4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Betty White’s Hot in Cleveland

TV Land recently announced that it would be cancelling Hot in Cleveland, a popular sitcom starring the ever-popular Betty White, after six seasons. The series centered around three older women who once made their living in the movie industry but found themselves living together in the quieter and not-so-fame-obsessed city of Cleveland, Ohio. The trio’s caretaker was played by none other than Betty White, an expert at sass and witty zingers.

How much do you know about this newly cancelled but still very watchable series? Let’s take a look at 4 things you probably didn’t know about Hot in Cleveland!

It was TV Land’s first scripted series
Hot in Cleveland was the very first scripted series developed for TV Land, which typically aired reruns of classic TV shows and the occasional documentary or behind-the-scenes look at classic TV shows. Hot in Cleveland, created by Suzanne Martin, and was developed because the network wanted to see if a scripted series would be as popular as its typical reruns.

The first season was a ratings smash
The premiere episode of Hot in Cleveland earned the highest ratings that TV Land has ever seen in the entire fourteen year history of the network. The series premiere was watched by almost 5 million people, a number that broke records for the network and has not been seen since.

Betty white in 'Hot In Cleveland'
Betty white in ‘Hot In Cleveland’

But the ratings aren’t what they used to be
The show’s ratings steadily declined throughout each season, although it still remained a ratings success in the context of TV Land’s relatively low ratings. The season 2 premiere garnered 2.95 million viewers; the season 3 premiere went down to 1.94 million viewers; the season 4 premiere was watched by 1.70 million viewers; the season 5 premiere earned 1.35 million viewers; and the season 6 premier, which is the show’s last season, earned only .66 million viewers.

The show is often compared to Golden Girls
The show has been called everything from a Golden Girls knock-off to a “modern-day spin” on the classic TV show. Fans of the Golden Girls have pointed out that the show’s four characters seem to fit the ‘molds’ of the Golden Girls–Wendy Malick’s character is similar to Dorothy; Valerie Bertinelli’s character is similar to Rose; Jane Leeves’s character is similar to Blanche; and Betty White’s character is now similar to Sophia.

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