Has Rosario Dawson’s Political Agenda Gone Too Far?

rosario dawson arrested

Rosario Dawson has been one of the most outspoken supporters of the U.S. Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. In addition to participating in his campaign appearances, she has been organizing political protests, and even trying to gather momentum for his campaign on the internet. Her efforts have inevitably led to many controversial statements from her, as well as heated exchanges with those who support candidates other than Senator Sanders. Dawson is often seen as the face of the Mexican-Americans in Hollywood. So, what she has to say does matter in the public’s eye. In the context of her consistently controversial statements and actions, it is difficult not to wonder, if her role in the current U.S. Presidential election has gone too far.

Earlier this month, she was taking part in a round table during a Harlem Town Hall hosted by the Bernie Sanders camp. There, she attacked the current President of the United States. She said that people supported Obama and thought that he was their ‘guy’. But, they lost their faith in him within two months of him becoming the President. Her statements caught the attention of Jamil Smith, who is MTV’s senior national correspondent. He slammed her on Twitter for her statements, and asked her to explain her statements.

rosario dawson for bernie

Dawson reasoned that Obama didn’t utilize social media tools like Twitter to mobilize voters and overcome the opposition offered by the Republican Party throughout his Presidential term. “Republicans will laugh in President Sanders’s face if he tells them to look out at protesters”, he added. The entire issue did not result in any healthy discussion or insights into anything of importance. It looked more like an attention grabbing exercise on part of Dawson, which made many people cringe. This is not the first time Dawson expressed strong opinions regarding a political personality.

The Hollywood star, who donned the role of a Mexican-American civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta, in Cesar Chavez, hit at the very person whom she portrayed in her movie. Huerta has been supporting Hillary Clinton in the current Presidential election. Following Huerta’s announcement, declaring the same, Dawson wrote an open letter to her. She claimed that Huerta’s political stance was misguided. Huerta criticized Sanders for his voting history on immigration, and explained that Hillary Clinton has a more realistic plan to pass a comprehensive immigration reform. She even added that even though Sanders may have had a change of heart, he has largely remained disconnected from the entire immigration issue for decades.

Responding to Huerta in her open letter, Dawson explained, with a number of detailed charts, how Clinton’s stance is in direct contrast to her actions over the years. She even went as far as claiming that Clinton’s track record goes directly against what Huerta was saying, and that is exactly what activists like her have fought for. She later ended the open letter hoping that such meaningful debates continue and make things better for immigrants.

rosario dawson

This was not an isolated case of Dawson’s criticism of Clinton. Dawson has been very vocal in hitting against Hillary Clinton for quite a while now. In a discussion hosted by Young Turks on Clinton’s foreign policy credentials, Dawson claimed that Clinton exhibits her hypocrisy in her stance on the matters of Israel. She said that while Clinton considers Trump a horrible person for proposing to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, she does not condemn the Netanyahu for wanting to do the same between Israel and Palestine. She even liked Clinton to Madeleine Albright, the once Secretary of State, who had claimed that 500,000 dead Iraqi children were worth the war. Further, Dawson claimed that Clinton’s immigration stances are dubious at best as the former First Lady has never interviewed any Syrian, Honduran, Libyan, or Iraqi kid.

Then, recently, Dawson was arrested at a Democracy Spring rally held in the capitol. The political protest had been going on for a week, during which she had received multiple warnings from the police. Democratic Spring has been arguing that elections have been dominated by special interests, and money. The activists had been pushing Congress for dropping laws that make it difficult to overturn
Supreme Court laws that are anti-people. Dawson was detained and was let go after she paid a small fine of $50. Later, she explained that the police gave her many warnings, since the arrest of such a celebrity can generate a lot of publicity.

Dawson is not entirely wrong about one issue. She has been getting a lot of publicity. In fact, she has been the celebrity element that was missing from Sanders’s campaign. She has been so active throughout the campaign that many consider her to be the vocal surrogate of Sanders. For instance, Sanders has always stayed away from any dirty politics, at least in the media. He has not used Hillary’s
husband, former President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky during their time in the White House to try and hurt his opponent’s prospects. In one of the interviews, however, he called Bill’s affair “disgraceful” and “unacceptable”. When the same topic was brought before him again in Iowa, he simply said, “I am running against Hillary Clinton. I’m not running against Bill Clinton.” That was as far as he was ready to comment on that issue.

rosario dawson arrested was very chill

On the other hand, it appears that Dawson is serving as the sharp end of the stick when it comes to the Sanders campaign. Although, she too did not directly use Bill-Lewinsky affair to tarnish the image of the Clintons, she broached the subject of the affair on her own. One can argue that this was done to jog the memory of voters, and turn their opinions. She said to the Wilmington, Delaware crowd, “I’m with Monica Lewinsky on this … bullying is bad.”

It is typical of political campaigns to be wrought with image attacks, lies, promises, and a lot of drama. For now, it appears that Dawson has been doing everything that is characteristic of every Presidential election over the past few decades. While it is certainly not appreciated, it is not wrong to say that this is how politics have come to work in this country. So, Dawson’s political agenda is quite in line with the dynamics of all Presidential candidates’ election strategy. Whether her actions have Sanders’ complete support, can only be speculated at best.


Captain America Civil War: New Superheroes are Welcome, But What about Thor and Hulk?

Captain America Civil War brought the Black Panther onto the Marvel Movie Universe

Captain America: Civil War is here. It is time you book your tickets to your nearest theater to watch this movie, which is possibly the best Marvel movie so far. You seriously do not want to be left out of all the discussions your friends, your Facebook feed, your colleagues, and practically everyone you know will be having. No, we aren’t kidding. This movie will be the thing. Sure, there is Infinity Wars in the pipeline, but make no mistake. This movie will come to define all the established superheroes in the MCU. Why? Isn’t the fact that the movie is overstuffed to the point of bursting with superheroes enough of a reason for you? Well, if not, then here is more.

As we all know by now, after all those series of Captain America: Civil War trailers, there is a huge ensemble of superheroes in this movie. If you feel that Marvel has suddenly sprung up the all the superheroes for the movie, without establishing them beforehand, then we hear you. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, Falcon, Vision, and many others were introduced in steps, with some even getting their own movies, Civil War throws a whole new bunch of superheroes on the screen. On the other hand, Black Panther, and the new Spiderman, hardly got a decent groundwork. And just where the hell is the bloody Hulk? I always thought “We Have Hulk” (sorry for the bad pun). From the early reports of the movie, we may be able to answer some of your questions.

Captain America Civil War is the biggest conglomeration of Superheroes we have ever seen in a movie

Firstly, the reason why there was a need to bring so many superheroes suddenly into the movie is because the story needs it. After the events of the Age of Ultron, during which we saw how much damage Sokovia suffered, the world has a different feeling about the Avengers. They now want to license, supervise, and hold the Avengers responsible for their actions. More than a 100 nations signed the Sokovia Accords, which mandate that the Avengers stand down, and take action only when called upon by the UN. Now, not everyone agrees with this.
No, you are wrong. It is not the Boy Scout, Captain Rogers, who is up for signing the accords. In fact, he is taking a stand against it. Confused? Well, it has something to do with Bucky. Steve and Bucky share a friendship that began more than half a century ago. After captain learned that Bucky had been brainwashed and turned into an assassin, he did everything he could to get his friend back in the Winter Soldier. Civil War will see more of that friendship blossoming between the two World War friends. Now, the tainted Bucky has been accused of setting off a bomb at the meeting where the accord was to be officiated.

Captain America Civil War brought the Black Panther onto the Marvel Movie Universe

The other team is headed by the billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, and inventor, Iron Man. Surprisingly, it is he who is all for the accords. This might come as a surprise for most fans who might recall that Tony Star basically asked the government to kiss his a**, when they tried to exercise any control on Iron Man. Well, past things past. Now, some superheroes who are for the accords have joined together with Iron Man. As the political situation applies to a whole lot of superheroes, it is only natural for Marvel to include them in the movie. They have their own views and take sides accordingly.

Ant Man is another character the movie will bring onto the avengers entourage

In Batman v Superman, the fight between the two superheroes was for a very meaningless reason. But, the same is not true in case of Civil War. The movie is not just about some political agenda. We have seen in the recent Marvel movies that Captain Rogers and Iron Man have been having some friction between them. That friction has basically reached its peak in Civil War. This movie is more about friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and anger, than some political principle. See? We told you, you wouldn’t want to miss the fun.

You could be wondering, if all the superheroes are here, then where the hell is the Hulk and Thor? If you recall Age of Ultron, the Hulk was off on a Quinjet to some place where nobody could find him. It is perfectly possible that he decided to not blow his cover, if he has one, take a side and fight against his former team members, just for political reasons. Banner has always expressed his desire to stay away from anything government. Perhaps, the only reason he joined the Avengers is to face a threat to humanity itself. Now, superheroes fighting does not exactly pose any threat to the world.

captain America Civil War will not feature Hulk nor Thor

Secondly, we also know that Hulk and Thor, who by the way will also sit this one out, will be appearing together in Thor: Ragnarok. Rumors indicate that they will go on a cosmic trip. Thor will be banned from Asgard and will eventually end up on a planet of gladiators, whose current champion is the Hulk. There, the two will fight each other. It could be possible that all of this is happening during the same time when the events of Civil War are taking place. Even if it is not so, it is quite easy to see why Thor is not interesting in this game of groans on planet earth. He is a god, and can come to earth and go back any time he wishes. He and his like have overseen the events on earth for a long time. If he thinks that the “puny” politics of earth have no bearing on him, or if he has no idea of what is happening here on this planet, then it is not difficult to see why. So, it is possible that Marvel conveniently left him out of the picture as well.


Star Trek Technologies That Are Already Real

The reason why an entire generation was so enamored by Star Trek was because of the possibilities it opened up. Things we could never imagine in our daily lives, such as visiting other planetary systems, travelling between the stars, and using gadgets that were beyond the technology of the day, made Star Trek not only a geek’s fantasy, but even an average man’s most loved series. Naturally, it spawned a series of TV shows and movies that still keep both the old and new generation fans waiting in anticipation of the next edition of Star Trek. As the release of the latest installment of the rebooted movie series, Star Trek Beyond approaches, let’s have a look at the various gadgets that were used in the Star Trek world that are now real.

The Communicator

star trek communicatos

One of the coolest gadgets on Star Trek was the communicator which enabled people on two opposite faces of the planet to talk to each other clearly. This unassuming device is today used by pretty much everyone on the whole planet. Yes, the cell phone. What’s more, our cell phones have gotten much more sophisticated and sexier than the bulky device that was the communicator on Star Trek. The communicator could be just flipped open, and it was ready for use. Flip phones, which were used the similar way, are now out of vogue. We not only invented that tech, but are well past that.

Flat screen TVs

star trek flat screen television

When Star Trek was first launched, the dome shaped bulging TVs were the norm. Naturally, flat screen televisions on Star Trek were loved by fans. They looked completely out of the world, and they were quite futuristic. Tune to 2016, we are well past them too. Now, we are entering a generation of televisions that are curved, but the other way. After flat screen television, curved televisions are the next big thing. So, not only did we witness another Star Trek gadget become a reality in our lifetime, but also saw it getting beaten.

Talking Computers

star trek siri

Hollywood has always fantasized about talking computers. Any futuristic movie or TV show with technology as its central theme is incomplete without a talking computer. Star Trek had its share of talking computers too. We are glad to see this thing coming true. Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and a host of other mobile and laptop assistants are now capable of managing our activities on phones, which by the way are mini-computers, like virtual secretaries.

Google Glass

star trek google glass

Fans would recall the members of the evil group, The Dominion, using a gadget on their head, which had a single eyepiece. They received messages on the screen of this eyepiece, watch videos, engage in video chats, and do many other things. Doesn’t that sound like a description of Google Glass to the core? While Google Glass did not pick up the way it was expected to, and although it faces a host of privacy issues, there is no doubt that it is an amazing piece of equipment.

Food Replicator

star trek printing food

Ah! We have reached our favorite now. The food replicator on Star Trek was capable of producing any food that it was ordered to, with just a voice command. It boasted of the quickest cooking time, and the fastest delivery time. Sure, we are yet to reach that level of technology. But, the earliest versions of food replicators, known in the real world as 3D Food Printers, are already here. They don’t have the quickest cooking or delivery time. In fact, they do take a lot of time. But, they are perfectly capable of cooking fresh food. Now, this can get a whole lot interesting in the next few years.

Universal Translator

google translate star trek

The Enterprise had both good and bad relationships with civilizations from a variety of planets, and star systems. Whenever they encountered beings from other civilizations, they used the Universal Translator to communicate with them. In the real world, Google Translate has come to the rescue of travelers for many years. The online tool can translate entire webpages to any supported language in an instant. Further, the mobile app of Google Translate can now translate words from pictures too. Another tool Phraselator is being used by the US military in Iraq.


google maps star trek

The Enterprise’s ‘transporter’ has two functions – transport a person anywhere, and locate a crew member even if they are thousands of miles away. There have been some milestones in the teleportation systems, but we are still hundreds of years away from actually teleporting a human. But, locating a person is another thing altogether. The technology we have is Global Positioning System. It allows us to locate any person anywhere on the planet.

Non-Invasive Surgery

Star Trek non invasive surgery

It is only expected that a civilization as advanced as one in Star Trek is well past the years of cutting though a patient to cure him. Dr. McCoy, on many occasions, made use of non-invasive surgeries to cure his patients. One such technique in the real world is Focused Ultrasound Surgery. FUS is used to treat the cancerous growth in uterus, uterine fibroids. We don’t have working treatments like this against all the diseases and health issues, but we are surely one step closer.


phasr rifle star trek real life

The Phasers from Star Trek were truly badass weapons. They could do pretty much everything from stunning an enemy to completely disintegrating them. US military has already developed multiple prototypes of PHASR, which stands for Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response device. This device uses a laser system of two different wavelengths to blind an enemy temporarily. The device is man-portable and looks a lot like the one on Star Trek. Its name too has been derived from the popular franchise.

Touchscreen Controls

Back then when Star Trek was first launched, touchscreen looked like the coolest thing. It still is, even in the real world. The first touchscreen arrived in 1992 with IBM’s Simon. Although, it didn’t find the recognition it deserved, today, touchscreens are everywhere. Heck! you are probably reading this article with that technology!


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