Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Timeline

Game of Thrones jon snow Tribute

The Games of Thrones is a fantasy show created by George R. R. Martin. It is a widely appreciated show that has managed to establish a cult following since its debut. One of the most finely crafted characters in the show is that of Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington. Jon Snow was believed to be the illegitimate son of Lord Eddard Stark, but in the finale of the series, it all changed!.

In the late 281 AL, when Eddard returns back north from the war, he sees his legitimate son, Robb, with his wife Catelyn for the first time. However, with him, he has bought Jon Snow, his bastard “child”. The surname of the child is Snow, which is given to the acknowledged bastards in the north.

Jon Snow resurrection

Eddard never tells Jon the name of his mother, and Catelyn despises him, as Jon reminds her of Eddard’s infidelity. Jon Snow lives with the rest of his family in Winterfell, and is raised by Eddard as the rest of his children. Jon is friendly with rest of his siblings and has some particular attachment to Aarya- who is just like Jon and feels that she doesn’t fit in the family. Though Jon is raised like other kids in the family, he has learnt to be independent and is capable of feeding himself whenever required.

Jon Snow joins the Night’s watch and remains loyal to his job throughout the series. In season 1, Jon finds a dead direwolf and her puppies. It was strange for the family to find a direwolf as they have not been seen south of the Wall in centuries. He adopts a direwolf puppy and names it Ghost.

Jon arrives at the Wall with Ghost and initially is contemptuous of his fellow men that are either low borns, untrained criminals or exiles. However, he later learns to put aside his prejudices and befriends some of them. After taking vows, Jon is disappointed as he is made the steward to Lord Commander rather than a ranger. But he later learns that it is he, who was being groomed for command. There are a lot of moments when he is torn between his family and his work, but he always chooses the latter.

Kit Harington talks about jon snow rescuing Sansa Stark

In season 2, Jon is a member of the scouting party led by ranger Qhorin Halfhand. The scouting party is later overtaken by Wildlings and Jon is told to kill Qhorin and gain the Wildlings’ trust. To this, Jon obliges. He then meets Mance Rayder, the ‘King Beyond the Wall’, and the leader of Wildlings. Jon pledges his loyalty to Mance and travels with the Wildlings to first scout and then scale the Wall.

In season 3, Jon falls in love with the woman warrior Ygritte. Jon, Ygritte and the Wildlings survive the perilous climb of the Wall and continue moving south through the Gift. Orell, who is another Wildling scout is also attracted towards Ygritte and throughout the journey through the woods, keeps telling her that he would be a better match for her. In the meantime, Jon and the rest of the Wildling party prepare to attack an old breeder’s home for his horses and gold. Wildlings wanted to kill the elderly person, but Jon thinks that he is not a threat to them. Refusing to kill him, Jon is attacked by other Wildlings but manages to escape. Angry with his betrayal, Ygritte attacks Jon Snow with arrows, but he manages to run away.

Jon Snow family revealed
In season 4, we see that Jon has survived the injuries inflicted by Ygritte. In the meanwhile, he is sometimes also reminded of the death of his half-brother Robb. He feels jealous of Robb for getting most of his father’s affections. But, despite wanting a revenge for his family, he decides to remain at the Wall. Jon also admits to killing Qhorin Halfhand, living with the Wildlings and bedding one. He tells his group that Mance intends to attack them, but Slynt and Thorne turn hostile to him.

jon Snow becomes lord commander
Later on, however, he regains the trust of his people and survives the Wildling attack on Castle Black. Jon is seen going for Mance, who is thwarted by Stannis and Jon afterwards is seen burning Ygritte’s body in the woods.

In season 5, Stannis hopes to add the Wildling army to his own. However, Mance refuses to do so and is burned. Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and make him the Lord of Winterfell. However, Jon is voted as the new Commander of the Night’s Watch and Jon reveals his wish to include Wildlings into the Westeros. This enrages Thorne and later a huge force attacks the Wildling village of Hardhome, but Jon again succeeds in fleeing. Jon is then stabbed, supposedly to death, by Thorne and his mutineers.

Jon’s body is found in snow in season 6 and on Davos’s encouragement Melisandre resurrects Jon. After hanging Thorne, Jon moves out of Castle Black and later reunites with his sister Sansa, who has fled her husband Ramsay Bolton, who is later murdered after one of the most epic fights we have ever seen on national television, like…. ever!

Jon’s character changes as his journey advances. He was loyal to Night Watch for a long time, but his own men attacking him, changed his perspective. He also felt remorse for hanging Olley. He didn’t want to fight anymore, but the love for his family forces him to fight once more and leave Night’s Watch, and protect what is rightfully hi family’s.

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Games of Thrones: Arya Stark Timeline

Arya Stark Game of Thrones

Arya Stark is among one of the most prominent characters in the American fictional series: Games of Thrones. The show is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire- A Game of Thrones. The sixth season of the show premiered this past 24th of April. The series has been a huge hit globally, besides also breaking all records in number of viewers for HBO. The show has been critically acclaimed for its complex characters, acting, plot, and production values. It has also been slammed- in some occasions fairly- for the nudity, violence, and rape scenes. The show revolves around the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. There is a dynastic conflict among the claimants for the iron throne of the seven kingdoms whereas there are other families also fighting for independence from them.

Arya Stark Syrio Forel First Sword of Braavos

Maisie Williams plays the role of Arya Stark in the show and the character has appeared in all the seasons from 1 to 6. Arya Stark is the youngest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn. Aarya has an older brother, Robb, two younger brothers, Bran and Reckon, an older sister Sansa Stark and a half-brother, Jon Snow. The character of Arya Stark has evolved from a fierce child to this strong, independent young girl. She has never favored the old age customs of gender roles, class distinctions and the expectations of her parents and siblings.

Since she was a child, she never liked the routines of being a girl and what society expected out of her as a “lady.”

In season 1,

she is taught the art of sewing by Septa Mordane, but she doesn’t like the work. She is instead interested in archery, which her father teaches only to the boys. She out-shoots Bran and later she is also seen practicing sword playing with Mycah. She is elated when Jon Snow gives her a sword, and she happily names it needle.

Arya Stark & Tywin Lannister Face-Off

Aarya Stark is fascinated by the use of arms, rejects the notion that she must become a lady and marry someone only for power and money. Instead, she is a strong headed person who thinks that she can make her own destiny. When her father is made the Hand of the King, she along with her sister Sansa goes to the King’s Landing to experience the court. We can easily see the evolution of her character from earlier seasons to the latest ones. The experiences of her life make her stronger than any brat in the series. Before witnessing the killing of her father in the first season, she has a weird combination of innocence and audacity that makes everyone trust her.

Arya Stark vs. the Waif

In the following episodes, as her family members and loved ones are killed, she becomes stronger and kills others without remorse. She thrives on it. She remembers her enemies, and stares at her “to do/kill” list every single night before going into dreamland.

Arya Stark vs. the many faced god

In the initial seasons, in order to survive, Arya Stark poses as a boy. Her actual identity is revealed later to Tywin Lannister, who makes her his cupbearer. She hides her real identity and befriends Jaqen. She has a strong instinct to find her family and travels far to achieve her goal.

In season 3,

she is captivated by the Hound. She tries to kill him, but he is just too big of a beast to do so. She is told by the Sandor to kill him- and that if she fails, he would break her hands. Against all odds, she moves with the Hound with hopes to find her family. The Hounds appeals to young arya by letting her know he saved her sister, whom otherwise would have been abducted and raped by some thugs.

Arya Stark Regains Vision

In season 4,

Arya does not leave her habit of repeating the names of people she intends to kill; she keeps her kill list as a token. When given a chance to kill the Sandor, she leaves him to die on his own and runs off with the money.

arya stark I don't want to be a lady

Season five

brings a lot of struggles for Arya. She fails to carry out missions sent to her by the “Many Faced God,” who punishes her in several ways. Somehow it seems as though what the “god” wants for arya is to forget who she is as a way of breaking her down entirely. Several speculation theories have spun out of this side-story, but whatever you think you betcha’ she is going to use everything she learned in this season in her revenge adventures.

In season 6,

Arya Stark is blinded by her “mentor” and lives on the streets as a beggar. She keeps on fighting with Waif as she prepares for the unescapable duel to the death. She learns to cope with her blindness, and narrates her story to Waif- along with the name of her targets she intends to kill someday. Her eyesight is returned by drinking the water from the well- as a sign of trust- in the House of Black and White by Jaqen.

She fails to kill the town’s most beloved actress: Lady Crane. She knows she has to leave the House of Black and White, and the many faced god altogether. She’d be hung on a wall if she doesn’t.  Arya is shortly shanked from behind the back by the Waif in the stomach recently after making a deal to leave forever. The creepy disciple appeals to Arya by looking like some old decrepit woman. In the end, she manages to survive by jumping into the river. She goes back to the theater in hopes to be saved by Lady Crane.But, damn, yet again Waif comes in and kills her in the room next door.

Arya Stark Game of Thrones timeline season 7 and beyond

Our long-awaited epic race- and battle- comes to fruition. They are jumping in between buildings, knocking people down, bleeding on walls. A hell of a fight- one might say. Arya led her opponent to her escape refugee space, but only as a trick. She cuts out the lights, fights like the blind person that she was, and comes out triumphant to  Jaqen by hanging her face on the walls of the House of Black and White, and projecting her sword as an act of war. Though she wasn’t featured in the last episode because of the bloodbath, I figured I would bring her back to your brain- and acknowledge the achievements of a studious lady.

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John Oliver Makes the Largest Giveaway in Television History by Forgiving Debt

Last week tonight with john oliver

John Oliver is known for his merciless takedown of industries, people, organizations, and even countries for engaging in questionable behavior or practices, on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. He discusses the most complex of issues, simplifies them for his audience, and makes them hilarious, so that everybody gets interested in the topic. More often than not, he brings to the fore something that makes people wonder, “Why is this still happening in the 21st century?” Last Sunday’s episode was no different either, except for one small difference. Oliver and his show just happen to make history by giving away the highest amount of money in television history ever. He gave away $15 million, which is almost double that of what Oprah Winfrey did with her “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!” giveaway, way back in 2004.

Last week tonight with jon oliver forgives debt

Of course, nobody had any idea that the biggest giveaway in television history was going to be aired last Sunday. The show started with its “regular” attack on a national issue requiring urgent attention. This time, it was the debt buying industry, which was at the receiving end of Oliver’s onslaughts. He began by explaining how banks sell debts to other businesses for pennies on the dollar. Further, these companies sell the debts to other buyers at even lower rates. Such is the industry that a single debt can change hands dozens of times without any knowledge of the debtor. Then, the companies who have bought these debts can often, for the lack of a better word, terrorize the lives of these debtors. Calling them in the midnight to ask them to pay their debts, threatening to kill their dogs, calling up the debtors’ bosses, etc. are some of the tactics routinely followed by these businesses. Because of such predatory practices in the industry, debt buyers have the dubious distinction of having the highest number of complaints registered against them, compared to any other industry, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

John Oliver live in times square

What is particularly alarming about this industry is that there is absolutely bare minimum oversight over the whole affair. There is no check on who can buy the debts. To paraphrase, “… it stands any idiot can get into it, Oliver said. “And I can prove that to you, because I’m an idiot, and we started a debt-buying company. And it was disturbingly easy.” Oliver and his show spent about $50 and incorporated a debt collection agency online in Mississippi. They even named it the Central Asset Recovery Professionals, “…after the bottom-feeding fish”. They then created a simple website, and Oliver named himself the Chairman of the Board of Directors. They were ready to do business now. In fact, they soon received an offer to buy $15 million worth of debt. As part of the offer, there were names, personal addresses, and even social security numbers of about 9,000 people, who owed those debts. This is simply terrifying.

  1. These 9,000 people owed medical debts, and anyone from CARP could have started calling these people one by one, and turn their lives upside down. If that is not disturbing enough, wait till you hear this. Often, the debt buyers keep no track of what has happened to the original debt. Thus, the debt which they want the debtors to pay may have been already paid, or the debtor declared bankruptcy. Some of these debts are out-of-statute debts, which are so old that debtors cannot be legally sued over them. So, John urged for the need to have a greater oversight on the entire process of debt buying.
    To show the audience what these companies think of their prey aka debtors, the show’s staffers attended a Debt Buyers Association conference as well, equipped with a hidden camera. The camera caught the members of the panelists claiming that Americans don’t understand their legal rights about paying their debts.

Anyway, John now had his hands on $15 million worth of debt, which he could have pursued. Of course, that is not what he did. Instead, he decided to forgive all of that debt in a single stroke. “Because on one hand, it’s obviously the right thing to do. But much more importantly, we’d be staging the largest one-time giveaway in television show history,” said Oliver. With that, he shouted to his studio audience, “Are you ready to make television history?”, and then pressed the big red button on his show, marking the largest giveaway in television history. And just like that, he trumped Oprah’s $8 million GE cars giveaway in 2004.

While the giveaway was staged with all the bells and whistles, including confetti, dramatic music, cheering by John Oliver and his audience, and strobe lights, in reality, the process is slightly more complicated and less interesting. By pressing the red button, Oliver transferred the debt, and personal information of all the 9,000 debtors to RIP Medical Debt, which is a nonprofit organization that specializes in debt forgiving, while ensuring that the debtor suffers no tax consequences.

At the end, Oliver commented, “…least we can do for debt I cannot f***ing believe we’re allowed to own is to give it away”, and he is right. It cost him and his show only about $60,000 to buy all that debt. This also means that when he gave away all that $15 million, the show was set back by only $60,000. But, all those 9,000 people who owed that medical debt will now be able to heave a sigh of relief, as they won’t be receiving any nightmarish calls from debt buyers.

John Oliver for fox sports

By the way, John is anything but modest about whatever he does. That is something that wasn’t going to change, even when he was going to do a good deed. So, finally, just before he pressed the button, he had to yell, “F**k you, Oprah”. Pressed the button. “It’s done, it’s done. I am the new queen of daytime talk!

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A Girl like Her

“A conceptually sophisticated, emotionally manipulative drama about America’s teen bullying epidemic.”



A Girl like Her (2015) tells the story of the effects that bullying has, not only on one high school girl, but those close to the person being bullied. Not only do you get a first-hand experience of what’s it like to be bullied, but you get the bully’s techniques and manipulations as they appear to the rest of the world.

A girls like her lexi ainsworth

Jessica Burns (Lexi Ainsworth – General Hospital) is a high school sophomore who is bullied by her former best friend Avery Keller (Hunter King – Young and the Restless) because of a minor incident that took place during school. With the help of her best friend Brian (Jimmy Bennett – Murder in the First) Jessica hopes to capture the bullying she’s been out through by wearing a dragon fly pin equipped with a spy-cam. Jessica made Brian promise not to show the film to anyone, which the young boy initially agrees to. Brian is also filming when he can via his photography camera with video capability. Through both methods we, the viewers, are able to experience what Jessica has experienced.

A Girl Like Her Official independent movie bullying

Jessica is finding it harder and harder to cope with the bullying from Avery, and the constant hectoring proves too much for Jessica to where she only sees one way out: attempted suicide.

The movie, filmed documentary style, made it more enjoyable to watch, for I enjoy documentaries. The actors didn’t seem like actors, but rather, real people. Amy L. Weber not only directed the movie, but she played a documentary filmmaker doing a film on bullying. We seldom see Amy’s face, but we hear her voice throughout the entire film.

lexi ainsworth a girl like her bullying in high school movie

I feel as this movie captures bullying in a way like no other. Not only does it focus on Jessica (the one being bullied) but it also focuses on Avery (the bully) and makes you aware that all is not what it seems like, when it comes to popular girls in school.

The acting by, both Ainsworth and King, was superb. I wasn’t too keen on Stephanie Cotton who played Jessica’s mother. Her display of emotions didn’t fare well with me. She was unable to shed half a tear and Mark Boyd (Jessica’s father) was just as bad. However, the rest of the cast, especially Avery’s mother, played by Christie Ingle (who began her acting career at age 42, this movie being her first role) was excellent as the annoying, overbearing parent.

Weber takes you on a journey that has a surprising outcome for both Jessica and Avery as well as the viewers.


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A New Set Of Gilmore Girls Photos Have Come Out, What Do They Mean?

Rory Gilmore new photos 2016 netflix seasons gilmore girls

SNAP!! Gilmore Girl revival photos are here!

Why New Gilmore Girls?

After nine long years, the Gilmore Girls’ fans were not sure, if they are going to get a glimpse of their favorite characters ever again. However, with the revival of the show confirmed, the wait is finally over. Icing on the cake are the adorable behind-the-scenes have told the audience enough about the show. They are now impatient & absolutely can’t wait to watch it live on screen.

Gilmore girls new photos 2016 seasons netflix

Finally, the long wait has paid off and all fans are going gaga over the new set of Gilmore Girl photos have come out. Netflix released the first seven stills from its revival of Gilmore Girls. The images revealed are exclusive and out of the ordinary. The WB Lot is strict about the disclosure of the shots, may be because it has just been two weeks since the series is under filming.

One thing that is evident from the shots is that the characters on the show have undergone quite a transformation. They help the fans comprehend how life has changed for one & not quite so much for another.

Milo Ventimiglia is back on set with new script 2016 gilmore girls revival seasons

The most interesting one is of course where Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (played by Scott Patterson) are seen holding hands. The best part is that the beloved couple is still together. The fans are happy, but they want to know whether their favorite couple is married or not?

Funny-faces, sweet candid and crazy snaps are attention grabbing, but the one thing from which you can’t take off your eyes is Luke’s apparel. All decked up in a dress shirt & tie, it seems to be a rare occurrence in the original series. Patterson also posted a candid shot, which includes Kirk (Sean Gunn) from the series too. Now, that’s not all, another picture was posted by Ventimiglia which was captioned as “Hello from the past, wait present, no you’ll see us in the future :)”.

Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore & Alexis Bledel as her daughter, Rory looks stunning in the images and fans are sharing like hot cakes all over the internet. From the pictures it appears that Rory is teaching a class now. Did she go through with her dreams of becoming a journalist or her life took some other turn in the eight years is yet to be seen. If you have never seen the show, you have to create a master plan to re-watch it

Melissa McCarthy is back on the gilmore girls set with scott G patterson

The Cast

We would like to correct that Melissa will be in the cast after so many petitions from the watchers! Any new faces? There are quite a few. The creator of the show, Sherman-Palladino has picked some of her favorites from her ABC Family show, Bunheads. There is Sutton Foster, who plays an agonizing actress scoring the biggest role of her life in the musical in the show. Lauren Graham’s other TV daughter in Parenthood’s Mae Whitman, will also make a brief appearance. Stacey Oristano, who enacted as the shopkeeper in “Truly on Bunhead” will appear as well.

All the fans want to know is who are the other members returning to the fictional town?  The fictional city of Star Hollow will have a bunch of favorites with Scott Patterson as Luke Danes, Richard Keiko Agena as Lane Kim, Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore, Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano, Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason, Matt Cruchry as Logan Hunztberger and Yanic Truesdale as Michael Gerard.

Presently, the treasured cast is back in sync to shoot four 90-minute episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival. So, when is the release? The viewers will have to hold on to that anticipation for a while, since the release dates have not been set, but they should be anytime now. Till then, released pictures will keep them satisfied by giving out some information here and there.

Gilmore Girls revival new photos from the set Paul Anka dog netflix

The fans can enjoy the first official shots directly released from the set of the Netflix show. They have received some glimpses of the sets of Gilmore Girls and props so far. However, the photos have raised more questions than they have answered about the future plots on Gilmore Girls. The pictures have engaged the fans, and now they are more eager to know about the plot, the story and are really pumped with excitement.

They are inquisitive about that fact that they might see Max Medina (Scott Cohen) and they are curious to know whether Rory (Alexis Bledel) is following in the footsteps of Richard (Edward Hermann) and will be seen teaching? Several other thoughts are rushing in and out of their minds. They want to know whether Lorelai and Luke (Scott Patterson) are finally married? Are they parents of million beautiful babies? The fans have taken this personally and want April just to move away in the North Pole and not interfere or poke Luke and Lorelai’s relationship ever again?

Yanic Truesdale Michel gilmore girls

What to expect?

2016 is already proving to be a fantastic year. The fans are thankful for the generosity of people on Twitter, which confirmed the rumored revival of Gilmore Girls. Several people have recently posted photos of the Warner Bros. The questions are endless, but of them the most that is hitting the fans are; Will Luke and Lorelai live happily ever after? What will those final four words be? Will Rory end up with Jess, Dean, or Logan, or someone else entirely?

There are so many questions and the pictures tell only so much. Everyone is eagerly waiting for their favorite girls to light up the screen again and the excitement is only going to go up from here. The excitement is due to the anticipation. Nobody wants to spoil it, so it is better that the important questions are not answered now. There is a lot of information floating around about the revival, but it is better to wait it out and let the magic unfold itself.

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