5 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is currently best known for his outstanding, award-winning performance as Walter White on the hit TV show Breaking Bad, which ended its five seasons with numerous awards, nominations and critical acclaim. But Cranston is much more than Walter White—and, for those who followed Cranston from his earlier famous TV role; he’s much more than the “dad from Malcolm in the Middle,” too. Let’s take a look at 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about Bryan Cranston!

Trivia: He wasn’t the first choice for Walter White

Fans of the show would be hard-pressed to imagine anyone but Cranston as this now-iconic character, but he was not actually AMC’s first choice for the role. The first actor offered the part was John Cusack, who turned it down; Matthew Broderick was next, but he also declined the part. Cranston, who was being considered, was not considered a frontrunner because the network executives had never seen him in anything but his comedic role on Malcolm in the Middle. After being shown his abilities in a darker role on The X-Files, they decided to cast him.

Trivia: Cranston has a degree in police science

Before he turned to acting–and before numerous other career changes as well–Cranston earned a 2-year college degree in police science. However, Cranston decided not to pursue a career in law or law enforcement after his graduation. Instead, he decided to travel the country with his brother; the pair traveled on motorcycles and slept in sleeping bags outdoors.

Trivia: A Power Ranger was named after him

Do you remember the very first Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series? If so, then you remember the Blue Ranger–Billy Cranston. And no, the name similarity isn’t just a funny coincidence! Cranston was doing voice overs for foreign entertainment during the early 90s and was frequently picking up jobs at Saban Entertainment. The show’s producers decided to name the Blue Ranger after Cranston due to his frequent work and popularity at Saban.

Trivia: He has a special tattoo on his finger

It’s not unusual for actors to create some kind of memento to a project, especially if it is something they have worked on for years. Cranston and fellow Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul both decided to get tattoos to memorialize their time on the show; Cranston decided to get the Breaking Bad logo tattooed on his finger. To learn more about Cranston and to stream Breaking Bad, check out these Charter internet deals.


Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD, the new supernatural/action hybrid from ABC networks in combination with Marvel’s cinematic universe, has made a ratings splash on TV and continues to push through its inaugural season. The ratings have been up, very up, and then down a bit as things have gone on, with episodes bumping and then diving, depending on many different variables.

There is a big story to be told and oftentimes it is difficult to narrow down the focus.

The show begins with Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg from the film series, building a small team of elite members to do battle with the evil forces that the galaxy has hidden in plain sight; ones that threatens humanity. Coulson, with his high level clearance, understand better the epic scope of these threats and many on the team do to but not others. Skye, in particular, doesn’t get it. She was part of a hacktivist group known as Rising Tide and was very much in opposition to government organizations like SHIELD before she joined the team.

This internal antagonism drives much of the drama of the show and so do the personal conflicts on the team.

Agents Ward and May have a temporary affair while working together on the missions. The same thing happens with Fitz and Simmons, as working closely together can often lead to romantic liaisons. They all still work well together, getting the job done when it needs to be done.

And there is a lot of things need doing on Agents of SHIELD. The world is filled with those that would do humanity harm and this small group of elites working in concert with other elements of the government, including the local police departments when need be, works hard to uncover mysteries and solve crimes. These adventures lead them all over the world to remote locations that seem perhaps serene at first glance but in reality harbor horrible secrets.

Often times, though, there are plenty of dangerous things going on at home that require their attention and fills enough of the show’s episodes to be of worthwhile notice. Many of these episodes involve super powerful individuals like Mike Peterson in an earlier show. he is a man with great strength but until the people in SHIELD help him learn to use his powers, he is a threat to all those around him.

In a later episode, Mike Peterson helps the members of SHIELD in battling a new threat and uses his super powers to do the right thing. Agent Coulson is smart enough to know when to pull out the big guns when they need them so using Mike is both smart and efficient.

There are many instances when these larger than they can handle threat loom bigger than normal.

In the aftermath of the events from Thor: The Dark World, the team must track down a left over piece from Asgard itself that becomes lodged in a tree. When it’s discovered by a hate group, members of this group become imbued with strength beyond humankind and pose a danger to us all.

As Nick Fury said in The Avengers, there are dangerous entities out there in the galaxy that must be dealt with and only the right people, trained the right way, with the right powers and appropriate strength, can protect the world. Everyone on the team is very qualified; in fact, they are the best of the best and were recruited sometimes by Coulson as some of the most skilled persons of their particular skill set anywhere available.

If you get chosen to work with SHIELD, realize it is for a very good reason.

When the next Captain America film comes out later in 2014, Agents of SHIELD will follow it up with another episode that will touch on the aftermath of the events of the film. No doubt there is great excitement coming.  To watch Agents of SHIELD on ABC, you’ll need a cable television provider.

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Kathy Bates: A Welcome Addition to the American Horror Story Cast

American Horror Story has seen its share of fantastic actors—from the incomparable Jessica Lange to the rising star Evan Peters—but one of the actors to most stand-out in the show’s third season, Coven, was Kathy Bates.

In the show, Bates played Madame Lalaurie, based on a real-life woman who tortured and murdered her slaves in 19th century New Orleans.

In the show, Lalaurie is shown in all her brutal glory; while she gleefully entertain guests in a well decorated parlor downstairs, she gleefully tortures her slaves in a cramped, dark and dirty attic torture chamber upstairs. Even after the character is cursed with immortality and resurrected in 21st century New Orleans, she can’t escape her dark past or her murderous and evil personality.

Kathy Bates is no stranger to roles with a dark edge to them—in fact, her most well-known role is that of Annie in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. For that reason, fans of Kathy Bates were very excited to see how she would tackle another role with the potential to be cruel and very, very twisted.

Although the show’s third season received mixed reviews—mainly for the writer’s tendency to drop and pick up subplots like hot potatoes—Bates herself received glowing critical and fan reviews for her outstanding portrayal of Madame Lalaurie.

The character was not actually sympathetic, but Bates managed to create a realistic portrayal of a woman who, although she tortured and killed with no remorse on one hand, had her own share of regrets and hopes and fears and wishes for her future and past.

Its one thing to portray a serial killer—and quite another to effectively portray a serial killer who has motivations which, however horrifying and terrible, have their roots in her own twisted, human mind.

With that in mind, the recent announcement of the show’s season 4—which will be based on a sideshow in the 1950s—has American Horror Story fans absolutely thrilled. The reason, of course, is that Kathy Bates is set to return for the show’s fourth season. So far, there has been no official announcement regarding whether or not Kathy Bates will be playing someone in the sideshow, an outside character, or whether or not her role will be a supporting character or a main character in the show. To catch Kathy Bates on FX’s American Horror Story, subscribe to a Charter Spectrum television package now!


Should “The Good Wife” Have Given Warning for Its Major (Spoiler!) Twist?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard at least a little something about the very shocking twist which happened on the latest episode of The Good Wife. Both fans of the show, casual viewers and even people who have never seen a single episode have been tuning in online to read about the outrageous fan reaction to the show’s out-of-nowhere twist. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead—read on at your own peril!

A quick refresher: the spoiler that has got everyone talking involves the death of a major character in the show which came out of nowhere, even for people who obsessively watch the show every week. The character, Will Gardner, was played by Josh Charles and has been a mainstay in The Good Wife since the show’s first episodes. During the latest episode, the character of Will Gardener was suddenly shot and killed by a mentally ill client while he worked on his case.

The death came completely out of nowhere—there was no build up, no tension, no hints, and no slow ride towards the ultimate conclusion. Just a sudden, quick and very final death of a character that no one believed could die in the show—at least not without major pre-production fanfare.  Traditionally, when an actor is leaving a major TV show (with some exceptions, i.e., The Walking Dead) a public announcement is made well beforehand. The show’s writers will usually decide on how they will handle the actor’s departure through a character death or other type of write-off. But the general idea is that the show’s audience and fans know that something—even death—may be coming.

The Good Wife turned this common practice on its heels. Although there were small rumors here and there hinting that Josh Charles did not want to remain with the show forever, no one was expecting his character to be suddenly killed. A main character, after all, is traditionally off limits to death unless the actor decides to leave—and that, of course, is traditionally announced well before the actor’s final episode.

But should The Good Wife have flouted convention for their shocking twist? Although some fans might disagree, the shocking twist with no warning was truly a memorable moment in television; the death of a character that people grew attached to means so much more when it is shocking for the other characters and the fans combined. To view reruns of “The Good Wife,” subscribe to a reliable high-speed internet plan today.

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