7 Things You Didn’t Know About Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters—but that doesn’t make her any less interesting! Khloe, like her sisters, participates in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV series as well as in various Kardashian business ventures, including the official Kardashian fashion stores. How much do you really know about the youngest Kardashian sister? Take a look at 7 things about Khloe Kardashian that might just surprise you!

She used to pretend to be a dog

Pretending to be an animal is a popular past time for many little kids, and Khloe was no exception! Khloe revealed in an interview with Hollywood Giants that she used to be obsessed with pretending to be a dog; she would even bark and yap at her family or friends while in the midst of the game. Talk about dedication!

She had a crush on Christian Bale

Khloe Kardashian's diet
Khloe Kardashian’s diet

Even celebrities have celebrity crushes! Khloe used to have what she describes as “the biggest crush” on Christian Bale while she was growing up.

She thinks football players are easier to date

In an interview with People, Khloe revealed that she thinks it is much easier to date a football player than an NBA/basketball player. Why? Because football players have less games and can be home more often when compared to their NBA star counterparts, whose seasons are much longer.

Lamar Odom is the only man she ever brought home

Khloe’s mother, Kris Jenner, admitted in an interview that Lamar Odom was the only one of Khloe’s dates that she ever brought home to meet her family. Kris admitted that this was when she realized that Khloe was serious about her relationship with Lamar.

She graduated when she was only 17 years old

Khloe did not attend a private or public school; instead, she was home schooled and graduated at just 17 years old with honors.

She’s co-written two books+

Khloe Kardashian's reaction to people eating placentas
Khloe Kardashian’s reaction to people eating placentas

Khloe Kardashian is the co-author of two different books: Kardashian Konfidential and Dollhouse: A Novel.

She has memory loss

Khloe was in a serious car accident in 2001, which caused her to be thrown through the windshield of a car. She suffered a serious head injury which Khloe’s physicians believe have caused her long term memory loss; Khloe has admitted that she often has difficulty remembering things from her childhood and attributes this to her accident.


2 Best Songs from Ariana Grande’s My Everything

Ariana Grande is one of the hottest artists of 2014, and her album My Everything–which was her second studio album–is a testament to the singer’s popularity and success on a global scale. The album was not too long in production; Grande says that she began to work on My Everything in October of 2013, which was only one month after her first album debuted. My everything was finally released to the public in May of 2014.

The album has been very successful. It debuted on the top of the Billboard 200 charts and reportedly sold a whopping 169,000 copies in its first week alone; its release also topped the charts in over 20 other countries. The album is full of hits—including singles that topped the charts and songs that have garnered great radio and online streaming play. The following are the best songs—critically and otherwise—from Ariana Grande’s second album, My Everything.

#1: Problem

Ariana Grande - My Everything | LIVE iHeartRadio
Ariana Grande – My Everything | LIVE iHeartRadio

Problem’s status as the #1 song from My Everything should come as no surprise. The song was released as the head single for the album, and for good reason–it’s catchy, it has a great beat and, above all, its lyrics are surprisingly deep for a dance-pop R&B track. The song, according to Grande, is about “the feeling of being [terrified] to re-approach a relationship that’s gone sour,’ even if that very act is what you want to do more than anything else.

Problem debuted at the number three spot on the Billboard Hot 100; it sold an astounding 438,000 copies in its first week along. This broke Grande’s record for biggest digital single sales in a single week. It also chopped the charts in other countries, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Scotland, Canada, Denmark, and Australia.

#2: Break Free

Break Free was the second single released from My Everything, and its success was so great that it almost surpassed Problem’s sales records! Break Free excels as a great club anthem and was described as many critics as being the “perfect song” for the summer, as well as any late night club dance anthem, due to its quick beat and inspiring lyrics.

The Break Free single reached the #4 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 during its time on the charts, and was accompanied by a music video that has reached over 100 million viewers.


3 Must-See Episodes of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the hottest comedies on TV, and for very good reasons—people just can’t get enough of the quirky comedy, romantic relationships, and the ever-awkward Sheldon. There have been many great episodes of The Big Bang Theory throughout the years, but some episodes stand out more than others as being “must-see” for everyone—whether they’re diehard fans of the show itching to rewatch or new fans looking to get acquainted with the very best that the series has to offer. The following are 3 must-watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

The First Episode/Pilot

Not only is the first episode/pilot episode essential viewing for anyone getting into the series, it’s just a great episode on its own. The episode manages to introduce all of the main characters without things seeming awkward or forced, and has plenty of genuine laughs (and even a bit of heartfelt sweetness!) for those looking for a good chuckle. It’s also interesting to see how the pilot episode compares to the show as it stands now, with new characters, new relationships, and new motivations.

The Precious Fragmentation

This season 3 episode is often cited as a fan favorite due to its “nerdy” storyline: The group finds a “one ring” from the Lord of the Rings series, which turns out to be an actual prop used in the film. A hilarious fight ensues with everyone from the group holding onto the ring at the same time—each wants to do something different with the prop, and whoever is holding the ring last gets to decide what to do with it. The episode is full of Lord of the Rings references that aren’t just topical but genuinely funny to fans of the original source material.

The Middle Earth Paradigm

In this episode, Leonard & co are invited to a Halloween party hosted by Penny. The episode has a lot of great gags—the costumes that the group wears are funny enough on their own, but their awkward interaction with Penny’s more “sociable” friends at the party make for some hilarious encounters. The episode, like many episodes of the show, isn’t afraid to include some emotional moments as well; Penny and Leonard share an intimate and touching moment together during the party which was one of the many early ‘sparks’ that would set the pace for their future relationship.

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Why You Should Give Birdman a Chance

Birdman isn’t your typical film about a caped superhero—in fact; it’s technically not about a real superhero at all! The film centers on a washed up actor, played by Michael Keaton, who once became famous for starring in an adaptation of the (fictional) comic book, Birdman. The actor, who is trying to reinvigorate his career, decides to take a risk by mounting a Broadway musical adaptation of Birdman.

While the film’s premise may seem a little out there, the film is actually one of the best pictures of the year. If you still aren’t convinced, consider the following reasons why you should be giving Birdman a chance.

An Excellent Cast

The cast of Birdman is as eclectic as they are talented. Michael Keaton stars in the lead role as the aging actor who tries to revitalize his career, while Ed Norton appears as an out-of-work actor with a reputation for being difficult to work with (similar, in many respects, to Norton’s real reputation in Hollywood) and Emma Stone appears as the actor’s frustrated daughter; Zach Galifinakis and Naomi Watts also have notable roles in the film, with Galifinakis making a special impression with his hilarious appearance.

The Cinematography

Michael Keaton as 'Birdman'
Michael Keaton as ‘Birdman’

The film boasts some impressive cinematography, all thanks to the ambitious director. The original concept for the film was to have it be done in a single long take—think “Russian Ark”—but this had to be modified due to the logistics of the movie. However, most of the scenes in the film were done with long shots, which were then spliced together to create the almost seamless appearance of a single, long take for the movie. Despite these long takes, which can make effects difficult to pull off, the film has some very impressive moments—such as the scene where we see black wings suddenly pouting behind Michael Keaton in the film’s trailer.

Michael Keaton is Amazing

Michael Keaton has stuck mostly to low-key roles since he played Batman. His performance in Birdman is nothing short of amazing; the character is essentially the complete opposite of Keaton’s normal personality and by the end of the film, Keaton’s character becomes so stressed and unraveled that it is bizarre, hilarious and a little bit sad to see! Keaton definitely turned in an excellent performance for this film, which would be worth watching for Keaton alone.


Why Michael Keaton is a Great Batman

Five different actors have played Batman on the big screen–not counting Ben Affleck in the upcoming crossover film–and many film and comic fans have their favorites. Some prefer Christian Bale for his darker and grittier performance as Batman, while others swear by the fun and campy Adam West, and still others swoon over the dashing George Clooney. But one particular actor made the most out of the role and is not only a great Batman, but one of the best—if not the best—actor to portray him on the big screen. Which actor is that? Mic hael Keaton! Michael Keaton played Batman in the original 1989 Burton film and its sequel, Batman Returns. Why does he rank so highly among the actors who have played this iconic role? Read on to find out!

He wasn’t physically perfect

There’s a tendency for Batman films to make Batman into a nearly perfect superhero crime fighting machine—just look at the extensive shots in the Nolan Batman films that establish Bruce Wayne training to keep himself in exceptional physical shape. Keaton’s Batman, on the other hand, wasn’t physically perfect. On his own, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to fight crime or defeat as many bad guys as he does—but instead of being a physical juggernaut, Keaton’s Batman utilizes all sorts of tricks and cheats to keep himself ahead of the game. For example, he may not be able to dodge a bullet every time—but he can wear bullet-proof armor that will keep him safe.

His Bruce is a bit quirky

Another common thread in the later Batman films is to make Bruce Wayne a very charismatic, suave playboy who can essentially snap his fingers and bring any number of ladies to his side; to say nothing of his ability to get himself out of sticky situations with the press. Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, was more along the lines of what you might expect from someone who spends half of his days dressed like a bat fighting dangerous criminals; he was a bit quirky, with an odd and sometimes awful sense of humor, who is frequently shown becoming distracted or being a bit spacey, even when he’s being interviewed for the newspaper. This Bruce Wayne is not only more believable (who wouldn’t get a bit spacey with Batman’s job?) but more interesting as well.


Where Will The Good Wife Go From Here?

Fans of The Good Wife were stunned, devastated and definitely affected by the show’s decision to kill off Will Gardner (played by Josh Charles) during a courtroom scene; the decision was highly unexpected by fans of the show, many of whom blew up twitter and other social media sites in the aftermath with their emotional reactions. But just where will the show go from here?  A preview of the mid season finale has answered some—but not all—of many fan’s burning questions.

The characters reactions are varied

The Good Wife car scene
The Good Wife car scene

The Good Wife has always done well with writing emotion, and the mid season finale will be no exception. The character’s responses to the death of Will Gardner will be as varied as they would be in real life—there will be sadness, anger, denial, and even confusion. Each character will handle (or, in some cases, not handle) his death in a way that is unique and compelling.

The message gets explained—somewhat

The mysterious message that Will left on Alicia’s phone will be discussed in the mid season finale, but it won’t be completely explained. Alicia is determined to find out why Will left the message, and what exactly it means, and goes to great lengths to find out as much as she can about Will’s state of mind; how she decides to interpret her findings (and, ultimately, Will’s message) could have a significant and lasting impact on her character and the show.

The future of the voter fraud case

The Good Wife
The Good Wife

Will was a major part of Governor Florrick’s voter fraud case–but without Will, will the case be able to continue? Or will it be dropped? The potential future of of the investigation will be addressed in the mid season finale, although not all viewers will be happy with the decision!

Diane’s new tactics

The future of Lockhart Gardner was thought to be up in the air by fans, but those fans who were wondering about the company need not worry: in the mid season finale, Diane will make a big decision about the future of Lockhart Gardner. This decision is not only life changing for Diane, it’s significant for the other characters in the series because her decision is not just swift, but ruthless; this could indicate that Diane, spurred by the death of her very good friend and partner in business, could become a completely different (and more brutal) person.

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What We Know So Far About Jurassic World

It’s been over a decade since the last installment in the Jurassic Park film franchise, and nostalgic fans have been eager to see just how the newest film, Jurassic World, will play out. Will it be a thrilling return to the same quality that made the first Jurassic Park so successful and widely beloved, even today? Or will it be a ridiculous attempt to cash in on nostalgia? The film won’t be released until next year, but here is what we know—so far—about Jurassic World!

The Director

Chris Pratt in 'Jurassic World'
Chris Pratt in ‘Jurassic World’

Many fans were hoping that Spielberg could be convinced to direct this new film, but he declined the offer. Joe Johnston, the director of Jurassic Park III, also declined to return to the dinosaur genre. Universal Studios ended up picking Colin Trevorrow–a relative unknown–to be the director.

The Lead

Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard

Fans were definitely hoping that Sam Neill would return for another round with a T-rex, but the actor declined to participate. Some minor cast members from the first three films may be set to return, but the lead film is a newcomer to the franchise: Chris Pratt, best known for his performance in Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s Not Your Average Park Anymore

Jurassic world's 'Clever Girl'
Jurassic world’s ‘Clever Girl’

The trailer for the film revealed something completely new to the franchise—the dinosaurs, or so the park directors would like to believe, have finally been “controlled.” Jurassic Park is not a failed experiment or an abandoned remnant to be salvaged; it is a full-fledged theme park with rides, restaurants, gift shops and attractions. The trailer showed that the park has been successful for some time now, and there have been no notable mishaps since the revamping of the project—at least, not yet.

Chris Pratt Has a Raptor Gang (Sort Of)

T-Rex from 'Jurassic World'
T-Rex from ‘Jurassic World’

One of the most talked-about scenes from the firm’s trailer was an action-oriented shot of Chris Pratt (who plays a man named Owen) riding on his motorcycle with a gang of raptors speeding beside him—raptors who are definitely not trying to eat him, unlike every raptor in the film’s first three movies. Director Trevorrow revealed in an interview that Owen has an interesting and complicated relationship with the raptors and while they aren’t “friends,” he likens Owen’s relationship to them to people in the real world who have formed “tenuous connections” with dangerous animals, including wolves, lions and even bears.


4 Things You Didn’t Know About House of Cards

House of Cards, which is an adaptation of a BBC original series, focuses on a Southern Democrat who begins a political scheme to get himself to the top after he has been looked over for the lucrative position of Secretary of State. The show, which airs on Netflix, has been a success both in terms of viewership and critical reception. The following are 4 things you probably didn’t know about this political drama.

Netflix outbid numerous networks for the show

Netflix, who ultimately won the rights to host the show, was not the only organization who had its eyes on the potentially hit series. The show was put up for bid, and multiple networks—including HBO, AMC, and Showtime—bid for the rights. However, it was Netflix who outbid them all, securing their hold on the show—and, ultimately, their own success.

Production costs were subsidized for tax credits

The show is primarily produced in Baltimore, Maryland. Maryland has lucrative tax subsidizes that makes it a popular choice for TV and film producers. The production for House of Cards was partially subsidized through tax credits, which are based on the show’s production budget as well as the estimated economic gain to Maryland due to the production; for example, the benefit to local businesses, local actors, and so on.

The first season of the show resulted in $11.6 million being subsidized by the state of Maryland; season 2’s tax credit has yet to be revealed, however, estimates suggest that the state will pay about $15 million this time around. Season 3 has yet to begin filming, but the series show runners have indicated that they

It’s been nominated for dozens of awards

The show has been a huge success critically as well as financially and subsequently it has been the recipient of dozens of award nominations.

Its nominations (but not wins) include the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series and Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series; a 2013 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Music Composition for a Series; and a 2014 Writers Guild of America nomination for Television: Dramatic Series.

And it has won awards, too

The show isn’t just raking in nominations. Its awards include the 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and the 2014 Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama.

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A Quick Guide to Homeland’s Ratings

Homeland, developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, is a political TV show which airs on Showtime; the show is an adaptation of Hatufim (‘Prisoners of War’) which is an Israeli TV show by Gideon Raff. The American adaptation stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis; Danes plays Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer while Lewis plays Nicholas Brody, a marine corp sniper who was held captive by al-Qaeda and who may have been turned into a double agent.

The show has received much critical praise for its exemplary writing, excellent production values and its memorable and intense performances by its leading actors. The show has also won numerous awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Drama series. The show has earned good ratings for Showtime; its ratings have actually increased in recent seasons, which is unusual for many TV shows. The following is a quick guide to the ratings of the first three seasons of Homeland.

Season 1 Ratings
The show’s first season premiered on October 2nd, 2011 and ended on December 18th, 2011. The first season of the show had only 12 episodes and aired on Sunday at 10:00 PM EST. The very first episode had only 1.08 million viewers–this increased by the first season’s finale, however, which had a total of 1.71 million viewers. The season had an average of 1.25 million viewers per episode.

Season 2 Ratings
Homeland’s second season premiered on September 30th, 2012 and ended on December 16th, 2012. The second season, like the first, had 12 episodes and aired during the same Sunday night 10:00 PM timeslot as the first season. The first episode of season 2 had 1.73 million viewers, which was a significant increase from the season 1 premiere; the finale of season 2 earned a total of 2.29 million viewers. The second season had an average of 1.92 million viewers per episode.

Mandy Patinkin in 'Homeland'
Mandy Patinkin in ‘Homeland’

Season 3 Ratings
The show’s third season premiered on September 29th, 2013 and ended on December 15th, 2013. The third season had 12 episodes but aired during a new timeslot: Sunday nights at 9:00 PM, instead of 10:00 PM. The third season’s first episode earned 1.88 million viewers, while the season’s finale earned 2.38 million viewers, which were both improvements from the show’s first and second seasons. The third season of Homeland saw an average of 1.95 million viewers per episode.

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Why Taylor Swift’s ‘The Giver’ Cameo Worked

One very common reaction to moviegoers who saw the film adaptation of The Giver in theaters was: “Wait, was that Taylor Swift?” And as any moviegoer who immediately Googled the answer on their way out of the theater can tell you: yes, yes it was!

Swift had a little-known cameo in the film adaptation of The Giver, which received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The last time that Swift almost had a role in a live-action film was in 2012, when she was cast as Eponym in the film adaptation of Les Miserable but was quickly replaced with theater actress Samantha Barks after extreme backlash from theater fans. This particular cameo, however, did not draw much (if any!) ire and in fact many audiences did not realize it was Taylor Swift until the end credits. So why did her cameo in The Giver work? Let’s look at four reasons why!

She didn’t look like Taylor Swift
One of the problems with cameo roles is that celebrities have famous faces, and it can be difficult for audiences to make a disconnect between a character and a celebrity—regardless of how good their acting might be. For her role in The Giver, Swift donned a brown wig that looked nothing like her normal curly blonde locks. This gave her a completely different appearance, especially when coupled with the demure outfit worn by Rosemary in the film.

She played music—but not her signature instrument
Although Swift can actually play the piano and other instruments, she is best known for her guitar playing. In The Giver, Swift stuck to playing a lovely tune on the piano, which was a beautiful and touching moment in the film. If she had been using one of her signature instruments, it would have taken the film into ridiculous territory.

Taylor Swift as 'Rosemary'
Taylor Swift as ‘Rosemary’

The role isn’t extensive
The character of Rosemary doesn’t appear on screen for more than perhaps 2 minutes, tops—this worked in Swift’s favor for several reasons. One, it means that audiences usually didn’t have enough time to figure out that the actress was Taylor Swift, which may have pulled them out of the film; two, it means that the film wasn’t oversaturated with her cameo, which could have dragged the overall production down. A good cameo lasts just long enough to work and no longer—and Swift’s role thankfully didn’t overstay its welcome.



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