The Biggest Hannibal Season 2 Finale Shockers

Hannibal’s first and second season has been full of twists, shocks and often gruesome surprises. But its second season finale really took the cake—or should that be human brain?—with some shockers that left even hardcore fans picking their jaws up from the floor. Let’s look at the biggest shockers from the Hannibal second season finale.

Will’s Scent Mistake

Throughout the series, but especially in this second season, the viewers have been made very aware of Hannibal’s extremely keen sense of smell. Hannibal can take a whiff of a body and smell corn on it—and when Bedelia made a run for it earlier in the season, she left behind her signature perfume, perhaps knowing that Hannibal could at some point trace her if he smelled it in a crowd. Will, unfortunately, either missed this memo or completely forgot. Early on in the second season finale, Will had a scene with the supposedly dead Freddie Lounds. Unfortunately, during Will’s last meeting with Hannibal before the big dinner scene, Hannibal smelled Freddie Lounds on Will. This would have no doubt alerted Hannibal to Will’s deception, unfortunately leading to some later shockers in the episode.


The final shot of the episode showed Hannibal enjoying a glass of wine on a flight to France—which panned over to reveal Bedelia, smiling warmly, holding her own glass of champagne. It had been previously established that Bedelia was afraid of Hannibal; she fled the city and had to be coerced to talk to the FBI about him. Her appearance brings about about many questions, the main one being: was she working with Hannibal all along?

Abigail Lives—then Dies (Again)

Hannibal has pulled a view fake-out deaths before—with Chilton after his impromptu surgery and with Freddie Lounds—but many fans did not expect that Abigail Hobbs, whose ears was pushed down Will’s throat at the end of season 1, to still be alive. Abigail has clearly been living under the thumb of Hannibal, who apparently planned to take her—and Will—on the run with him. But Will’s betrayal caused a new plan of action, and Hannibal slit Abigail’s throat in front of Will. It seems unlikely that Abigail will survive a third death; although show creator Bryan Fuller has said the viewers will not know who has survived until episode 2 of season 3.

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2 Lifetime TV Movies So Bad They Are Actually Fantastic

When most people think about so-bad-they’re-great TV movies, their mind goes right to Lifetime. Lifetime is a network which is no stranger to TV movies about unusual, dramatic, and often soap-opera like subjects; in fact, Lifetime films are sometimes considered a genre of their own, since so many of them follow a formula that produces TV films with a unique flair that can’t be captured by any other network.

There are some Lifetime films which are genuinely excellent.

But it’s not unusual for Lifetime to produce films that are so bad, or so absurd, that they are actually great entertainment to watch. Let’s look at two of the “best of the worst” Lifetime made for TV movies.

The Pregnancy Pact

The Pregnancy Pact is about a group of teenage girls who form a pact to get pregnant around the same time, have their children around the same time, and raise their children together. The film is based on a true story, although there is controversy over just how much of the “pregnancy pact” explained by the real life teenager girls was rule.

The film’s “so bad it’s good” content comes from a few things, including the over the top peer pressure employed by the three pregnant friends who want their fourth friend, Sara, to become pregnant as well. The dialogue in this Lifetime film is especially ridiculous, with lines such as “So… this is what it feels like to be Jamie Lynn Spears!”

Cyber Seduction

The premise of this film seems more like something you might find in the 1950s than 2005: in this film, a teenage boy discovers internet pornography and develops an addiction that sends his life ‘spiraling out of control.’ He can’t help but browse for adult videos and pictures wherever he goes, including tapping into adult websites on his friend’s gaming system.

If the film was focused on a legitimate addiction to pornography, it might get a pass.

But the fact that the film’s adult characters believe that the mere act of their teenage son wanting to look at adult media is absolutely depraved and terrifying is what takes this film way over the top. Also of note: since Lifetime could not really show their teenage protagonist doing the typical activity associated with adult videos, they had him double up with an addiction to energy drinks while browsing online


Aladdin’s Courtney Reed on Law and Order’s Broadway Guest Stars

Courtney Reed is currently living in a ‘whole new world’ as one of the stars of Disney’s latest Broadway musical, Aladdin. Reed, who plays the role of Princess Jasmine, is no stranger to acting: she has had several roles in professional shows, including Mamma Mia, In the Heights, and in the original 2011 Seattle production of Disney’s Aladdin musical. Reed has also made appearances on television, including a guest role in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Reed admitted that it was something of a tradition for Broadway actors to take roles in the show, which films in New York City. The traditional may be rooted in the fact that because the show films in the city, it is easier to find Broadway actors who are available to shoot guest spots in between performances or on their days off than to hire film or TV actors. In her own guest appearance, Reed played a woman who shoots the love interest of Olivia Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay. “I’m almost unrecognizable in the show,” Reed admitted. “… most people wouldn’t even know it was me.”
Of course, the ‘Broadway’ in Law and Order does not stop with Courtney Reed. Let’s look at some of the other notable Broadway guest stars on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit!

Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth is well known for her award-winning performances in Broadway shows like A Chorus Line, Sweet Charity, Chicago, and The Addams Family. Bebe Neuwirth has actually appeared in two different Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episodes–episode three of season 1 and episode 20 of the show’s sixth season.

Jesse L. Martin

Jesse L. Martin had a reoccurring role as Detective Ed Green on Law and Order. He is best known in the theater world for creating the role of Tom Collins in the hit musical RENT, a role which he later reprised in the feature film version of the musical.

Roger Bart

Roger Bart may be better known to the public for his film roles, but he is a Broadway veteran who has appeared in many productions. His most notable Broadway roles include roles in The Producers; You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Young Frankenstein. Bart has appeared in two different Law and order: SVU Episodes–the tenth episode of season 1 as well as season 14, episode three.


Mad Men and the Retro Effect

Mad Men has had many influences on mainstream TV since its premiere, but perhaps the most noticeable is what many TV critics are calling the “retro effect.” What is this “retro effect”? In short terms, the retro effect refers to the rise in popularity of TV shows with retro settings. Mad Men, with its 1960s setting, has made modern period TV shows more appealing to mainstream TV audiences.

This effect can be seen both within the TV industry and even outside of it

When Mad Men was at its most popular, many retro 60s fashion trends taken directly from the show became popular with fans of the show and casual fashion lovers. But it is the effect that Mad Men has had on TV that is most significant to TV viewers: because of Mad Men, it is possible—and even popular—for TV shows to take place in modern period settings.

Short lived shows like Pan Am and the Playboy Club were both set in the 1960s

They both heavily borrowed from Mad Men’s aesthetic, although Playboy Club was cancelled after only a few episodes and Pan Am was only given one season. The reason for these early cancellations are mainly attributed to issues with censorship and protests for The Playboy Club and a muddled storyline hampering the good aspects of Pan Am. Despite the setbacks experienced by other 1960s drama shows, however, Mad Men—even now through its final season—continues to be a viewer and critical favorite.

But the retro effect is not limited to the 1960s.

Although adults that grew up during these years may balk at the idea of them being “retro,” shows set in the 1970s and 1980s are also now rising in popularity as the trend for modern period shows hits a new high. Some of this can no doubt is attributed to Mad Men; but nostalgia also plays a key factor in which “retro” decades are going to be a hit. The new comedy The Goldbergs, which is set in the 1980s, is a particularly popular “modern retro” program that is very popular with people who grew up during that era and like seeing a modern TV show that reflects their childhood or teenage years.
Mad Men is entering its final season, but its effect on television—on audiences, writers, and the programs themselves—will be felt for many more years.

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2 South Park Episodes You Must Watch

South Park is best known as the raunchy, hilarious comedy series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the 1990s. The show, which has spawned everything from endless merchandise to a feature film to multiple video games, is one of Comedy Central’s most popular properties; the show, which is set to begin yet another season in the fall, currently boasts almost 250 episodes in all. But which of these many episodes should be considered the “must-watch”? The ones that fans of the show should always show new fans of the series, and the go-to episodes for those times when you aren’t sure which episode you want to watch but know it has to be a great one. The following are two must-watch South Park episodes that can’t be missed!

Casa Bonita

This episode is a special treat for fans of the hilarious dynamic that exists between Eric and Butters. In Casa Bonita, Eric is devastated when Kyle—whom, as we all know, he constantly mocks and insults—decides that he is going to take Butters, not Cartman, to his birthday party at the popular Mexican entertainment restaurant Casa Bonita. The true genius of the episode is the lengths to which Cartman goes in order to insure that it is he, and not Butters, who gets the coveted spot in Kyle’s birthday list. From making Butters believe that the apocalypse has happened and sending him to the city dump to Cartman’s frantic, sped-up enjoyment of Casa Bonita as he is chased by police for his actions against Cartman, this episode is a definite “win.”

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

This is a classic South Park episode that shows why some of the series’ best episodes are those where the kids still act like—well, kids. In this episode, the kids are playing Lord of the Rings after they have watched the first film; they are sent on a “question” to give their friend Butters a rental copy of the film, unaware that their parents have actually put an adult video in the Lord of the Rings video box instead. The genius in this episode, again, comes from the kids playing like ordinary kids—and from the hilarious reactions of the adults as they desperately try to find the children before they watch the adult video tape.

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