be much more cheerful and optimistic than expected

If there’s one thing that DC Comics learned from “Batman v Superman,” it’s that movie audiences don’t want too much grim, dark, gritty action. And that’s why, judging from the advance trailers and marketing promotion, “Justice League” is going to be much more cheerful, upbeat and optimistic.

Here’s just one example: the trailer features a lot of the lighter lines of dialogue. And the character of Flash is being positioned as more of an endearing, comic figure than a full-fledged superhero. (In the trailer, he jokes about participating in his first battle and seems slightly nerdy.)

To see the more optimistic look for the film, just check out the movie posters – the marketing for the film is positioning all of the superheroes as friends rather than rivals. And the tagline – “You Can’t Save the World Alone” – is meant to emphasize the role of teamwork and coordination amongst all the superheroes.

#4: Wonder Woman is going to be the real star of “Justice League”

After the remarkable success of “Wonder Woman” earlier this summer, DC Comics obviously did a lot of re-thinking about “Justice League.” Take the new main trailer, for example. The first superhero we see is Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot), who foils some kind of robbery taking place.

It looks like DC Comics is really going to be playing up the chance for fans to see their new favorite superhero in action yet again. And that’s not all – the trailer also hints that we’re going to see more of the Amazons from “Wonder Woman,” including Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope.

So, even though this film is being pitched as an ensemble cast movie, Gal Gadot might actually end up getting first billing, ahead of Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman). Wonder Woman might end up stealing every scene she’s in, and so we hope that she plays more than just a supporting role here.


#5: “Justice League” will introduce us to new characters in the DC Extended Universe

One new character that fans are buzzing about is Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa), who looks like he’ll be getting an enhanced role in this movie. In the trailer for “Justice League,” we see him in his underwater domain, and then again, as he destroys a villain and an entire apartment building in the process. And there’s more superheroes we’ll meet as well, such as Flash and Cyborg. (Oh – and don’t forget about the new villain, Steppenwolf, who is the general of an alien race, the New Gods, from the planet Apokolips.)

The reason why all this is important is because DC Comics has been working hard to build what it calls the DC Extended Universe. This film is actually the fifth installment of that DC Extended Universe. What it means for fans is that DC Comics is trying to unite all the various threads and worlds of its superheroes, so that they can all co-exist and all the narratives and plot lines make sense.

So look for more clues in this film about how the “Justice League” originates, and what its mission is going to be. One interesting side-note here is that the original director of the film, Zack Snyder, left the film in May 2017 due to a family crisis, and that means all the post-production was handled by Joss Whedon, who was brought in at the last-minute to finish up the film. Whedon was also responsible for filming some additional scenes needed to round out the action, so that might be a way to help tie up any loose ends.

Overall, “Justice League” looks like a fantastic new action-adventure movie featuring our favorite superheroes. It looks like DC Comics has really learned its lesson from “Batman v Superman,” and is doing everything possible to guarantee that “Justice League” is going to be a major success that’s well-received by fans.



What to Expect From “Star Trek: Discovery”


For more than a year now, Star Trek fans have been waiting for the upcoming TV series “Star Trek: Discovery.” After being announced in November 2015 as the first show specifically created for CBS All Access, there have been a number of twists and turns that have delayed its debut. So what can we expect from “Star Trek: Discovery” when it finally comes to CBS?

Right now, we don’t even have a firm date for the release of the show. The original release date was January 2017, but that was moved back to May 2017, and now CBS executives are saying that it’s far more likely that there will be a fall 2017 release. But they won’t even commit to a specific date. Meanwhile, filming continues in Toronto. But all of these delays are making fans anxious, as they are getting concerned that the latest “Discovery” could be a complete disaster like the doomed “Enterprise.”

In terms of what we know about the show, we know that the action will take place a decade before the events of the original “Star Trek” series. And we know that the show’s producers are being very careful to separate this TV show from the “Star Trek” films. In a teaser video that CBS released, we just got some boilerplate information about the show, saying that it would feature “new crews, new villains, new heroes and new worlds.”

The first-ever serialized “Star Trek”

If you think about the other “Star Trek” TV shows, they have always been episodic in nature. In other words, you could watch Episode 5 of a season without the need to watch Episodes 4, 3, 2 or 1. Each show took place in a different place in the universe, with a different problem or villain. One episode it might be the Klingons, another week it might be someone else.

But the producers of “Star Trek: Discovery” are saying that this is going to be a serialized “Star Trek.” That would make it more similar to shows like “Game of Thrones” that you might watch on cable TV, where there is a single narrative arc connecting each and every show.

Right now, the best guess about that narrative arc comes from hints that the “Star Trek” producers have dropped. The first hint is that the series will be connected to “an incident and an event in ‘Star Trek’ history that’s been talked about but never been explored.”

Further hints and clues suggest that the incident might be related to the “Balance of Terror” story from the original “Star Trek” series that appeared back in 1966. The “Balance of Terror” episode introduced us to the Romulans, and featured a cat-and-mouse game between the starship Enterprise and the Romulan Bird of Prey ship, which was protected with a cloaking device.

And here’s where things get interesting – that episode from 1966 featured Sarek, Spock’s father, and we know that the new “Star Trek: Discovery” will feature Sarek as a Vulcan astrophysicist. So there might be a tie-in somehow.

A very diverse cast led by an African-American woman

We already know that the lead character for “Star Trek: Discovery” is going to be Sonequa Martin-Green (best known for her TV role in “The Walking Dead”), who will play the first officer of the USS Discovery. In the show, she will not be a full starship captain. Instead, she will be referred to as “Number One,” which is a reference back to the “Star Trek” pilot episode called “The Cage,” which also referred to the ship’s captain as “Number One.”

According to producers and showrunners, there will be a real emphasis on showing minority and female characters. And there will also be LGBTQ characters. In fact, the thinking now is that one of the main characters is going to be outwardly gay. Other top characters to keep an eye on include Nambue (played by Maulik Pancholy), chief medical officer of the USS Shenzhou, and Sarek (played by James Frain), Spock’s father.


A new kind of starship that looks way too retro

While the entire series appears to be nearly a year behind in production, we did get an early preview of the USS Discovery at last summer’s Comic-Con in San Diego. There was a big unveiling of the USS Discovery, including a brief teaser trailer. The Discovery is golden hued and has a very different look than other “Star Trek” vessels. That has fans complaining, saying that the starship looks “too old and industrial” and not futuristic enough. Given that the action of this CBS show will take place only a decade before the first “Star Trek,” it’s hard to see how the Discovery eventually made way for the Enterprise we know and love.

A darker version of “Star Trek”

One aspect of “Star Trek” that fans have loved for more than 50 years is the optimistic message of the whole show. It’s all about exploring the universe, going where no man has gone before, and interacting with all the remarkable specimens and races of the galaxy in a way that unites rather than divides.

But it sounds like the plan for this new “Star Trek: Discovery” is to create a darker vision for the series. In fact, there have been suggestions that it could be united by a more post-apocalyptic story line. That makes sense, if you take into account that “Balance of Terror” episode, which featured the Earth-Romulan war and the ability of the warlike Romulans to destroy intergalactic space outposts with incredible weapons.

But that has fans concerned – they’re afraid that the optimistic, upbeat mood of the original Gene Roddenberry series might be lost. And, if that were the case, then it would lead to serious concerns that the show is headed in the right direction.

What’s most interesting about this new CBS show is what can best be called “the Netflix effect.” That means that CBS is specifically ordering a show that can become part of their All Access streaming service, and that’s what perhaps led to this being a serialized show. The whole reason people binge-watch is because they want to find out what happens next, and that’s why serialized shows are so popular.

There are some who say that, ever since “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was released in 1987, each successive Star Trek series has been less and less popular. There’s still hope, though, that more than 50 years after the original “Star Trek,” we’re going to have a new series that’s better than anything we’ve ever seen before.


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