Why ‘Turn’ Could Turn Women’s History in Television Around


AMC is no stranger to historical dramas—one of the networks’ most recently picked up historical dramas, Hell on Wheels, has proven to be successful in its unusual Saturday time slot and was recently renewed for another season. AMC is hoping to strike gold again with the premiere of its latest show, Turn, the story of the first spy-ring set up during the American Revolution.

The show has premiered to mixed-to-positive reviews, but one aspect of the show is definitely generating interest with critics and fans: the history. Especially one particular aspect of American revolutionary history that is often overlooked: the role of women.

Heather Lind, who portrays spy Anna Strong in the series, noted in a recent interview that she believes the show will be the perfect opportunity to explore the role of women in the American Revolution. “You don’t hear women’s perspectives [in history] that much,” Lind said in the interview. “… and I think when they do, they’re [filtered through] the prism of male experience.”

Anna Strong is based on a real life member of the famous Culper spy ring.

It is believed that Strong would use her outdoors clothesline to give signals and messages to spies in the local area. She would do so by arranging her petticoats, handkerchiefs and other clothing in a certain way on the line. And she did all of this while being forced to house British soldiers in her own tavern, which doubled as her home. Although Lind’s character has yet to join the spy ring in the show, Turn has already touched on the potential dangers of her situation—a young woman living alone, forced to live in open quarters with British soldiers, who would often become drunk or abusive on a whim.

Strong eventually became a pair of eyes and ears for the spy ring due to her close proximity with the British soldiers and the fact that she—due to her status as a women in that time—was not considered to be politically involved. “The rules of society,” actress Lind noted, “allowed her to have access to places that men couldn’t necessarily have [.]”

Hopefully, the show’s creative team takes Lind’s personal message to heart and decides to explore how women in revolutionary America not only had political thoughts and beliefs, but actively participated in the revolution through both passive and aggressive actions.

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Could Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel Make a Once Upon a Time Guest Appearance?

Once Upon a Time is no stranger to Disney references—the show is, after all, produced by ABC which is part of the Walt Disney corporation umbrella. The show has featured various nods to Disney films, such as the famous ‘Hi-Ho, Off to Work We Go’ tune, the purple and green color scheme of the animated Disney Ariel transferring to Once Upon a Time’s live action version, and many quotes and quips that make Disney fans grin with delight.

But could Disney-specific characters soon be making an appearance in Once Upon a Time?

The success of Disney’s Frozen cannot be overstated—the film has surpassed the box office grosses of all other Disney films (although, as fans may note, when adjusted for inflation Snow White is still #1!) and inspired everything from song covers to elegant costumes to merchandise, which is flying off the shelves at record speed. It would come as no surprise if the very popular characters of Anna and Elsa from Frozen were to make an appearance on the show.

The producers of Once Upon a Time, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, recently made a statement that they would “honored” if either Kirsten Bell (the voice of Anna) or Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) were to make an appearance on the show. Their statement comes right after an interview with actress Kirsten Bell

She would love to bring Anna to life in live action.

There are many ways that the show could bring in these two characters, especially since the show has established that people from other lands can and do find their way to the Enchanted Forest and, of course, the “real” world that includes Storybrooke. Anna and Elsa would certainly have no problem finding their way to Storybrooke from Arendelle, and the sisters would make interesting guest characters—not to mention the show’s creative team could do some pretty wicked things (no pun intended) to create ice and snow magic effects.

Does this mean the characters from Frozen are definitely going to show up in any coming episodes or seasons? Not necessarily—but given the film’s immense popularity and the simple fact that Disney is not one to shy away from taking advantage of the popularity of its films and characters, it may be on the horizon. Check out reruns of Once Upon A Time after you sign up for a cable television plan.


Dick Wolf to Create Reality Show About Real Life Law and Order


Dick Wolf is best known for his role as the creator of the immensely popular and successful Law and Order television series—including the original Law and Order as well as its multiple spin-offs. But Wolf has decided to take his interest in crime and investigation to a new level by heading a new reality TV series about the real “law and order.”

The series is currently set to air on A&E, which is well known for featuring television shows about crime, investigation, law and similar topics. For now, A&E has green lit 8 episodes of the reality TV series with the potential for more episodes if the show proves itself to be popular and well-received. The show is currently filming under the title “D.O.A,” although the name may be subject to change before its premiere. It is currently unknown when exactly A&E will film the episodes or air them, but it can be expected to premiere in 2015 at the latest.

The premise of the show is this: murder cases with controversial verdicts will be re-investigated by a team of detectives who will decide whether or not they agree with the original verdict in the case. The team is currently set to include three people, all of whom have previous police or enforcement experience of varying degrees: Michelle Wood, a homicide crime police officer; Kevin Gannon, a retired police detective who worked for the New York Police Department; and Joe Schillaci, a veteran with 30 years of experience.

The twist in the show is this: the team will be reinvestigating each crime from the beginning without having knowledge of either the verdict on the case or the crime in question before they begin their investigation. In other words, they will be going into each investigation “cold,” which is intended to reduce the chance for any sort of previous bias and increase the chance of a well-rounded, evidence-based verdict on how they feel about each particular case.

Will the show be successful? Only time will tell, but crime and law shows continue to be popular with viewers every year—perhaps a testament to the success of the fictional Law and Order shows!—and if this reality TV series is anything like the fictional series that Dick Wolf has created over the years, it is sure to be a hit. To learn more about Dick Wolf and Law and Order, all you need is a speedy internet connection from Spectrum.

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Why Some Fans are worried about Stephen Colbert’s Transition to The Late Show

The success of the Colbert Report can be largely attributed to Stephen Colbert’s ability to create a caricatured character that is political yet still remains funny, entertaining and topical. The show, which has inspired a loyal fan base for several years, has been a mainstay on Comedy Central since its premiere. Many fans enjoy watching the “block” of The Colbert Report and the Daily Show to see how the two hosts tackle similar issues. Colbert’s show often mocks political activities through satire, while the Daily Show is keener to point them out in a comedic and argumentative fashion.

When David Letterman made his recent announcement that he would be leaving The Late Show, speculation quickly began on who would replace him.

The potential replacements ran the gamut from Ellen DeGeneres to Tina Fey to Seth Meyer.

When it was announced that Stephen Colbert would be taking the coveted position behind the desk, many fans rejoiced—while others expressed some worry.

The worry of some fans stems from the fact that the Colbert Report and the Late Show have a wildly different tone. The Colbert Report was founded on—and celebrates—satire and parody, while the Late Show is more of a straightforward nighttime talk show. Stephen Colbert is tied with the character he has created for his comedy central talk show, and some fans are worried that he will be unable to make the transition from “satire host” to regular nighttime talk show host.

The transition may be awkward, especially if the creative team for The Late Show does not know how to properly handle such a significant transition. It could be especially ‘dangerous’ for CBS is fans of The Colbert Report do not warm up to the Late Show or its format and usual tone.

Fans that are used to seeing Colbert exclusively as his “character” may not be able to adjust to his role as a real host.

Of course, Colbert is perfectly capable of surprising everyone—his fans included—by making a successful and healthy transition into the world of late night. The change of pace for Colbert may not only be good for the comedian, but for his fan base and loyal audience as well.
Who knows—perhaps Colbert will change the face of late night TV forever! To watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, all you need is a cable connection from Charter.

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Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Grimm’s David Giuntoli

David Giuntoli is one of the fastest rising stars on television—for obvious reasons! His role in NBC’S successful supernatural crime drama, Grimm, has quickly made him a household name for anyone who enjoys supernatural shows, fairy tales, or unique crime dramas with great twists. For fans of the show, it has been interesting to see how David Giuntoli has taken the role of Nick from a relatively naïve cop with no inkling of anything otherworldly to a role where his everyday life is filled with the strange, unusual and unforgettable. David Giuntoli has not only done well with portraying the transformation of Nick’s character, he has brought some great acting moments to the tables throughout Grimm’s current 3 seasons. But how much do you know about actor David Giuntoli? Let’s take a look at some trivia that you—probably—didn’t know about this “Grimm” detective!

Trivia: He has a business and finance degree

David Giuntoli didn’t plan on pursuing a career in acting at first. Although he had some interest in acting growing up, he decided to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Finance from Indiana University Bloomington instead. Although he originally decided that a career in finance or business was the best move for him, he eventually decided that he would rather pursue his passion, even if it was a riskier move. David decided to move to Los Angeles in the 90s, where he would have better luck finding acting jobs.

Trivia: His first TV roles were on reality shows

Although today known for his role on a crime drama, David Giuntoli’s first TV roles were something altogether different! The actor’s first TV appearances were on various reality shows, including The Challenge and Road Rules. David Giuntoli’s other film and TV roles include roles on Private Practice, Hot in Cleveland, The Deep End, Love Bites, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Privileged, Eli Stone and Ghost Whisperer.

Trivia: He once auditioned for the role of Superman and Clark Kent

The actor revealed in an interview that he once auditioned for the role of Clark Kent and Superman—although Giuntoli did not reveal which film (or TV series!) he had auditioned for. The actor did not get the role, but the audition allowed him to network which did lead him to other TV acting opportunities at the time. To stream Grimm, check out an internet plan from Charter Spectrum.


Comparing Rebecca Mader’s ‘Witch’ to Mila Kunis’s ‘Witch’

The Wicked Witch of the West is one of the most iconic characters in Western popular culture, particularly the United States where the MGM film version of the Wizard of Oz is considered a significant part of American culture. Rebecca Mader, who has been playing the ‘Once Upon a Time’ incarnation of the Wicked Witch of the West for several episodes since the show’s return after the mid-season hiatus, is the latest in a line of actresses to be cast as the infamous witch.

But how does her version of the ‘West’ witch stack up to the most recent live action incarnation of the character? Let’s compare Mader’s witch to the recent ‘Wicked Witch’ played by Mila Kunis in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful to find out!

Rebecca Mader—Once Upon a Time

All of the secrets of Mader’s ‘Witch’ have yet to be revealed, but here’s what we know so far: the Witch, whose real name is Zelena, was abandoned by her mother Cora as a child. Through a freak magical tornado, she ended up in a different land, taken care of by parents who did not love or care for her. After the Wizard of Oz reveals her true origins, she travels to the Enchanted Forest and asks Rumpelstiltskin to train her; she swears revenge, however, when he chooses Regina over her and so begins her quest to create a curse that will turn back time so she can change her past.
Her green skin is revealed to be due to her envy for people who have things she does not—a family, a purpose, or even a palace.

Mila Kunis—Oz the Great and Powerful

Mila Kunis played the Wicked Witch of the West in this Disney-led live action film which centered on the ‘Witches of Oz’ and the origin story of the Wonderful Wizard. In Oz the Great and Powerful, the Wicked Witch wasn’t always so wicked—she has her origins in Theodora, a naïve witch who has been kept in isolation due to her sometimes uncontrollable powers and the fact that many citizens of Oz distrust witches.

But after Theodora is tricked into eating a bewitched apple that causes her heart to shrivel up, she is transformed into a hideous green witch and sets out on a path of destruction and violence. To stream both flicks online, subscribe to a fast internet connection from Charter.


The Cast of WGN’s Salem Will Mix History With Horror

WGN’S new TV series Salem, which makes its premiere on April 20th, is shaping up to be a unique adaptation of the story of the Salem Witch Trials. The show, which will be WGN’s first original TV series, is intended to be a “what if” historical scenario.

What if the stories were true? What if the people of Salem really did have witches in their midst? What if these witches were powerful and dangerous?

The creative team of the show is calling the result of their work a mixture of history and horror—a type of historical fiction that combines supernatural elements with real history to present something unique; not quite the truth but a plausible, if otherworldly, what-if scenario.

The cast of the show includes a mix of veteran actors, including some with past historical roles, as well as some newer and fresher factors. The primary cast of the show is as follows:

Janet Montgomery will be playing Mary Sibley, a character based on a real-life, well respected woman in Salem who was accused of practicing folk magic but was never arrested or convicted, and who disappeared from the historical record.

In the show, Sibley is going to be one of the “real witches” that the people of Salem must contend with.

Montgomery has appeared in previous shows and films, including a reoccurring role in Entourage, a guest role in Spies of Warsaw, and a lead role in Human Target.

Shane West will be playing John Alden, a character based on a real life man who was traveling in Salem while returning home from war but was ultimately accused of witchcraft himself. In the show, Alden will also be a former lover of Mary Sibley. West is best known for his role as Dr. Ray Barnett in E.R. as well as his roles in A walk to Remember, Nikita, and Once and Again.

Seth Gabel will be playing Cotton Mather, a well-known minister and author whose published works on witchcraft are often considered the foundation of the trials. Mather did not have a physical role in the trials—though some witnesses say Mather attended several of the town’s executions.

In the show, Mather will be the hypocritical “leader” of the witch hunts in Salem.

Gabel is best known for his roles in Fringe, Arrow and Dirty Sexy Money. To check out WGN, all you need is a cable television package.

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Girl Meets World Cast Photo Released–Why the Show Is Going To Rock

Girl Meets World, the sequel series to the popular 90s family show Boy Meets World, is quickly becoming one of the most wildly anticipated new shows of 2014. The show, which is going to be set in New York, will follow the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews as she deals with life.

The first cast photo for Girl Meets World was recently released, and it has fans (and nostalgia fans of Boy Meets World) buzzing. But why are most fans so sure the show will not only be well received, but high quality as well? Let’s look at just three of the factors that will make Girl Meets World one of the best shows of 2014.

Original Writers Are Returning

The great success of Boy Meets World would not have been possible without every element of the show—from the cast down to the crew filming each episode. But a large part of the charm of Boy Meets World was found in the writing. The show was not afraid to tackle real life issues in a way that felt real instead of saccharine or “very special episode,” for the most part. The show touched on everything from teenage drinking to racism to sexism and of course, growing up and growing older. Many of the show’s original creative team—including writers—is returning for Girl Meets World and they will surely bring their previous experience and talent to the table.

A Combination of Original and New Cast

It is fair to say that much of the buzz surrounding the show is due to the fact that some of the original cast will be returning, although some of the original roles (such as Mr. Fenny) are more than likely to be special guest appearances rather than permanent roles. The return of old characters is sure to be a hit with new fans—and the inclusion of new characters, including the titular “Girl,” will be a hook for younger fans.

It Has the Ben Savage Stamp of Approval

Best of all, Girl Meets World has the approval of Boy Meets World star (who is also set to star on the show) Ben Savage—who, in an interview, noted that the show only came to be green lit after intense talks and negotiations regarding the writing, plots and overall theme of the show. If you have an awesome satellite cable connection, you can watch Girl Meets World anytime on Disney Channel!

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Did Lifetime Make the Right Choice with the Casting Time Jump for Petals on the Wind?

It was less than 24 hours after their made-for-TV adaption of Flowers in the Attic, that Lifetime announced they would begin to film the sequel—Petals on the Wind, also based on a book—as soon as possible. Petals on the Wind, which is set to premier in May of 2014, continues the story of the Dollanganger family after the events of the first novel.

While Lifetime made several creative changes in their film adaptation of the book, one major change in their adaptation of Petals on the Wind has got V.C. Andrews fans and Lifetime fans buzzing: the “time jump.” In the original Petals on the Wind book, the story picks up immediately where the last one left off—just about literally, with Cathy, Chris and their younger sister Carrie traveling on a bus and still suffering from obvious signs of neglect, starvation and poisoning.

They are taken in by a doctor who gains custody over them and helps the three of them return to a somewhat normal life, with Chris entering medical school, Cathy going to professional ballet classes, and Carrie returning to school to further her education. Cathy and the doctor eventually begin a relationship, although—in true V.C. Andrews fashion—they split after it is revealed that not all was as it seemed with the doctor.

In the film adaptation, the story will begin 10 years after the events in the first novel—when Cathy is married to an abusive dancer named Julian, while she struggles to deal with her continued feelings with her brother and her increasing desire to get revenge on her mother for what she has done to Cathy and her siblings.

This change, which required Lifetime to recast the main roles of Chris and Cathy with actors Wyatt Nash and Rose McIver, has got many people talking. Was it the right move? And why was it made? Although some critics have speculated that the “time jump” is to get around a teenage Cathy having an relationship with a much older man, the primary reason is likely to make the story more compelling and easier to tell—because the novel spans so many years, it would be easier for Lifetime to create a film out of the more action-oriented second half of the novel than the first half. To stream any Lifetime movies, subscribe to a high-speed internet plan from Charter now.


MTV’s new Scream TV series: Who Will Star?

Wes Craven’s Scream revitalized and changed 90s horror forever—the first film was so popular that it spawned 2 more sequels and, more recently, a fourth film in the franchise. Shortly after the success of the fourth film, a Scream TV series was announced—but it was not until earlier this year that the Scream TV series has begun to take shape.

What is known so far is that the pilot will be written by Jill Blotevogel, who has written for shows such as Harper’s Island, Eureka, and Ravenswood. The horror-fan website BloodyDisgusting reported that Wes Craven agreed to direct the pilot episode, which is scheduled to shoot this summer.

The plot, according to leaked news about the Scream pilot, will revolve around a video becoming viral which is the catalyst for a string of murders in the town. The names and basic info about the show’s main characters has also leaked. In the new show, the main characters will be teenagers, just as they were in the original Scream film and the fourth Scream film.
The characters are as follows:

Harper Duval; a 16 year old girl who, although slightly introverted and a bit nerdy, has become popular. In doing so, she has become less close with her (former) best friend, Audrey.

Audrey Jesen; a teenage girl who is the designated ‘artsy’ one of the group, who wants to become a filmmaker and is close to her friend Noah.

Noah Foster: A pop culture-loving comedian who is a wiz with technology and manages to get by in school using his wit and intellect.

But just who will be playing these lead roles? There is currently no confirmation on casting, but the rumors have been flying ever since the announcement was made that the pilot would finally be filming this summer.

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
David Giuntoli shirtless grimm

It may be possible that MTV will decide to cast unknowns, but the current media rumors are favoring actresses such as Mary-Kate Olsen (who, while about 10 years older than the teenager characters, can still play young) and Shailene Woodley, who became famous for her role on The Secret Life of An American Teenager. Other rumored favorites include AnnaSophia Robb, who is more well known for her film work, and Chloe Moretz, who more recently acted in her own ‘horror’ story—Carrie. None of these rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied by MTV or the show’s creative time. To check out Scream Queens on MTV, all you need is a cable television plan from Charter Spectrum.

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