3 Questions We’d Like to See Answered by The Walking Dead

There are some questions that will probably never be answered in the course of The Walking Dead—especially questions that would take away from some of the mystery of the walkers, such as how the outbreak started in the first place. But that doesn’t mean the show can’t provide any questions. The following are three questions we are dying (or is that undead?) to see answered by the writers of The Walking Dead.

Is There Any Sort of Government Left in the World?
The group has come across several pockets of survivors who have effectively created their own mini government in their encampments. But are there any vestiges of government left in the world? Or did the zombie outbreak turn absolutely everything to chaos? It is possible that there could be some sort of government left in the world—presidents, governors, and other important politicians often have bunkers or other hidden safe zones where they might be able to retreat in cases of emergencies. Are there presidents around the world hiding underground, waiting for the safe chance to come up?

How Far Can Walkers Decompose?
The show has definitely indicated that walkers can decompose. This is evident when you compare how most of the walkers looked in season 1, compared to how they look now. The walkers in the latest season have less flesh and look more rotting than the walkers in season 1, some of whom looked very “fresh,” so to speak. But just how far can walkers actually decompose? Could they decompose to the point of being unable to move at all—like a handful of walkers we’ve seen throughout the four seasons, including the famous walker in the first episode who reaches out to Rick? If walkers can decompose that far, it could be a good thing for survivors, who will only have to worry about watching out for heads on the ground.

Are There Any Real “Safe Zones”?
The citizens of Woodbury might have been relatively safe, but it definitely wasn’t a safe zone in the vein of safe zones from other zombie films or properties. Are there any real safe zones in The Walking Dead universe—areas controlled and patrolled effectively to the point where people that enter are safe, at least from the walkers outside the complex? It would be interesting to see how such safe zones might work, and how—or if—the group would join one.

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4 Surprising Facts about Betty White

Betty White is one of the most beloved actresses of all time. Betty White is best known for her role as Rose Nylund on the hit series The Golden Girls, but in recent years she has showed up in everything from her own comedy reality TV show to guest appearances on Law and Order and much more. The following are 4 things that might just surprise you about this popular, and well loved actress.

Her name is just Betty
Most people assume that Betty White is a stage name which uses a shortened nickname for Elizabeth. However, Betty White’s name… is just Betty! According to White, her parents disliked most of the derivatives of the name Elizabeth (such as Lizzie, Liz, Beth and Bethy) and decided to simply name her Betty to avoid any unwanted nicknames.

Betty White was originally cast as Blanche in The Golden Girls
Betty may be best known for her role as the sweet, naive Rose on The Golden Girls, but did you know that she was actually first cast in the role of Blanch Devereaux? In addition to this, Rue McClanahan was cast in the role of Rose Nylund! Both the director of the show and the actresses decided that they did not want to play these roles because they had each previously played a similar role (White in Mary Tyler Moore and McClanahan in Maude) and did not want to become typecast. The rest is history!

She doesn’t care for (most) reality TV
Although she has never officially stated why she doesn’t like reality TV,  Betty White’s dislike for the genre may lie in the fact that she has a history in the field of television show production and script writing. Despite her dislike for the genre, White produced and hosted a prank show called ‘Betty White’s Offer Her Rocker’ in 2013.

Betty White had a black eye in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Betty White had a black eye in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

She is an avid supporter of animal rights and welfare
Betty White’s primary passion in life is her support of animal rights and animal welfare. White has donated plenty of money and time to anima rights charities, and has even turned down acting work because of her principles. In 1997, for example, Betty White was offered the role of the mother in the hit film As Good As it Gets. White turned down the role, however, because she did not like how the production team treated a dog that was used in the film.



Why Jessica Lange’s ‘Freakshow’ Character is Disappointing

Jessica Lange has consistently been the highlight of each season of American Horror Story. Her characters have always been intense, memorable, and very well-acted. But the latest season of American Horror Story—titled Freakshow—has been disappointing, even to fans of Jessica’s Lange’s other characters on the show. Why has her character been so disappointing? Read on to find out!

Same old, same old

Before the season premiered, frontrunner Ryan Murphy revealed that Lange’s character in season 4 would be “very different” from her characters in the previous seasons. This was very refreshing news to fans of the show, who have grown used to Jessica Lange playing the same type of character: an older woman who is to some extent jealous of those around her, who seeks to control everything and everyone, and who has no problem throwing other people under the bus to get what she wants.

Elsa, unfortunately, fits all of these characteristics. It would have been far more refreshing to see her genuinely care about the ‘freaks’ in her sideshow and protect them at all costs. Instead, she refers to them as her ‘little monsters’ and vehemently denies being one of them, despite her own physical deformity. Elsa is also jealous of Dot for her singing talents, and has no problem selling the twins to Dandy’s mother once she realizes that Bette and Dot could get in her way of becoming a star. It’s just the same old, same old character and, at this point, it’s very bland.

No WW2 connections—at least not yet

Jessica Lange speaks about 'American horror Story'
Jessica Lange speaks about ‘American horror Story’

There is still time for the show to introduce additional backstory that could connect Elsa to WWII—which would cause some of the hints for season 4 in the show’s third season, which implied that she would somehow be connected to Germany’s Nazi past, would make much more sense. So far, however, her past has only included a sordid and ultimately tragic history in Weimar, Berlin.

And if the show would like to continue making more connections to other seasons, a connection to WW2 could easily kill two birds with one stone: Elsa could have had some type of run-in with American Horror Story Asylum’s Dr. Arden in his younger days as a Nazi doctor and official. Whether or not Elsa’s encounter would be positive, negative or even substantial could be up for debate, as long as the connection was made.


All About Richard Kiel

The late Richard Kiel (born Richard Dawson Kiel) was best known for his many film roles and his distinctive appearance. Kiel was born on September 13th, 1939; he was born with a condition called acromegaly, which causes an excess of growth hormones in the body. Kiel did not begin acting until he was in his early 20s. Before pursuing an acting career, Richard Kiel worked a number of various odd jobs, including a cemetery plot salesman and a security bouncer at a nightclub.

Richard Kiel on his career as an actor
Richard Kiel on his career as an actor

In the 1960s, however, Kiel finally got his big acting break with a serious of featured roles. He appeared in the film Eegah, which achieved cult-status after it was featured on two of the most popular ‘hosting’ shows of the era: Elvira’s Movie Macabre and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Two of his other films–the Phantom Planet and The Human Duplicators–were also featured on both programs. He also appeared in the Wild Wild West as the deadly assistant to Dr. Loveless, but most notable role in the series was that of Dimas, the disfigured son of a wealthy family who exiled him because of his birth defects; unlike his earlier characters, this particular role allowed Kiel to showcase his acting talents.

Kiel was one of many actors who auditioned for the role of The Hulk in the original The Incredible Hulk TV series. Kiel was actually cast as the Hulk for the pilot of the show, but during filming the producers decided that they wanted the character to be much more muscular and Kiel, despite his towering appearance, was not muscular enough. Years later, Kiel admitted that he did not mind losing the role because the makeup and contact lenses used in the role were very uncomfortable.

Kiel was involved in a car accident in 1992 which left him unable to walk without some means of support. He frequently used canes, walkers and eventually wheelchairs to get around. During one film appearance–Happy Gilmore–he can be seen leaning on canes and even people during his scenes for stability and support. Despite these physical limitations, Kiel continued to appear in occasional film roles—including a role as ‘Jaws’ in the 1996 film Inspector Gadget and a voice role in Disney’s tangled.

Richard Kiel died from complications related to coronary artery disease on September 10th, 2014, just several days before his 75th birthday.


Getting to Know Glenn Rhee of The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee is a character from the famous The Walking Dead comic book series. The fictional character is played by Steven Yeun in AMC’s TV series of the same name. In the video game, the character of Glenn is voice played by Nick Herman.

In the comic book series, Glenn is simply known as Glenn- without a last name.  He is the boyfriend of Maggie, who in the latter part of the series became his wife. He also took the role of being Sophia’s surrogate father after Carol committed suicide. In the TV series, Glenn mentioned his parents as Korean immigrants who settled in Michigan.

As a Character of The Walking Dead Series

Glenn’s first meeting with Rick took place during one of the frequent visits he made to Atlanta. The trip’s purpose was to search for supplies. It was also then when he witnessed Rick getting assaulted by the walkers. He helped and guided him to safety using his handheld radio. He later explained that he helped him because he knows somebody would have helped him as well if ever he was the one being assaulted.

Delivering pizzas used to be his means to earn a living. As a character in the Walking Dead, Glenn has his own skills to offer to the group. These involved his knowledge about shortcuts, his fearlessness and agility, which are skills that proved to be a great advantage to their scavenging needs. Rick once described and introduced him as the group’s go-to-town expert. This reference was made when Rick introduced him to Maggie, Herschel’s daughter.

From that introduction, Maggie started accompanying him whenever it is time to refill their supplies. It is also during those times when the romantic relationship between the two started. He continued to be a good asset to the group even after they settled to a prison nearby. He significantly helped in protecting their new place from threats while also being Maggie’s devoted partner.

Later in the series, Glenn decided to ask Herschel’s permission to marry her daughter, Maggie. It was a decision he made with the thought of an impending attack to be made by the Governor. In the end, Herschel consented and gave him the permission to do so. Unfortunately, Glenn became infected of a deadly virus that started spreading in the prison. Good thing he was saved by a medication obtained from veterinary college within the local area. However, this still weakened him. It was the exact time when the Governor arrived as well and started attacking.

As a way to save him, Maggie put him on a bus and sent him away to safety. But he got off the bus and chased after her, but was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he was in the middle of a battle. Glenn teamed up with a woman from the camp of the governor named Tara. Along the way to Washington, they encountered Dr. Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa and Sgt. Abraham Ford. They professed to him how the virus occurred. The group also asked him to come with them, but his focus is on finding Maggie.

Soon, he eventually found a clue on how he can find Maggie. The sign stated for them to meet at Terminus. Unfortunately, they encountered walkers from the tunnel they happened to pass. Even then, he insisted on going to Terminus. After nearly dying in the tunnel, Glenn and Maggie eventually reunited.


All About Danièle Watts

Danièle Watts is an American-born actress who is most well known for her appearances in television shows, such as Weeds, and films such as Django Unchained.

Danièle Watts was born in southern California, but her family often moved due to her father’s job in the military. Although she attended elementary school in California, her family moved to Orlando, Florida during her middle school years and moved once again to Atlanta, Georgia in time for Danièle Watts to attend high school. She attended the North Springs Character School of Arts and Sciences, where she could get an education that focused more on arts and social sciences than an ordinary high school.

After she graduated from high school, Watts made the decision to move back to Los Angeles in order to attend the University of Southern California, where she studied acting and dramatic arts. After finishing her education at the University of Southern California, she moved to London and studied acting at the famous British American Drama Academy.

Danièle Watts has performed in numerous films and television shows since about 2008—although she did have one small role as ‘Ruth’ in Magic Al and the Mind Factory, most of her acting career spans the years 2008 up through the current year, 2014. It was recently announced that she is set to play the role of Laura, the daughter of a character played by Martin Lawrence in Braddock and Jackson, a new television comedy that is currently being developed for the FX network.

Television Filmography
Danièle Watts has appeared in over a dozen different TV shows. Her most notable TV roles include: a guest role as ‘Lori’ in How I Met Your Mother; a guest role as Donalyn Sullivan in Cold Case; a guest role as Tracy Anderson in Criminal Minds; a special 8-episode guest role as Angela Mullen in weeds; and 10 episodes as Laura Jackson in Partners.

Danièle Watts was detained by police
Danièle Watts was detained by police

Cinema Filmography
In addition to her work in television, Danièle Watts has also appeared in over a dozen films. Her early film roles include the role of ‘Adalie’ in Starter Home; the role of Marianne in The Strange Thing About the Johnsons; and the role of Jodi in All Ages. Her later film roles include the role of ‘Coco’ in Django Unchained; Amber Adams in Straight Down Low; Crystal Gladwell in Muted; and Whitney Hinds in You Are What I Want.


Three Excellent Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Ever since they first premiered, the yearly Halloween “Treehouse of Horror” episodes of the Simpsons have delighted—and even chilled—fans of the beloved animated show. Each Treehouse of Horror episode contains three different segments, which are sometimes connected through a framing device such as the Simpsons telling scary stories at night or having nightmares. But, like any long-running series, there are some Treehouse of Horror episodes which are more entertaining than others. The following are some great Treehouse of Horror episodes that are definitely worth a watch, even if it’s not Halloween!

Treehouse of Horror VII

Guillermo del Toro created the intro for 'Treehouse of Horror XXIV'
Guillermo del Toro created the intro for ‘Treehouse of Horror XXIV’

The show’s seventh episode isn’t necessarily the most well rounded. Two of the segments–Citizen Kang and the Genesis Tub–are entertaining but nothing special. It’s the segment titled The Thing and I that really boosts this episode to the top of the list. In The Thing and I, Lisa and Bart begin hearing mysterious noises in the walls of the house. They investigate the mysterious noises and find out that there is a monster living in the attic. That monster? Bart’s conjoined twin, Hugo. Dr. Hibbert reveals the truth: that Hugo and Bart were separated shortly after birth because one of them was evil and was sure to harm the other if they weren’t taken apart. The twist at the end is especially entertaining!

Treehouse of Horror II

Bart Simpson in 'Treehouse of Horror II'
Bart Simpson in ‘Treehouse of Horror II’

The second segment of Treehouse of Horror, like the first episode, featured a framing device: after Homer, Bart and Lisa scarf down too much candy on Halloween, they each have a terrifying dream. Lisa’s dream features the classic tale ‘The Monkey’s Paw,’ while Bart’s dream features references to a popular Twilight Zone episode, and Homer’s dream revolves around Homer being the unwilling subject of a mad science experiment. The twist at the end of the last segment—like so many Treehouse of Horror twists—will leave you grinning.

Treehouse of Horror V

Treehouse of Horror V is often considered the best Treehouse of Horror segment, and for good reason: its terrifying, horrifying and even gruesome. The Shinning is a parody of The Shining and features the classic line: No beer and no TV make Homer go crazy. Nightmare Cafeteria is a violent and gruesome segment where the teachers of Springfield Elementary suddenly desire food made from their students. Time and Punishment isn’t quite a horror segment, but it features Homer warping in and out of strange timelines due to his accidental alteration of the past.


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What Are the Worst Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes?

The annual Treehouse of Horror episodes are arguably the most anticipated Simpsons episode of the year, especially for fans that have been following the Treehouse of Horror segments from the beginning and enjoy seeing just how creepy the Simpsons can get. While some Treehouse of Horror episodes have brought grisly humor and great thrills, there are some episodes which are just downright awful. The very worst Treehouse of Horror offenders feature segments that are bland—and sometimes not even horror related—as well as segments that veer into such awkward territory that they ruin whatever good the rest of the episode boasted. Which episodes are the very worst? Let’s take a look! 

Treehouse of Horror XXII

Would it surprise you to learn that this Treehouse of Horror only has one segment that can be called horror-related? The first segment of the episode (The Diving Bell and the Butterball) is a Spider Man parody that somehow manages to leave Homer literally farting spider webs out of his backside–and that’s no exaggeration. The third segment of the episode (In the Na’vi) is a fairly straight parody of Avatar, except for one key detail: in this segment, Nazis have taken over the world and Krusty the Clown, who is having trouble keeping his Nazi audiences entertained, enlists of the help of Bart and Milhouse to infiltrate an alien world with a secret chemical that is said to improve people’s moods.  Nothing more can be said!

Treehouse of Horror XIX

Most Simpsons fans would agree that the 19th incarnation of Treehouse of Horror is the worst–or at least, very close to the top. This episode features one segment that doesn’t belong anywhere near a Halloween episode (Untitled Robot Parody); one segment that tries to be creepy but is too chock full of bad one-liners to get anywhere good (How to Get Ahead in Deadvertising); and one segment that is fantastic up until things get awkward and terrible (It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse).

Untitled Robot Parody is a Transformers parody that takes place during Christmas, of all seasons, and is the worst offender of the episode. How to Get Ahead in Deadvertising is bland and too full of cheesy impressions to be enjoyable. It’s the Grand Pumpkin; Milhouse starts as an entertaining parody of it’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown–and then quickly nosedives as soon as the titular Grand Pumpkin appears.

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ABC Developing a ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ TV show

ABC recently announced that they are currently  developing a new television show based on the popular Victor Hugo novel, the Hunchback of Notre Dame—or Notre Dame de Paris. The novel has been adapted into film dozens of times over the years. And now ABC is joining the ranks of those who have attempted to adapt one of Hugo’s most memorable works on film or television.

ABC hasn’t announced much about the new production. We do know, however, that it is being written by Evan Daugherty. Evan Daugherty was the writer behind the financially successful Snow White and the Huntsman film, which was a darker and more adventurous adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale. ABC has also revealed that—at least for now—the show is tentatively titled “Esmeralda” and will tell the story from her point of view. This could mean that ABC intends to focus more on the life of Esmeralda and her love for Phoebus rather than on the overarching story told in the original novel.

'Esmeralda's Dance' from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
‘Esmeralda’s Dance’ from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’

Any adaptation of a novel, especially one as detailed as Hugo’s, presents its problems. The Hunchback of Notre Dame has been a particular problem for filmmakers because it has controversial, dark themes that are not always the most appropriate for audiences. In fact, very few adaptations of the novel feature the original ending: Esmeralda is hanged after she refuses Frollo’s promise of “sanctuary” in his arms, Phoebus (who refused to vouch for her) is thrust into an unhappy marriage, Quasimodo kills Frollo in a rage and then sneaks into the tomb where Esmeralda’s body lays and dies holding her in his arms. Most film adaptations avoid most of the carnage, except for the death of Frollo—although even then, he is not always killed by Quasimodo.

Esmeralda’s character is also typically altered in these adaptations. In the books, she is written as a beautiful but naïve, sheltered and shallow woman who sees physical beauty as a manifestation of goodness—in one scene, she even chooses a beautiful vase filled with dead flowers over a simple vase with beautiful blooms, a symbol of her shallow choices. In films, however, she is usually given a grander, selfless personality that is meant to contrast with Frollo’s view of her as an evil seductress or witch.

Which route will ABC go? Only time will tell!

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Carl Grimes: A Notable Character in ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Series

Many people, regardless of their age and gender have developed this strong passion and inclination to TV series. Most individuals love watching these, especially during their free time or during instances that they really do not have something to do. The good thing about watching these television series is that you can watch them while enjoying your favorite snacks or hanging out with families and friends.

'Carl Grimes' played by Chandler Riggs
‘Carl Grimes’ played by Chandler Riggs

Either way, it cannot be denied that that TV shows and series have their own way of entertaining audiences and setting up different moods and thrills. “The Walking Dead” is a famous post-apocalyptic drama and horror television series developed by Frank Darabont. This television series is originally based from the Walking Dead comic series by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. The TV series is noted for its powerful cast.

One of the most notable characters in the Walking Dead is Carl Grimes.  He is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes. Carl was deeply saddened when his father, who is a deputy sheriff, was injured in the line of duty and ended up in coma. The situation becomes unfortunately worst when undead walkers take over and surround the town when his dad is asleep. During this chaos, Carl decided to flee with his mother Lori and his father’s best friend and partner Shane. They run away believing that Rick was already dead who was not actually.

Soon, Carl reunited with his father. All is not completely well however;  as he becomes an adolescent, an already complicated process make it more difficult in the post-apocalyptic reality. Carl is oftentimes at odds with his father and mother and far frequently for entire group ventures and explores out into his own risky situations. Carl’s parents desperately tried to protect him all the horrors of the world wherein humans are hunted as foods by unknown monsters. However, protecting Carl has almost been an impossible and challenging task for them.

This results to Carl becoming more hardened and growing up on accelerated rate. He became increasingly concerned to be one of the tactically licensed and armed adults killing walkers. Carl Grimes, a fictional character in the Walking Dead TV series is played by Chandler Riggs. The American television series airs on AMC in the US. Carl is the son of the main protagonist Rick Grimes who is also the longest-surviving character in the story.

What makes Carl’s role more interesting is that he started as a simple and innocent child but as he grows up, he became colder and he competently makes hasty decisions that bring no good for his friends. If you are an avid viewer of this famous and highly anticipated horror and drama series, you will notice that Carl Grimes portray the role of a typical young boy adopting cold and callous personality to survive. This is exactly the behavior that puts Carl always in conflict with his own father who only wanted to protect his morality.

'Carl Grimes' talks to Rick
‘Carl Grimes’ talks to Rick

Due to Chandler Riggs’s excellent performance, he earned nomination for Young Artist Award for Best Performance in TV series category.

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