B.B. King: The Blues Legend

The blues legend, B.B. King passed away last week at the age of 89. Since his death, streams of his hit songs have been going up as new and old fans alike have paid homage their homage to the king of blues.

B.B. King was reported to have died peacefully in his sleep, and a memorial will be held over the next few days in Las Vegas where he died. His many famous albums include L.A. Midnight (1972), Take it Home (1979), Six Silver Strings (1985), and countless others. B.B. King was also well-known for the many movie sound tracks he wrote and performed.

Fans of B.B. King have been invited to a public viewing, and talk of a possible TV special is also being thrown around as millions of fans mourn the loss of the greatest blues legend of our time.

B.B. King, born in 1925 in Mississippi, won only 1 award in his lifetime and received two nominations, but fans have devoted many hours of their time to listening to his hit songs. After the news of his death came about, social media platforms were quickly flooded with comments on B.B. King’s great musical contributions to the world of blues, and many fans took the chance to express their favorite songs and memories.

Within the past few days, one thing has become clear: just because B.B. has passed, he is in no way gone from our lives. In fact, Forbes confirmed that streams of his songs have increased by nearly 10000% (about 9800% to be exact).

Many listeners have went beyond streaming, with two of King’s greatest collections already reaching the top 20 charts on Amazon over the past few days. While it’s typical for fans to show their support and love for passed artists and stars through watching, listening  and reminiscing, the tremendous increase in streams and purchases have proved that B.B. King truly was the king of blues, and he will not be forgotten.

While under unfortunate circumstances, many have speculated that the news of his passing and the media surge that paid homage to the blues legend has also led to more fans of his music. Even though thousands have now discovered B.B. King after his passing, new fans expressed their new love for his music and shared their condolences for B.B. King’s family.

B.B. King left behind three daughters: Shirley, Patty, and Claudette. All three of his daughters have shared stories of him over the years, and always said they grew up hearing his melodies and attending his performances. Now in her 60s, King’s daughter Shirley has also found her way into the music business and has established a great reputation over the years. Alongside her, Patty and Claudette have also expressed their love for listening and performing.

Fans have continued with their mourning, and many have voiced their love for King’s great music and made it clear that he will be leaving a long-lasting legend behind him.

Many of King’s greatest fans have given a silver lining to the situation, pointing out that today’s digital world will allow his music to be stored and shared for decades to come. Because of this, thousands – or even millions – of future music lovers will be able to discover King’s music.

Over the decades, King has been credited with many titles. Every single one of his albums have managed to impress his fans and attract new ones, and his music is now well-preserved so it can continue to do so far into the future.

Within his  career spanning from the 50s to today, he produced over 40 studio albums, 16 live albums, and over 160 singles. Over the past few days, many of his greatest hits have topped the charts once more as new and loyal fans listen in remembrance.

King has left a lasting legacy, one that his fans hope will be carried on well into future generations. King’s contribution to blues and early rock is unmatched. Many great artists and everyday listeners alike have happily handed him the title of the King of Blues, and with today’s streaming count heading into the billions, there’s no doubt that he deserves it.

As fans of King await further news, many are anticipating a TV special and further documentaries into King’s incredible life. Fans have openly expressed their love for his music for many years, but if there’s any good side to King’s passing, it’s that more fans will be able to discover his legend and carry it on.



Community follows the lives of the staff and students at Greendale Community College. While some critics have been rather harsh on the show, fans have showed strong support, so much so that it was saved for renewal even after a drop in ratings.

The cast includes Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, and many others. The show started when former lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) is found out to have faked his Bachelor’s degree. He ends up attending community college, where he finds an attractive girl in his Spanish class. In a desperate attempt to get together with her, he forms a Spanish study group. While his original plan was just to meet the girl he “loved,” he comes to find that many other Spanish students have chosen to attend the group and, in the end, the students form an unlikely community of misfit friends and the series follows their lives and personal pursuits.

Fans have rated the show high, with 8.6/10 on IMDb, and 8.4/10 on TV.com. RottenTomatoes.com users have given it a fresh 87%. Despite the love from fans, critics have still been harsh on the series, with many saying things like “I’m inclined to think it’s time for everybody to graduate from Greendale Community College, and get on with their lives” (Oregonian).

The recent negativity from the critics (and some viewers) is likely the cause of the changes in filming and cast that has just occurred. Originally airing on NBC, Yahoo Screen has just taken it over in March, much to the dismay of fans. Yahoo Screen is an attempt to be like Netflix and Hulu, but it has been called a colossal failure, and fans of this particular show are agreeing.

With many insulting the show’s recent performance, diehard fans of the series are still giving it a chance, with The Popcorn Junkie advising that people “don’t write off the new season in the age of Yahoo.” While some have agreed and are giving the newest season a chance, many critics are continuing with their insults, and many fans of the original seasons have asked that it be laid to rest while still on a high note.

But, the mixed reviews don’t appear to be stopping Yahoo yet, and the current season is still underway, with some fans staying on board to see what happens.

The pilot episode had just under 8 million viewers, but recent episode premieres have come out at the lowest yet, leading to more insults from critics and fans of the show. Yahoo is showing hope for the series though, and the sixth season’s outcome will determine whether or not Community is brought back for another installment.

The last episode of season 6 is expected to come out in June, 2015. Even though some fans have already ditched the quirky comedy and requested the old show back, many fans have stayed on board to see what happens this season.

Yahoo is showing hope that they can keep the series going, and seem to be blocking out the critical reviews, just like NBC once did. No matter what’s in store for the future of Community, fans are sure to return to the older episodes which at one time could be seen on Comedy Central, but lately fans have said it’s unclear what networks Community will continue airing on with Yahoo picking up the show.

Either way, Community still has a chance to redeem itself among fans, and possibly discover new viewers. While Yahoo Screen isn’t nearly as popular as Netflix and similar services, it’s possible Community itself will bring new viewers to the platform by spreading the word about the show’s it has available.

In the meantime, fans and critics will have to wait and see the outcome. Season 6 will be the determining factor in whether Community ends on Yahoo or continues into a new season, and the hope for one or the other seems to be split down the middle.

Fans who have stayed loyal are continuing with the chance to see Community on Yahoo, even if it happens to be the show’s final hours. Critics are predicting the end of the series, but, to be fair, many have been trying to do that for years. It’s unknown whether Yahoo’s continuation of the unique comedy will make or break the series, but there’s a big chance that a little good is in it for all, especially since it brings attention to the Yahoo Screen platform and gives fans a chance to continue watching the community college sitcom.

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The Americans

Set in the 1980s, The Americans follows two Soviet spies who go undercover as a married couple in order to get insider information on the American government. The couple lives in DC and keeps their secret from their neighbors, friends, and even their children. They live a stereotypical life to uphold their cover, posing as travel agents at work.

From the very first episode, viewers were taken away by the startlingly realistic plots and life-like details of the story. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys star side-by-side in this critically acclaimed series that makes viewers question what the real consequences of such an act would be, and the plot often leads to a string of compelling questions that spark debate amongst fans. The pilot proved to be a strong start to this excellent series, and the fourth season is set to release in 2016.

The Americans began in 2013 thanks to creator Joseph Weisberg. Airing weekly on the FX network, The Americans has been nominated thirty-two times, and it has received seven wins in addition to three Primetime Emmys. Creator Joseph Weisberg manages to produce an incredibly realistic plot for every episode, which is likely because he used to work as the CIA’s Directorate of Operations. Ever since he quit his job in 1994, since he is a former agent the CIA Publications Review Board must approve everything Joseph writes.

The creator’s interesting background also supports the show in being surprisingly accurate and sometimes too realistic. In today’s world, it’s rather rare to find a show that actually gets viewers thinking about real-life consequences, but that’s exactly what The Americans does. Fans of the show often get into heated debates online, questioning the character’s secret lives and starting month-long debates with other viewers that contemplate what the actual outcome would be if such a plot were real.

In addition to inspiring online conversations, The Americans is gaining more press everyday as fans spread the word. The Americans is now one of the hottest series of the year with over one million viewers. Even though ratings declined slightly from the second to third season, fans of the show say they are anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Based on viewership alone, The Americans is the ninth best series on FX at this time.

IMDb users have given The Americans 8.3 out of 10, which is unusually high given the site’s community is generally rather critical. Even professional critics have softened up, with Entertainment Weekly saying that despite the show’s uneven start, it is now becoming one of the best series on television.

Those on TV.com gave it 8.6, Metacritic users gave it a 78%, and RottenTomatoes.com rated it a fresh 90% with 94% of viewers saying they liked it.

The third season’s finale aired on April 22 and, as many finales do, it ended with a family betrayal and an open path into the next season. Critics and viewers agreed that the finale didn’t quite live up to the rest of the episodes in the season, but it seems all fans of the show plan to come back when the next season arrives.

Keri Russell, who plays Elizabeth Jennings in the series, has let out little information about what the fourth season will entail for the characters, and neither has her co-star, Matthew Rhys. Joe Weisberg wouldn’t share much either, but in a recent interview he stated that the “betrayal” of Paige (played by Holly Taylor) might not be what it seems, and even hinted that her character and the show may be going in a direction that fans haven’t yet considered.

Even though the makings of season four seem to be under tight wraps, fans can rest assured that the creators and actors are working hard to make sure the comeback makes up for the somewhat disappointing finale of season three. With interviews of the cast revealing nothing about what will happen to the Jennings family, fans will just have to wait and see.

No exact release date has been given for the fourth season, but the next thirteen, one-hour episodes should be expected sometime in 2016. As far the actors, they can be spotted in a few separate projects that are coming soon. Keri Russell is currently filming a part in The Free State of Jones, which is also set for a 2016 release date, and Matthew Rhys is set to be seen in four movies that are going to be released this year (two are in pre-production and two are in post-production). Matthew is also filming his part in Jungle Book: Origins, which will be released in 2017.

In the meantime, fans have announced their plans to re-watch all the past seasons and continue with their speculations on what will happen next, which may just be the only thing viewers can do to curve their excitement as critics anxiously await the fourth season.

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Game of Thrones

The Most Successful Show on HBO

At its height, Game of Thrones had eight million people tune in to watch the season five premiere. HBO has announced it is the most-watched original series they have ever aired, and viewership continues to rise as the show becomes more popular around the world.

Just a few years in, Game of Thrones has won 115 awards, including a Golden Globe. It’s also received another 218 nominations, and more are expected to come. The show follows several noble families in ancient times as they challenge each other and try to gain control of the mythical land of Westeros. The cast, led by Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, and many others, controversially changes regularly as the writers often kill-off lead characters (much to the dismay of fans). In interviews, multiple stars of the show have admitted they never know “who will be next” and often joke about the matter. While most shows couldn’t pull off such risky cuts, Game of Thrones has only continued to grow in popularity.

With the series’ enormous fan base, fans and other shows regularly make parodies; with one of the most successful being a Game of Thrones themed skit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon called “Game of Desks.”

With 9.5/10 on IMDb, 9/10 on TV.com, and a fresh 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, Game of Thrones has proved to be a hit series among both fans and critics.

Critical Reviews

Many lists have also ranked it as one of the most successful shows on television (ever), but some critics disagree. There’s no way around the fact that much of Game of Thrones consists of nudity and adult content (in addition to brutal violence). Critics of the show focus on the “senseless nudity” in every episode and say the adaption would be perfect if not for the “very, very bad script.” This sparked a response from the creator of the show and original book series George R.R. Martin. He said he was “astonished” at how badly critics were going after the nudity in the show, and was amazed that not a single one mentioned the violence present in almost every scene.

The New Book & Spoilers

In interviews with George, he’s said he’s determined to finish the next book in the series by 2016. Of course, during every interview, people are destined to ask for spoilers of the upcoming episodes. In an older segment when he talked to talk show host Conan O’Brien, George took the chance to reveal a series of very-fake spoilers to keep fans on their toes. Despite the picking, though, some actors, like Iain Glen (who plays Jorah), have been hinting that some more of the characters may be disappearing. Glen, who’s character has been infected by the deadly and infectious greyscale disease. She said in an interview that when she read the script, her instant reaction was “uh oh,” but since then, she has reassured the audience that recovery is possible in the show, and even she will have to wait to see what will happen.

Game Of Thrones

Leaked Episodes Leads to Piracy Record

Fans of the show were over-joyed recently as half of the current season was leaked on the internet. The leak led to over 2 million illegal downloads within a short twelve-hour window, and it’s not the first time Game of Thrones fans have taken the title for “most pirated.” Episodes that have already been released to the public this season are estimated to have been viewed illegally over 7 million times online.

Game of Thrones viewers also hold the previous record for piracy, which means a great loss in profit for HBO who is estimated to spend over $6 million per episode. There’s a good chance that fans will return to illegal means in the event of another leak though, and many viewers who don’t have access to HBO or don’t have a chance to watch it live will continue to view it illegally online.

The Future of Game of Thrones

Even with all of the illegal viewing, Game of Thrones is still one of the most successful shows on television. HBO may dish out $6 million an episode, but The Hollywood Reporter said that the show is set to bring the network over $1 billion in revenue this year alone, which is double of the figure three years ago.

While fans worry about the future of their favorite characters and many gear up to watch the new episodes (even if it means committing piracy to watch early), there is no doubt the success of Game of Thrones will continue far into the future.

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Avengers Age of Ultron

The Avengers was the movie that brought together all of Marvels great superheroes, and fans loved it! Earlier this month, Marvel released another hit in the Avengers series, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fans of the franchise and all of the superheroes within took their seats for the two and a half hour movie that included Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and other notable Marvel characters like Peggy Carter. In an exited rush to see the new release, opening weekend earned the movie nearly $200 million.

Just a week after its release on May 1st, Avengers: Age of Ultron had reached over $300 million in gross profit, proving the movie’s success. Combined with the great cast was a multitude of high-action stunts and life-like CGI effects as fans watched their favorite heroes battle Ultron, a villain many fans claimed is the best one yet.

Over 9000 viewers and counting on Fandango gave the movie a full five-stars, and many critics agreed, with the majority concurring it was a great addition to the Marvel universe of movies. Critics and fans agreed that the action was well-complimented by the frequent humor and underlying hints of romance.

Alongside all of the raving reviews though were some mixed feelings. While the majority of viewers said they like the casting and felt the movie was exciting and entertaining, some viewers and a few critics gave the movie a good amount of negative press. One viewer on IMDB complained the cast was too large and the humor far from humorous. They argued the love story didn’t seem to be acted out and felt that the story was undeveloped. They concluded by saying the whole movie felt pointless to them.

With everyone feeling entitled to their own opinion, some critics joined in to bash the film. Forbes.com claimed the movie had made it onto their list of the “$100 million losers club” which, while sparking much controversy from those who only read the title, turned out to be focused on the finances of the hit movie. Forbes revealed that between the first and second week of the movie’s release, ticket sales dropped by $100 million.

Even with Forbes causing conflict between groups who never take the time to read full articles, other critics were actually reviewing the film, and some continued with its bad reputation. Many critics and anyone watching the movie likely caught some goofs in the timeline, like the arm that got cut off just to reappear on the body of Ulysses Klaw as he rolls down the staircase. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, that shouldn’t really be a spoiler, though, as there are a lot of other confusing plot points that you’ll likely get caught up in.


Most of the critics and viewers who have negative reviews of the film focused on the fact that it was too easy to get lost in the storyline. Those who paid close attention claimed they got distracted relatively easy, and even taking their full attention away for a minute or two resulted in them being lost on the plot. Other people (who may have done just that in the beginning) claimed there was no plot to follow at all.

In the end, it seems Avengers: Age of Ultron was still rather well-received and fans of the franchise will be returning for another movie next year.  It seems those who loved it really enjoyed it, maybe because they were able to focus on the plot and not on arms that regenerate and clocks that change times in between scenes. For those who didn’t, they seemed to be rather critical, either claiming there was no plot at all or too much plot to follow all at once.

Either way, despite some negative press, Avengers: Age of Ultron was a good addition to the Marvel lineup and still holds a strong fan base. With nearly $900 million worldwide, there’s no doubt our favorite superheroes will be returning to the big screen again soon. In fact, the next movie is already in the works and reports say it will be released in 2018.

Ever since the first movie was released, Avengers has been gaining popularity as more people jump on board to the Marvel franchise. There’s no doubt that the movie was well thought-out, even if you can’t keep up. And, both critics and fans agree that the cast was undoubtedly perfect, and every Marvel viewer hopes to see them back in another movie soon.

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Fast and Furious 7

The Beginning of Fast & Furious

Seven movies ago, Fast and Furious was simply a remake action film with a great cast and fast cars. After the movie took off and gained a following, the second film was released and received ratings just as great. Then the third movie came, and fans still loved the franchise. Critics gave the fourth installment fantastic reviews, along with the five, sixth, and now seventh. Now simply known as Furious, Fast and Furious 7 arguably has one of the strongest action casts this century.

With Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson being just some of the lead names, there’s no doubt Furious 7 is just as successful as the previous films in the series. Jason Statham, Lucas Black, and Kurt Russell are also part of the film, and Furious 7 has a strong female cast as well with Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and other notable names.


Fans of the franchise have continuously returned to the theaters to watch the releases of all seven movies, and each one has been well-received. The first movie, which hit the big screen in 2009, earned four wins and two nominations. With the popularity of the first film, the fan base of the Furious franchise soon grew into what it is today. Much of the cast has stayed the same throughout the years, which is likely one of the reasons why fans have stayed so hooked on the story line.

What some fans don’t know is that the Fast and Furious we know today was actually started back in the early 2000s with another series of movies. Some of the cast, such as Paul Walker and Ludacris, carried over from the original films. Today, the advancing technology of CGI and stunt doubles has made for a Fast and Furious franchise even cooler than the earlier films.

Paul Walker & The Alternate Ending

Paul Walker, being a cast member of the early Fast and Furious films played a big role in the series, but passed away in late 2013. Originally, the script for Fast and Furious 7 was going to lead on into another story line to continue the long-running franchise. After Paul’s passing, though, fans concurred that the story needed to be tied up and laid to rest with him.

The writers took a big step in another direction and scrapped the original ending. They instead crafted one that tied up the story line and ended the series properly. Fans who saw Fast and Furious 7 in theaters also got to see a montage at the end as the movie’s tribute to Paul Walker. While sad at his passing and the end of the franchise, fans of Fast and Furious agreed that it was better to end the movie series.

Furious 8

Shortly after the movie aired, fans began to pass around rumors of an eighth installment. While first brushed off after the alternate ending that tied up the franchise, Furious 8 has now been confirmed and has been given a release date in 2017. Vin Diesel was the one to confirm the rumors and will be leading the film. While many find this exciting news, some fans believe that there can be no Furious without Paul Walker.

Either way, it seems the billion-dollar franchise isn’t coming to an end, at least not yet. Vin Diesel gave a specific release date of April 14th, 2017. Vin also announced that Kurt Russell who was added into the seventh film will also be playing in Furious 8. Being that Paul Walker is gone, there’s a good chance Russell’s character will be expanded upon to make room for new storylines.

Even though the Furious films have traditionally been in LA, Vin said that the set would be shifted to New York City as they follow Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell). Vin didn’t reveal whether the cast would be working for or against him, but he dropped just enough clues to give fans hope for another great movie.

Vin hinted a little at the cast, mentioning that Paul’s brother, Cody Walker, would likely be seen in the movie. He also hinted that Eve Mendes and Dwayne Johnson would have a part.

The Franchise

Even with the unfortunate death of Paul Walker, it seems fans are ready for another movie that goes in a different direction, which is exactly what Furious 8 seems to be planning. The drastic changes, like changing the setting and continuing without Paul, have been readily accepted by fans, proving they love the franchise and simply want it to continue and want to see what it brings next time.


Surprising Facts About The Weeknd

The Weeknd is one of the hottest up and coming artists in many years; he has been described as the new “songbird of his generation” and even the most promising musical talent “since Michael Jackson.” The Weeknd is best known for his unique musical style, emotional lyrics, and his stellar live performances. He is also well known for his mysterious persona, and his tendency to keep things private. It should come as no surprise that there is much more to this amazing artist than meets the eye. The following are some surprising facts about The Weeknd that may just surprise even his biggest fans.

His real name isn’t The Weeknd

Obviously, The Weeknd (yes, it’s pronounced the same way as “the weekend”) is a stage name! But did you know that his real name is actually Abel Tesfaye? Like many artists, he has chosen to create a stage name for his performance career. This is a common practice because it helps artists, particularly musical artists, establish a brand and sense of identity for the music that they release. The Weeknd revealed that he chose a stage name because he didn’t care for his real name, and felt that it wouldn’t give him enough credibility in the music industry.

Another surprising fact: his original stage name was actually The Weekend; however, he ran into some copyright trouble with a Canadian artist who uses the same stage name, and he decided to take off the “e” to create his own unique stage name.

He prefers to keep things mysterious

The Weeknd prefers to keep himself as private as possible. One of the ways that The Weeknd keeps up this mystique is by refusing to engage in the same level of media scrutiny as most artists. One of the main ways he achieves this is by never giving formal interviews; he only communicates with the press through Twitter, and has consistently refused to give regular interviews with any magazines, journalists or critics.

In one tweet, The Weeknd wrote that he didn’t want to “spoon feed” the audience for his music information about himself, his life, or his music.

He didn’t leave Canada until he was 21 years old

The Weeknd was born in Canada, but he never left the country until he was 21 years old; this was after he decided he wanted to pursue a professional career in music, and knew that if he wanted to become successful he would have to take his work outside of the country.

He apologized to his fans for signing with a major record label

For the first part of his career, The Weeknd only released his music independently through his own personal record label. After experiencing a lot of critical and financial success, however, he made the decision to sign with a professional and major record label for future releases. In a rare online statement, he apologized to his fans and explained his decision, noting that he felt it was the best move for his career—but most importantly, for his music.


Surprising Facts About Flo Rida

Flo Rida is best known for his multiple international hit singles, including Low, Right Round, Good Feeling, and I Cry, as well as his charitable work. Flo Rida’s unique singing style and his charismatic presence have made him one of the most successful rappers and hip hop artists in recent memory. He has been professionally active since 2006, with the release of his first professional album, Mail on Sunday; he continues to be active, with his most recent professional studio album release being the My House EP, which was released in 2014. But just how well do you know this ultra-successful rapper? Let’s look at some pretty surprising facts about Flo Rida!

His real name isn’t Flo Rida

All right, let’s be fair: this isn’t really a surprising fact! Flo Rida is a stage name created by the artist for his music career. His real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard.

Many artists choose to create stage names and persona names for their careers, especially if they are singers, because it helps to establish a firmer sense of identity in an industry that is oversaturated with artists. He officially began using the name in 2006 when he signed with Big Poe Records; it is not known what, if any, stage name he used prior to signing with the label.

Although he has never officially confirmed his stage name’s meaning, Flo Rida’s stage name most likely comes from the fact that he was born in Florida–specifically Carol City, which is actually a small suburb in Miami.

He didn’t originally intend to go into music professionally

Although he always had a love for music and was interested in music from an early age, he originally wasn’t planning on pursuing music as a professional career. After he graduated from high school in 1998, he attended college for international business management, first intending to pursue a business career. However, after studying for a short time, he realized that his real life passion was with music and he quit to focus all of his attentions on pursuing that dream instead.

He was in a band for 8 years

When he was only in 9th grade, Flo Rida joined up with a rap and music group called GroundHoggz, which was made up of other boys and young men who lived in the same apartment complex. This group stayed together for 8 years, during which time they continued to write music with each other, before finally splitting up.

He founded two charity foundations

Flo Rida is the creator and founder of two different charitable organizations: Big Dreams for Kids Foundation and the Florida Youth Football League. Both of these organizations are non-profits which seek to support children living in inner cities and do not have the same advantages as other children. Both organizations use sports and other enrichment programs to help children who are underprivileged. Flo Rida routinely donates his own personal money to these organizations in addition to arranging for benefits, grants and other donations to help keep them running.


Did Bruno Mars’ Set a Dangerous Precedent With the Recent Uptown Funk Writer Deal?

The recent Blurred Lines court case decision has led to a lot of discussion in the music and entertainment world; almost every discussion shares one important question: what effect will this decision have on the music industry?

The repercussions of the case may already be showing in the recent decision by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson to credit another artist after the release of their hit single, Uptown Funk. The original release of the single had 6 writers credited, including Bruno Mars. However, five additional writers were recently added to the roster–the writers of Oops up Side Your Head by the Gap Band, which was first released in 1979. These writers will not only get credit for the song, but they will also receive a percentage of the song’s royalties.

The reason for this addition is believed to be the similarities between the newly released Uptown Funk and the 1979 release, Oops Up Side Your Head. Although it has not been officially confirmed, insider sources have alleged that Bruno Mars and the other co-producers of the Uptown Funk single did not want to go through the hassle of an expensive court case and simply decided to credit the Gap Band musicians to avoid the extra expenses.

But did Bruno Mars and his co-producers set a dangerous precedent with their decision to give the Gap Band writers credit because the songs may have some similarities? Let’s take a closer look at how Bruno Mars’ decision may have a negative impact on the music industry, particularly in light of the recent Blurred Lines case.

The decision of the Bruno Mars team sets a potentially dangerous precedent for artists; this is a negative precedent because it essentially says that fighting for your music isn’t worth the effort. The decision to simply add the writing credit—and split the royalties—without the investigation from a court could set a precedent for other artists to simply give in and take a pay cut rather than spend their time and money arguing in court. However, artists should not feel like fighting for their music—and the right for music to be influenced by other music—isn’t worth the time and money.

And ultimately, the decision works both ways; not only could it set a precedent for artists not to fight for their music, it could also set a precedent for artists to sue other artists because they feel their songs are similar. The quick decision by the team of Bruno Mars in this case could lead other singers who feel that their songs have been copied to aggressively sue for an expensive sum in the hopes that the new artist will simply decide to give them a small percentage and tack on their name, rather than spend all the money required to fight the issue in court, with the risk of losing a more substantial amount of money if they end up losing the case.


Why Jay Z May Have Pulled His Music Videos from VEVO

Jay z and Beyonce in 'Drunk in Love'

Fans of Jay-z‘s popular music videos were dismayed to find that many of the videos uploaded to Jay Z’s official VEVO page suddenly disappeared during the first week of May. The videos that are now missing include some of his most popular music videos, including the video for Empire State of Mind, along with the rest of the videos from his most recent albums, Magna Carta Holy Grail and The Blueprint 3. In fact, the newest video now uploaded to the official Jay Z VEVO account is 2 years old.

Why would Jay Z–or, more likely, his press team–decide to remove such a large expanse of videos from an official multimedia account? Let’s take a closer look at why fans may be missing out on the officially uploaded VEVO Jay Z videos.

Jay Z wants to promote his own streaming service

TIDAL is the new streaming service that will bring the most 'poppin'artists together
TIDAL is the new streaming service that will bring the most ‘poppin’ artists together

Jay Z is the co-owner of the new video and music streaming service, Tidal, which is attempting to compete with other popular media streaming services such as VEVO, YouTube, and Spotify. By removing his newest—and, in many cases, his most popular—videos from VEVO, Jay Z may be ensuring that the videos can only be exclusively watched on Tidal. This will direct more traffic, and ultimately more money, to Tidal.

Jay Z also recently announced that he would be performing an exclusive live-streamed concert that would only be visible to members of the Tidal service, and that he would be performing some rare music that he does not often perform live. This announcement combined with the disappearing videos could suggest that Jay Z is attempting to congregate this music and videos on the Tidal service.

More artists are taking their material off free services

Taylor Swift made headlines when she decided to pull all her music from the free streaming service Spotify, which pays artists a minimal fee every time a user listens to one of their songs. Although Swift was heavily criticized at the time, she is not the only artist who has made the move to remove their material from these free streaming services like Spotify.

More artists are instead investing in streaming services which require paid memberships or other fees for streaming; some industry experts have suggested that this is something of a “bait and switch” tactic, since the artists get their fans used to listening to their music streamed—rather than purchasing physical CDs or digital copies—and those fans may simply decide to pay a little fee to stream after having been used to it for so long.

It may be a copyright issue

There are many copyright and licensing issues involved when media, including music videos, are uploaded online; these issues can and have led to material being taken down. The removal of many of Jay Z’s videos on VEVO may be related to some type of copyright or licensing dispute, rather than a deliberate removal on the part of Jay Z or his marketing team.


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