Can Pokémon GO Threaten All Indoor-Only Virtual Reality Experiences?

pokemon go gym battle

Pokémon GO has broken dozens of records since its release in a handful of countries. It is already the most played game in the US, and broke the record of the highest App Store downloads in a week. Within a short time that it has existed, it’s already forged a legacy for itself. And all of this, despite being released in limited markets. If and when it is released worldwide, there is no doubt that it will possibly be the biggest sensation to hit the world in our lifetimes. Analysts say that Pokémon Go is now worth more than Nintendo itself. This is completely unprecedented; nobody could have predicted this. The sheer success of the game is unlike anything our generation has seen, including Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

Pokémon Go has been the biggest success in the growth of AR. It projects a virtual world over the real world, and sends people on quests to find different characters of the game. The execution of the game has been outstanding — it got an entire generation of people to get off their couches and go outdoors. Day, night, weekdays, or weekends, people can be found flocking the neighborhood at odd times, just to play a game. Is this the future of entertainment? Is our generation going to trade indoor video games, VR games, and the lot in favor of AR games like Pokémon Go? Well, to understand the answer to that, we have to first analyze the success of Pokémon Go itself.

pokemon go success

Despite all the achievements of Pokémon Go, perhaps its biggest success is in its ability to achieve something that our previous generation has not been able to do even after years of berating their children – to finally get this generation outdoors. This generation grew up playing Pokémon, and it’s a game loved by a vast majority of them. There is a great level of nostalgia attached to this game, and the way the game has transformed itself and is now available to the same audience is incredible. The only difference is that those people who enjoyed Pokemon as kids are now adults or teenagers. In an ironic twist of fate, the very same game which kept them indoors in their childhood is now pulling them outdoors. The results of this have been striking. People who wanted their kids to go out are now freaked out.

The reason why parents are worried is that their kids are generally not so experienced with the outdoor world, particularly children of a younger age. But what they overlook is the fact that this is exactly why their kids should go out. A large number of people with mental illness, social anxiety, people who are not good at making friends, etc. are finally meeting strangers, connecting with them, and forging friendships. A simple question of “What team are you?” builds a human bond and connection. Further, unlike the indoor video games and VR games, Pokémon GO does not pitch one player against another. We know online video game chat rooms are filled with abuse. On the other hand, Pokémon GO players will be interacting with other players in the real world, face-to-face. The experience itself is much richer, and healthier. Since nobody is playing against each other, people tend to be courteous to each other. There are team rivalries and “gyms” that Pokémon can battle each other in, but it’s a much more civil and fun competitiveness than games we’ve seen in the past. On the whole, this results in a much more positive experience for the players.

pokemon go vs virtual reality

These benefits cannot be reaped when people are playing with VR technology back at home. Analysts say that AR will be a much bigger industry than VR. Some estimates put the AR industry at $90 billion by 2020, while the same estimates for VR is about $30 billion. Clearly, VR will not be wiped out, because there will always be people who like to play indoor games. Moreover, even those who love to play outdoors enjoy occasional indoor games. But, the biggest threat to VR is not AR. In a way, it is VR itself.

The success of Pokémon GO is centered on mobility. The game made use of an already existing technology – smartphones – that people are already using. Anyone with a smartphone can download and play the game as long as the game is released in their country. On the other hand, VR requires special-purpose devices, which can cost anything from $99 (headgear) to $799 (Vive). Naturally, not many people are enthusiastic about this technology and the games it offers, not even considering the expensive computers that are required to operate these devices.

Since VR cannot go the way of AR in adapting to the present technology, its adoption will be slow and not as widespread as AR. Further, since Pokémon GO is giving people a fantastic experience out there in the real world, that doesn’t help the cause of VR either, a purely indoor experience. Yet, VR will thrive, albeit on a relatively smaller scale.

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Why You Should Be Watching Wynonna Earp

wynonna earp television network

There are shows that are more than just SHOWS. You connect with and relate to them instantly; it’s almost like they are speaking to your soul; it’s as if they have an emotional connect with you! At the same time, they make the child in you want to come alive. They create a bond with you; you are automatically drawn to them, you just can’t help but watch them! These are the types of series you just can’t get enough of!

Syfy’s latest project Wynnona Earp is one of those television series. Based on a comic book of the same name, the supernatural comedy television series stars Melanie Scrofano of the RoboCop and Saw VI fame in the lead. The show also features Tim Rozon of the ‘End Of The Line’ and Instant Star fame. He plays a cowboy named Doc Holiday in the series. Also starring is Shamier Anderson of ‘The Next Step’ and ‘Defiance’ fame as Agent Xavier Dolls. Wynnona Earp is a science fiction series and the first episode was aired on the 1st of April, 2016.

wynonna earp melanie scrofano

The show revolves around a badass evil-slaying gunslinger named Wynonna Earp, who spent her teenage years in juvenile detention, following the death of her father. She is a no-nonsense chick and does not take any crap from anyone. One of her idiosyncrasies is to find humor in every situation, especially when she is in deep trouble. She is shown to be a hardcore alcoholic, a complete succubus, and notorious for breaking detention. She is shown to be a descendant of the famous layman Wyatt Earp. Wynonna works as a special agent for the U.S. Marshals on a squad that is titled, ‘The Monster Squad’. The squad, as tough as it is, loves to battle monsters, demons, and supernatural evils.

After years in juvenile detention and being on the run, Wynnona unwillingly and reluctantly decides to return to her hometown, ‘Purgatory’ for the funeral of her uncle. The only problem is that the people and her relatives back home do not want her to return! Having worked with The Monster Squad, she becomes her town’s only hope of fighting against the demons, otherworldly creatures, and supernatural powers that are plaguing the city. Wynonna is forced to decide which side of the law she’s on and who she’d have to fight against to clear her grandfather’s name.

wynonna earp syfy

Wynonna is not alone in her adventurous quest against these demons. She is joined by her sister, Waverly, played by Dominique Provost-Chalkley. Waverly’s character is outright bubbly, adorable, and cheerful. Her knowledge about the spirits and supernatural powers combined with Wynonna’s expertise in the field gives the demons a really hard time! She will hunt you down and kill you, if you sleep with her guy. She also makes use of her scrapbooking skills to fight against the evil-powers plaguing her family. She has an entire book on her family’s history. Wynonna and Waverly take it upon themselves to fight against the 77 outlaws, who were killed by their father, but have now come back as evil powers. The two sisters do not always see each other eye to eye, but they always have each other’s back and are always there for each other. Wynonna and Waverly are accompanied by two of Wynonna’s friends – the infamous Doc Holiday and the charming Agent Xavier Dolls. Together, it is now their responsibility to free the Earp family from “The Earp Curse”.

Watch the show for its entertaining yet scary, thrilling yet funny, and absolutely nail-biting and gripping scenes. The suspense involved will leave you wondering ‘what’s next’! The show has a very gothic and a kinky edge to it. Wynonna believes in kicking ass and is different from the other female leads who are shown to be “damsels in distresses” most of the times! She is highly protective of her sister Waverly and is often a victim of self-doubt. But, she always manages to find the silver lining in every situation. The very concept of the series plays with your mind and forces you to check out at least one episode, since it is not every day that you get to see a beautiful woman who takes upon herself the job of defeating monsters and other supernatural evils. When she’s good, she’s good. But, when she’s bad, she’s a lot worse! She makes us want to be her. She’s the kind of girl every girl aspires to be at some point in her life. She’s not the hero, she’s not the villain either; but whatever she is, she is just too good!

wynonna earp gun

One of the most gripping scenes from the series that you should really not miss is when Wynnona has her favorite The Peacemaker gun clutched tightly in her right hand and utters these words with such conviction, “I’m about to do some right!”.  Watch the series for the plot and story that is filled with flashback scenes. These scenes form the major essence of the plot and lay the foundation for understanding Wynonna’s life and what all she has been through. These flashback scenes give a strong and much required insight into the life of the Earp family.

Another noteworthy reason for watching the series is the cast. Scrofano rocks the role of Wynonna with such perfection and ease that it is impossible to not fall in love with her! Tim Rozon is brilliant as Doc and Anderson has spectacularly portrayed the character of Agent Dolls. The series is not to be missed for its well-written storyline and stellar performances. The “sexual attraction” between Wynonna and Doc Holiday, and the comedy that comes with it is something that you just can’t miss!

You can tune into Wynonna Earp on Syfy every Friday at 10/9c on SyFy. Trust us when we say that it is one series you will definitely regret not watching! We’re fans of the series already. Watch it to know why!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

teenage mutant ninja turtles movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is the second installment in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise. The movie features characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, which were published by Mirage Studio. The 3D science fiction/action movie was released on June 3, 2016. It stars Megan Fox, Brian Tee, Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, Laura Linney, Brittany Ishibashi, and Tyler Perry. The movie also features voice actors Pete Ploszek, Alan Ritchson, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Toney Shalhoub, and  Sheamus. Dave Green directed the movie, while the script was written by Andre Nemec, and Josh Appelbaum.

The sequel begins one year after the events of the previous installment. Shredder and Eric Sacks are transferred between prisons. During this transfer, carried out by officer Casey Jones, Shredder is accompanied by two more criminals, Bebop and Rocksteady. Seizing the moment, Shredder’s Foot Clan attacks the convoy to break him out. Although the Turtles, on a tip off by April, try to sabotage the escape plan. But the attack’s mastermind, Baxter Stockman, manages to teleport Shredder out of there. Still, Shredder is hijacked mid-teleport by an alien warlord Krang from another dimension. Krang gives Shredder a mutagenic compound, in exchange for his promise to assemble the three components of a machine. When united, this machine will open up the gate between the two dimensions and allow Krang to come to Earth. He also knows that Shredder and Stockman have one of the pieces. Shredder agrees to the deal and comes to Earth.

teenage mutant ninja turtles megan fox

Shredder uses the mutagenic vial to transform Bebop and Rocksteady into a mutant warthog and rhinoceros respectively. April witnesses this and steals the vial. She is pursued by the Foot, but Casey manages to save her from them. But, the vial ends up in police custody.

Nonetheless, April manages to get the information about the existence of such a vial to the Turtles. When they learn that this mutagen can be used to transform them into normal humans, and enable them to live normal lives, they break into fierce arguments among themselves. Raphael, Michelangelo, April, and Casey try to break into NYPD police headquarters to steal the vial, but The Foot is also there with the same agenda. In the ensuing battle, the existence of the Turtles is revealed to the police. Casey and April are arrested, and the two brothers manage to escape.

teenage mutant ninja turtles truck

On the other end, Shredder is forced to embark on a mission to find the missing pieces of the portal device. They find one in a museum and another in Brazil’s rainforest. Eventually, Shredder manages to assemble the pieces and opens up the portal to another dimension. Krang brings his modular war machine, Technodrome, through the portal, which he tries to activate and invade the Earth. Now, only the Turtles can stop his evil plans.

The titular characters of the movie are all supported by voice actors – Pete Ploszek (Leonardo), Alan Ritchson (Raphael), Noel fisher (Michelangelo), and Jeremy Howard (Donatello). Other voice actors in the movie include Brad Garrett (krand), Sheamus (Rocksteady), and Gary Anthony Williams (Bebop). Further, Megan Fox stars as April O’Neil, while the role of Casey Jones is played by Stephen Amell. Brain Tee has donned the role of The Shredder, Tyler Perry is the scientist Baxter Stockman, and Brittany Ishibashi is Karai.

Paramount and Nickelodeon decided to produce a second installment of the movie after the first movie’s box office performance exceeded the expectations of the producers. June 3, 2016 was set to be the launch date of the movie. Then, Dave Green was brought in to direct the movie. The principal photography on the movie began in New York City in April 2015.

The box office reception for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has been fairly warm. Within just 10 days of its release, the movie already grossed more than $110 million, with $60 million from domestic sales alone. Although the opening performance of the sequel is not as good as the first installment of the movie, the producers expect it to perform better in the coming weeks.

tmnt megan fox

The critical reviews for the movie have been mixed. The critics generally agreed that the movie was a significant improvement over its prequel, but still does not match the energy of the comics.

Many members of the production team have revealed that they have signed a three movie contract for the Ninja Turtles series. In addition to these, there have been many hints that there will be a third movie in the franchise.

teenage mutant ninja turtle michael bay


Reactions to the trailer of Dr. Strange

Dr Strange featured

The first Doctor Strange trailer has been out some time, and the internet has been abuzz with reactions from fans, celebrities, and people behind the production. From the first looks of the trailer, it appears weird, incredibly reality bending, and dark – every bit Doctor Strange as is portrayed in the comics. Naturally, the internet has been lit with ‘nerd-gasm,’ and why not? It has Benedict Cumberbatch in it. If anyone could take a Marvel character to the heights and standards set by RDJ’s Tony Stark, then it has got to be Benedict Cumberbatch. From the first look of the trailer, it appears that Cumberbatch will live up to all the hype that his addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created. Let us have a look at what all we have picked up from the trailer.


Dr strange origin

It appears from the trailer that the movie will stick to the origin story that was established in the comics, way back in 1963. Stephen Strange, after a crippling accident, ends up with mangled hands. He then goes on a quest to find a way to repair his hands, and in the process, meets the Ancient One, who will help him to embark on a journey to master the mystic arts.



Dr Strange Magic

Doctor Strange, be it comics or cartoons, has never been shy of any magic. In fact, this particular superhero has always been amid a milieu of magic, extra-dimensional beings, and what not. This is going to be a whole new ball game even for Marvel. When Marvel created the Iron Man movie series, they conveniently left out his arch enemy, Mandarin, as that particular character was too much for the Marvel movie audience. The reason being that his powers were all magical. When they did actually try to bring Mandarin in Iron Man 3, it was more of a halfhearted approach, and was nothing like what fans expected.

The truth is that Marvel has always shied away from magic. Take another example of Scarlet Witch. While she should have been the wielder of chaos magic, the movies made her something akin to mutant. But, Doctor Strange simply laughs in the face of all of this. He is pure magic. There is no escape for Marvel this time, and from the trailer, they are clearly not looking for any. For the first time, Marvel has embraced the magic part in the MCU. This is going to be a magical extravaganza for Marvel fans, unlike anything they have seen yet on the screen.


Awesome Choice

Dr strange

Doctor Strange is the definition of a**hole. And no, not the likeable type like Tony Stark. There are no jokes to mellow his a**holiness. He is arrogant, egocentric, and exceptionally brilliant. There are the same traits that people have come to recognize with Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on BBC. So, Marvel did not even have to try and convince the fans that Cumberbatch was this arrogant magician, who saves the world. Instead, they only have to take care of the “magician” part, and going by the trailer, Marvel seems to have done a magnificent job at it. Nothing surprising though, considering that Marvel hardly ever lets its fans down.

Cumberbatch is universally loved by fans. Hobbit fans know him as the voice of Smaug. For Trekkies, he is Khan from Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Fans have loved him in almost every major role that he has taken up in the recent years. So, casting Cumberbatch in the role of Doctor Strange is simply a masterstroke move by Marvel.


Unlimited Weirdness

Dr strange weirdness even more


To call the world of Doctor Strange weird is a gross understatement. The world of Dr. Strange is full of things that can be overwhelming for an average movie viewer. The psychedelic angle of Dr. Strange can be confusing, but at the same time, opens up a whole world of visual exhibition. Marvel has not failed to capture all the essence of what makes Doctor Strange, well, Doctor Strange. The mind-bending, alternative realities, kaleidoscopic effects, and reality-bending effects have already gotten the fans comparing this upcoming movie to Inception. If Marvel’s recent movie history is anything to go by, then they will deliver the best Doctor Strange we could have ever asked for on the screen, with all that weirdness that comes with his world. The visual effects portrayed in the trailer have floored the fans all over the world.


Casting of Tilda Swinton

Amidst all the love that Doctor Strange has received since its first trailer has hit the internet, one thing that has caused some level of disappointment among fans is the casting choice for the role of the Ancient One. For fans who are not into the comics, the Ancient One is a guru with great magical power. He dwells in the Himalayas in the Tibet. After Stephen Strange encounters the car accident that renders his hands mangled badly, he goes on a quest to get them repaired. He eventually reaches the Himalayas, where he meets the Ancient One. The Ancient One promptly refuses to heal him, because he (yes, the Ancient One is a HE in comics) is a self-centered jerk. Only when Dr. Strange foils a murder attempt on the Ancient One by his own disciple, Baron Mondo, does he win grace points from the Great Master. He relents and agrees to teach Dr. Strange.

There are two things to be noticed here. One is that the Ancient One is a man, and not a woman. Marvel has always played a lot with the original stories, and have made a lot of changes time and again in the movies. So, making the Ancient One a woman is not really surprising. In fact, it is quite a welcome move if they wanted to increase the diversity in the movie, which will majorly be a male dominated cast.

Apart from this one issue, the trailer seems every bit of a blockbuster it is slated to be. There is no doubt that it will start a new era in the MCU. Make no mistake, Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe. Having him on the good side in the run up to the Infinity Wars will make things a lot more interesting.


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