3 Voice Actors You Didn’t Know Had TV Roles

Voice acting is an extremely common—and often overlooked—aspect of our entertainment. Voice actors provide the voices for everything from children’s cartoons to product commercials and even documentaries or other programs. The following are 3 voice actors who have made appearances in front of TV cameras—and not just in the sound booth!

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche isn’t a household name, but he’s probably familiar in some way or another to most people familiar with popular cartoons. Maurice LaMarche has provided voices for cartoons for over 30 years, and is often considered one of the most active–and successful–voice actors in the industry. His most memorable roles include the role of Brain in the animated show Pinky and the Brain; as well as his role as Kif and Morbo in the animated comedy Futurama; He also voiced Mr. Freeze in the original Batman: The Animated Series.

Less well known is LaMarche’s guest role on The Facts of Life. In 1987, LaMarche appeared in a Halloween episode as a spooky narrator who provided a Vincent Price-like spooky charm to his short, but memorable, TV role.

Tara Strong

Tara Strong is one of the most versatile and popular female voice actors in the industry. In addition to roles voicing animated characters on television, Strong has voiced characters in video games, online web series, and feature films. Her most memorable roles include the voice of Timmy Turner in The fairly Odd Parents, the voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham City video game, as well as the voice of Twilight Sparkle in the popular Hasbro show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Strong has made several appearances in front of the camera, including a supporting role as a British girl who befriends Sabrina Spellmen in the film Sabrina Down Under, part of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch franchise.

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio has a distinctive voice that many will recognize; in addition to less well-known roles, such as The Joker in Batman: Under the Red Hood, DiMaggio is best known for his role as Bender in the comedy series Futurama.

Although his distinctive voice makes for great character work, DiMaggio has only made a few TV appearances. His TV roles are typically cameos and small walk-on roles in shows such as Without a Trace; My Name is Earl, and most recently Modern Family.


Why Kim Kardashian’s New Game Is Tacky (And Addicting)

The new Kim Kardashian game is one of the hottest—and most addicting—new games for the iPhone and Android smart phones. In the game, you play and up-and-comer working at a small boutique in Hollywood who happens to run into Kim Kardashian one day. This coincidental run-in sparks the game’s basic plot, which can be boiled down very simply to: get popular and get rich.

But as many people who have played and reviewed the game have noticed, there is a rather disturbing, tacky aspect to the seemingly harmless ‘Kardashian’ game that has left many people with a bitter taste in their mouth—even as they keep clicking. Let’s look at some of the aspects that make this game tacky but ultimately, regardless of its morality, addicting.

#1: The Characters Are Terrible People

There are really no good people in the Kim Kardashian game. Everyone from your manager to your publicist to your potential romances and even Kim herself exhibit traits that are narcissistic and even sociopathic—such as moments where the manager suggests that you should dump an “embarrassing friend” for no other reason than to further a career; or the constant battle with potential dates, who will criticize anything you wear unless it’s new and expensive. None of the characters exhibit anything resembling a kind, empathetic thought; though they’re more than willing to critique your outfits!

#2: The Game Gives You Sketchy Choices

Kim Kardashian for Iphone is available now
Kim Kardashian for Iphone is available now

The most controversial aspect of the game is the downright sketchy choices you have to make in order to make it big in Hollywood. During one challenge, you are asked to do a nude photo-shoot. If you say no, you lose fans and your career takes a dive. If you agree, you go to the photographer’s private apartment to complete the job—although naturally your character avatar remains clothed throughout the modeling session. Other sketchy choices include leaving your rival, Willow Pape, to fend for her after she has clearly become too inebriated to drive home as well as countless paparazzi prompts to bad talk other people.

#3: … And People Can’t Get Enough

Despite the game’s controversies and horrible characters, people can’t get enough! Why? Because ultimately, the Kim Kardashian game is the “faux Kardashian experience” that people can live through right in the palm of their hand. Even if the idea of working on a modeling shoot for hours with sketchy photographers and constantly having to buy expensive furniture and clothes just to get fans isn’t appealing in real life, the idea of ‘making it big’ and living the ‘Kardashian life’ is appealing to many people. After all, the Kardashian show became popular because people loved to hate the family—and they loved to see them living the high life, even if they made plenty of controversial decisions in order to get there. The game may be an interactive reflection of this desire to live through the Kardashians; only this time, it is through the safety of a screen.


Actor Christian Borle Cast in NBC’s Peter Pan Live!

NBC has been slowly revealing the cast for their upcoming live musical production, Peter Pan, which will be the follow up to their highly successful live production of The Sound of Music last year. So far, NBC has announced that Alison Williams would be playing the titular boy who never grew up, and Christopher Walken would be joining the show as the dastardly Captain Hook.

NBC made their latest casting announcement recently when they revealed that Christian Borle, who had a critically praised supporting role in NBC’s The Sound of Music, would be joining the cast in not one, but two roles: that of the pirate Mr. Smee and the children’s father, Mr. Darling. Christian Borle is a Tony Award winning actor who has appeared in numerous Broadway productions, including as Emmett in the Broadway production of Legally Blonde: The Musical and as Blackstache, the villainous pirate in the play version of Peter and the Starcatchers, which is a fantasy prequel spin on the Peter Pan origin story.

Christian Borle as 'Captain Hook' in NBC's LIVE!
Christian Borle as ‘Captain Hook’ in NBC’s LIVE!

The news of his casting as both Smee and Mr. Darling was a surprise to fans of the original musical as well as those familiar with traditional casting in Peter Pan media; traditionally, the actor who plays Captain Hook is also double cast as Mr. Darling. This tradition goes all the way back to the first theatrical productions of Peter Pan, and was reflected in even non-stage media of the story, including the animated Disney film and the 2003 live action film starring Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan.

NBC, however, is shirking tradition by having Mr. Darling’s ‘Neverland’ counterpart be Smee, rather than the primary villain Captain Hook. The reason behind this decision is unclear; it may be that Christopher Walken was unwilling or unable to play the dual roles.

Whatever the reason, some fans of the show have expressed disappointment at the decision because the removal of the Mr. Darling/Captain Hook double casting removes a deeper psychological element to the production. The casting of the father as the villain can be seen in many different ways, which adds a more complex layer to the show. One popular interpretation of the double-casting is that Mr. Darling, who is strictly against nonsense and adamant about his children growing up as soon as possible, is reflected in Captain Hook who is literally hounded by youth in the form of Peter Pan.

Another common theory is that the dual casting reflects the issues that author JM Barrie had with the concept of parenthood; in the original production of the play, Barrie had intended for the actress playing Mrs. Darling to be double-cast as the role of Hook. This movie was likely a reflection of his own psychological viewpoint. However, the actor who played Mr. Darling begged Barrie to let him play the role—Barrie agreed, and a new tradition was born.

Although the casting does not follow tradition, Borle should be more than capable of bringing his lively humor to both roles.

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What We Know About NBC’s Aquarius So Far—And Where We Hope the Show Will Go

NBC’s Aquarius, set to premiere during the 2014-2015 TV season, is the newest historical drama produced by ITV Sutdios America. The show is set in 1967 and will follow a police sergeant named Sam Hodiak who is currently working on a missings person case; Hodiak begins working with an undercover officer who believes that a growing group of hippies may be responsible for the missing persons case. And that ‘growing group of hippies’ is led by none other than Charles Manson.

Aquarius is currently promising to be an interesting and evocative look at Charles Manson, his group of followers and the brutal murders which made them famous.

So far, we don’t know too much about the show and there are more questions than answers. We do know that the two primary roles in the show have been cast—that of Hodiak and Manson.

David Duchovny, who is one of the executive producers of the show, will be taking the lead as Los Angeles sergeant Sam Hodiak. Duchovny is, of course, best known for his roles on The X-Files and Californication; but he has previously shown he has the acting chops to appear in dramas, and it will be interesting to see how he takes on the role of a 1960s police officer who becomes entangled in the Manson group.

David Duchovny in 'Aquarius'
David Duchovny in ‘Aquarius’

Actor Genthin Anthony has been cast as Charles Manson. Anthony is best known for his role as Renly Baratheon on The game of Thrones, although he has made brief appearances in other TV shows as well as films. Anthony is also well known in Britain for his roles on the stage, which includes in Cyrano de Bergerac, Death of Cool, and Cling to Me Like Ivy.

The extent of the show’s plot and just how far into the Manson crimes the show will get has yet to be revealed. It is not known whether or not the show will feature more real life members of the “Manson family,” including those that eventually participated in the brutal killings. Due to the fact that the show is being described as an “event” by NBC, the plot may revolve around the early years of the “Manson family” rather than the more infamous final years which resulted in multiple members of the group being arrested, charged and convicted for murder.

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What We Know About The Walking Dead Season 5 So Far

The fifth season of The Walking Dead is set to premiere this fall, and fans have been clamoring for news about the new season since the fourth season finale, which left Rick and company at the mercy of a cannibalistic group that takes advantages of newcomers. Fans got their wish recently when the cast and crew revealed a new teaser trailer as well as some information about what they can expect in the show’s upcoming season. The following are the most interesting tidbits about what’s to come in The Walking Dead season 5.

Beth is alive.

Fans wondered if Beth, who was kidnapped by an unknown group while fighting off a walker invasion with Daryl, might have been killed off—especially since her character, and her character’s believe in the strength of hope, had been getting more screen time in recent episodes. The show’s creative team revealed, however, that Beth is (at least) alive.

Rick and Carl will reunite with Judith

The show has kept Judith alive far longer than the comic books, and naturally fans were on the edge of their seats when it was revealed that Carol and company, including little Judith, were heading for the supposed safety of Terminus. It was recently revealed that not only is Judith still alive by the beginning of season 5, but Rick and Carl will reunite with her—although just how long she will stay alive is up in the air.

The season will feature many more locations

The Walking Dead season Finale. Danai Gurira as 'Michonne'
The Walking Dead season Finale. Danai Gurira as ‘Michonne’

One of the biggest criticisms of The Walking Dead is that it has the tendency to keep characters in one place for a long time, sometimes to the point of stagnation. Even season 4, which was more action packed than the previous season, kept the characters either in prison or walking in the woods. Season 5, on the other hand, will include many more locations than previous seasons—including a variety of suburban areas and even cities.

More diverse walker set-ups

One of the best aspects of the show are the walkers; the show is great at thinking up creative and gruesome ideas for its living dead, and season 5 will really be stepping up the game in terms of makeup and creepy situations. The show’s writer’s revealed one scene will take place in a basement that has flooded, causing the walkers inside to become extensively water-logged.

Gabriel Stokes will appear

Fans of the original comic will no doubt love the fact that Gabriel Stokes, a priest that the group encounters, will be appearing in season 5. The character will be played by Seth Gilliam, best known for his work on the TV show The Wire.

The show will feature even more unexpected shocks

The Walking Dead is a show known for going where most shows will not—“look at the flowers,” anyone?—and the next season will be no exception. Although no specifics were revealed, it was mentioned that tragedies will happen in season 5.

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Will Florence Henderson Appear on Law and Order: SVU?

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is well known for having an abundance of guest stars on the show—including many actors that few would have pegged as appearing in a show about special victims crimes. Law and Order: SVU is especially popular among Broadway stars and theater stars, many of whom live in the area that the show is filming and are often tapped to play roles while they are not working on shows. Other stars that have made surprising appearances on Law and Order: SVU include actors such as famous comedian Robin Williams, actor John Stamos, comedian and actress Kathy Griffin, singer and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, and even stage and screen star Angela Lansbury.

But one actress that few people would have expected to ever express interest in appearing on the show is “TV mom” Florence Henderson. Florence Henderson is, of course, best known for playing the sweet and charming Mrs. Brady on the Brady Bunch TV show. Henderson has made appearances on TV shows before, but the choice is surprising to many who associate her with the candy-coated Brady Bunch show. Henderson also admitted that she is obsessed with the show and would love to appear in a role that is out there, such as the “crazy grandmother type.”

There is no word yet from the Law and Order: SVU producers as to whether Henderson’s dream will ever come true—but considering that the show loves to have guest stars, especially those who are better known for nicer roles, it doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Florence Henderson and  Matt Lauer on 'Friend with Benefits' in the 'Today Show'
Florence Henderson and Matt Lauer on ‘Friend with Benefits’ in the ‘Today Show’

If Henderson were to appear on the show, it would add to her already impressive filmography. In addition to her well known role on the Brady Bunch, Henderson has made appearances in other TV shows including: The Muppet Show, The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, Roseanne, The King of Queens, and 30 Rock. Henderson has already appeared in several films, including a famous cameo in The Brady Bunch Movie and small roles in films such as Shakes the Clown, Song of Norway, Holy Man and For Heaven’s Sake. More recently, Henderson has been seen as the host of a very unique cooking show called Who’s Cooking with Florence Henderson; every episode of this show features a Henderson, a professional chef and a rotating cast of celebrity guest stars whipping up their favorite foods.


Why Is Jillian Michaels Leaving the Biggest Loser?

Jillian Michaels, made famous for her role as a trainer in the weight-loss series the biggest Loser, recently announced that she was leaving the series–for the third and possibly final time.

Michaels had been with the show since 2004, but had actually left twice previously; her previous departures were related to wanting to spend more time with her family and on her career outside of the show. This time around, however, Michaels had given a much different reason for deciding to no longer work on the show.
Michaels stated to People Magazine that she felt there were “fundamental differences” with her and the show’s producers, related to the way that she was portrayed on the show. In the early episodes of the show, Michaels said, “it was tough love. You saw the tough, and you saw the love.” Michael’s feels that the relationship between herself and her team is no longer being portrayed, which leaves her looking cold or harsh.
Many fans of the show and of Michaels have speculated that her departure may also have to do with the recent controversy related to the show, which ended with the show’s winner showing up the final ceremony looking drastically underweight—so much show that even Bob Harper and Michaels, the two trainers during that season, looked visibly shocked. Although Michaels did not specifically name this incident as being related to her departure, the negative press that the show—and Michaels—received after the finale may have had some kind of impact on her decision.

Jillian Michaels leaves 'The Biggest Loser' after season 15
Jillian Michaels leaves ‘The Biggest Loser’ after season 15

Although Michaels stresses that she has a “tough love” relationship with the contestants on the show, many fans have pointed out that her version of “tough love” might be more than tough; several former participants on the show have spoken up about the dangerous weight loss methods they are encouraged to use, which include working out despite serious injuries, over exercising, and even being told by trainers to spit out a swig of milk after the cameras stopped rolling for a scene about the importance of eating right while exercise, because the swig of milk had “too many calories.”

The show’s producers recently announced that there would be big changes in the upcoming season of the show; changes which are apparently designed to avoid issues such as the recent winner who visibly shocked audiences with her extreme weight loss.


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