Meryl Streep’s Best “She Devil” Moments

When most people think of Meryl Streep’s best films, their mind turns to her more dramatic performances—the incomparable Sophie’s Choice, the intense Doubt, or her recent dramatic and emotional performance in August Osage Country.

She Devil isn’t Meryl’s best performance, but it is certainly her most fun. The film was not a financial success in the box office, but it has, like many of Meryl’s 80s comedy films, earned something of cult status among fans who can recognize that it is, above everything, just downright funny. Let’s take a look at some of Meryl’s best “She Devil” moments.

“Will somebody please get the door?”

Mary Fisher is an author who is not used to lifting a finger—except to use her typewriter. When her maid is left cleaning up a mess maid by the children of Bob, with whom she is having an affair; it is up to Mary to tackle the arduous task of doing the laundry. After dumping it an entire box of detergent, she shuts the top of the washer—slamming her finger and breaking her perfectly done pink nail in the process. Meryl’s look of pitiable pain is absolutely priceless, but it is when the doorbell rings—and none of the staff answer it—that Meryl gives one of the best lines in the film. “Will somebody please get the door?” she says at first, in a pitiful way. When the bell rings several more times, she gives an uncharacteristic yell: “Will somebody please get the God d*mn door?!” Sheer comedy gold, Meryl. Sheer comedy gold.

“I’m taking back control of my life, Bob!”

Mary Fisher’s life went through some pretty dramatic changes in the course of the film. She went from glamorous, well-loved romance novelist to strung out, sloppy flop author living in a house with people who don’t listen to her and make it a living hell. After discovering that Bob is now cheating on her, she makes a rampage through the home—kicking out her wayward Butler, sending Bob’s daughter upstairs to wash off her oodles of makeup, forcing her hateful mother to sit down, and grounding the son who is caught drinking alcohol. Bob, distraught, asks her what she’s doing. Her forceful, memorable answer? “I’m taking back control of my life, Bob! From now on things are going to be done my way—starting NOW!” To see more of Meryl Streep, check out these awesome packages from Time Warner Cable!


Why Ellen Was Just About Perfect for the Oscars

The internet is abuzz with positive reviews of Ellen’s job at hosting the latest round of Oscars—and for good reason! Ellen turned in a fun, fresh and exciting Oscars that left audiences and celebrities smiling, laughing and never feeling bored or over-offended. But why is her performance being so widely praised? Let’s take a closer look at just what makes Ellen’s “Oscar” job so entertaining for all the right reasons.

She knows how to joke with celebrities-

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
Ellen Degeneres

Last year, one of the most memorable moments of the Oscars was a raunchy song in which Seth MacFarlane repeatedly named female actresses who had done topless scenes in films—the song, aptly titled “We Saw Your Boobs,” was not memorable for wit but rather for being too over the top and too rude. There is a fine line to walk when making jokes about celebrities, especially at a night meant to celebrate films and acting, and Ellen knows just how to walk that line.

Her jokes are rarely offensive, crude or mean-spirited; instead, Ellen pokes fun jabs at celebrities being clumsy, celebrities being hungry, and celebrities being “one big dysfunctional family.” It helps that Ellen has not only invited many celebrities as guests on her talk show, but is actually a friend to other celebrities as well. Jokes and jabs are easier to swallow for celebs (and TV viewers) when it’s clear no one’s feelings are really being hurt.

She isn’t afraid to be silly-

The Oscars certainly have their serious moments. But Ellen is not above being silly and ridiculous, in the best way, when the time calls for it. Stepping out in a full Glinda the Good costume post-commercial break after the Judy Garland ‘Wizard of Oz’ tribute is a perfect example of Ellen being silly, fun, and not afraid to do something that makes her look goofy.

She’s personable-

There is something about Ellen that can’t quite be described perfectly, but is best summed up with: “She is personable.” Ellen is able to make people feel at ease whether they are celebrities she’s known for years or strangers appearing on her talk show. She was even able to get celebrities to chow down on pizza in gowns that cost thousands of dollars! This personable characteristic is what makes Ellen so endearing, so funny—and so perfect for the Oscars. Re-watch the Oscars now when you purchase a Spectrum Internet plan!


Ashton Kutcher on One Night Stands

Ashton Kutcher, once married to Demi Moore and currently starring on the hit comedy sitcom Two and a Half Men, hasn’t exactly been known for settling down or committing to a long term relationship for several years. As Ashton himself admitted, he had become something of the “one night stand” kind of guy prior to committing to a relationship with fellow actress and former co-star from That 70’s Show, Mila Kunis, and two years ago.

As a “one night stand” kind of guy, however, he found himself hooking up with women for a day or night of fun and then moving on without committing to a relationship or trying to build a relationship between them.

For many men and women, one night stands can be a way to have fun without all of the strings, tangles and potential hassles that come with forming a committed relationship. When you are single, after all, you can come and go as you please and not have to worry about consequences. But now that Ashton Kutcher has become engaged to girlfriend Mila Kunis, he has revealed why he decided to finally take the step towards commitment and leave his “single life,” along with its one night stands and all of their implications, behind him for good.

Kutcher explained that being a “single guy” was fun because you could do “whatever you want, whenever you want.” In other words: party late if you want to, have fun with whomever you want to, and not have to worry about a relationship or relationship problems in the process. But this type of single life had its drawbacks for Kutcher.

In order to stay single, Kutcher admitted that “For every girl you have a good time with for one night … that’s the same girl you have to not call back.”

For some, it is rather revealing in light of the fact that many men in the Hollywood scene are more well known for their inability, or unwillingness, to commit to relationships rather than keep themselves single and available whenever possible.

Kutcher, however, decided he no longer wanted to live that kind of single lifestyle and made the decision to not only date girlfriend Mila Kunis—but, very recently, become engaged to be married to her.

“After a while,” Kutcher admitted, “being the one night stand guy is also just a little gross.”

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Seth MacFarlane: An Unlikely Friend of Science

When most people think about Seth MacFarlane, they think of the multitude of comedy shows that have taken over the airwaves in the past several years. Shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show have become inseparable from MacFarlane’s name—which is why it will come as a surprise to many people that MacFarlane is not only stepping away from this typical comedy series but is actually producing, promoting and supporting a show based on Carl Sagan’s acclaimed ‘Cosmos.’

The original Cosmos dealt with a number of different scientific, typically space-based, topics and questions and sought to entertain and educate viewers at the same time. The new Cosmos will have the same goal: to educate and entertain viewers about science with a show that is fun to watch, easy enough for the casual viewer to understand, and will hopefully inspire a new generation of science enthusiasts.

Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is well known for his passion in the scientific field, will be hosting the show. Tyson was admittedly skeptical about MacFarlane’s involvement in the show.

In an interview, Tyson revealed that the first question MacFarlane asked him regarding the show was: “How can I make a difference in science in the world?”

MacFarlane seems to be very aware that his pull with the Fox network could help change the way science is viewed in popular culture. Traditionally, a show like this would probably be relegated to niche networks like The Discovery Channel or TLC, but MacFarlane approached the Fox executives and pitched the show with the intention to show it on a popular network channel, on Sunday—and, yes, during primetime hours. In an interview, MacFarlane stated that he believed there would be noticeable ‘crossover’ from the animated block airing on Sunday nights before Cosmos to the Cosmos show itself: “I think you’re going to see a lot of people who are fans of both genres and are very enthusiastic.”

Seth MacFarlane Sings 'The One I Love'
Seth MacFarlane Sings ‘The One I Love’

Only time will tell whether the show proves to be as inspiring and long-lasting as the original Cosmos, but Macfarlane, Tyson, and science enthusiasts around the world are hoping for the best.

The show, which premieres on March 9th across a number of different Fox channels, will air for a total of 13 episodes; there is no word on a potential continuation of the series past 13 episodes at this time. To check out more of Macfarlane’s work, purchase a Charter Spectrum Internet bundle now!


Bond by Bond- Sean Connery

The James Bond film series recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. 2012 marked a full half a century since the very first cinematic version of the ultimate spy and the first of its 23 films, Dr. No. By 1962, author Ian Fleming had already found great success in the literary world with his Bond novels but was anxious to sell the film rights and make a splash in the world of cinema. Initially he met with frustration, as writing Thunderball as a screenplay failed to impress anyone in Hollywood.

Fleming was upset but continued to write his stories about the ultimate spy, gleaning information and mood from his life experience working with the British government.

Sean Connery as James Bond
Sean Connery as James Bond

They proved very popular, with even John F. Kennedy claiming From Russia With Love was his favorite novel.

Word spread and Fleming some clout on both sides of the pond and soon Hollywood producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were looking to adapting the books into a series of films.

It would prove to be a historic team up and when Sean Connery, the man who would play Bond on the big screen for the first time, came into the fold, the longest running film series in the history of the world was born. Terrence Young, the director of Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Thunderball, was as much a part of the early success of Bond as anyone.

Young took the rough, blunt Connery and molded him into a gentleman spy.

Fleming did not approve of his casting at first. He said he looked like a trumped up stunt man.

But when Broccoli and Saltzman watched Connery walk down the street after the first meeting, they stated he moved like a panther, like a killer, and ultimately since that was what the character of Bond was, a man with a license to kill, he got the job.

Of course, he had to learn to be more sophisticated but Young knew how to approach the training for the role and they wound up smashing any and all expectations. Looking back, most if not all diehard fans of the series considers his first four Bond films, Dr. No, From Russian With Love, Goldfinger, and Thunderball to be the Golden Age of Bond and to this day four of the best of the entire series.

I won’t say it completely peaked there, as we’ve had plenty more excellent entries in the last half century, but it’s hard to find fault with any of these four. Connery slayed it. It also didn’t hurt that they were able to crank out film after film each year, one after another, with the previously mentioned four coming out in ’62, ’63, ’64, and ’65 respectively.

There isn’t a single other film series that can boast that kind of rapid fire level of quality in that time frame; not even close.

The box office success they enjoyed was tremendous, peaking with Thunderball, which made over a billion dollars once adjusted for inflation. That’s Dark Knight level, folks, back when the movies weren’t as big as they are now. Bond made them big and was part of the British invasion led by The Beatles and many other bands and pop culture entities.

Bond had arrived and Connery was the horse driving this cart of money. The series was a world-wide phenomenon; people were spy crazy. The cars, the women, the gadgets, the fancy suits and guns and just the flat coolness of it all was a hit with both men and women.

James Bond in 'License to Kill'
James Bond in ‘License to Kill’

Females loved him, males wanted to be him.

Fleming set out to write the spy thriller to end all spy thrillers when he wrote Casino Royale, partly as a protest against his marriage I guess, because Bond became a sort of fantasy life he wished he could have lived. He wasn’t the only one, for men around the world wished the very same thing. To watch some of Sean Connery’s old hits, purchase a package from TWC Internet today.


Will Megan Hilty Return to “Wicked”?

For TV fans, Megan Hilty is best known for her roles as the ambitious Ivy in Smash and the quirky best friend in Sean Saves the World. Although both shows were eventually cancelled, Hilty has certainly made an impression on TV viewers—she is one of those few actresses who really have it all; she can act, she can sing, she can dance, and she has enough presence on screen and off screen to make even a red carpet appearance a memorable night.

For fans of her Broadway work, Megan Hilty is best known for her stints as Glinda the Good in the hit and still running musical, Wicked. Hilty has played the role of Glinda in multiple productions of the show, including the Broadway cast, the sit-down Los Angeles production, the sit-down San Francisco production, and a brief stint with the touring production’s cast. Hilty, like many veteran ‘Glinda’ actresses, has returned to the role multiple times for several reasons.

Megan Hilty in 'Smash'
Megan Hilty in ‘Smash’

The producers of the show often ask back former popular (no pun intended) actresses when they do not feel like grabbing fresh talent from auditions—partially because the actresses who have already played the role will be familiar not only with the script and songs but the general stage directions and flow of the show.

Hilty is, as well, one of the most popular actresses to play the role and her presence in the show is a near-guarantee that Hilty fans will show up in droves.

The last time that Hilty graced the bubble gown of Glinda was in 2009, when she performed for the final few months of the Los Angeles sit-down production. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of Broadway and other media roles–including the role of Doralee Rhodes in 9 to 5: The Musical, Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and multiple TV roles, including but not limited to: guest roles on Bones, Louie, and Melissa & Joey; as well as the voice of Rosetta in several Disney Fairy projects.

But could she be returning to the role, as rumors on the grapevine are suggesting?

Maybe not: in recent months, the producers have taken to hiring in both fresh talent and promoting actresses who have been standbys and understudies in the show’s touring productions. So far, neither Hilty nor the producers of Wicked have addressed the rumors. To learn more about Hilty and Wicked, sign up for an internet package from Charter Spectrum.


Jimmy Fallon needs to be the ‘talk’ back into the Tonight Show—And Here’s why

Jimmy Fallon’s recent entrance into the Tonight Show has earned some pretty decent ratings and mostly positive reviews. Fallon has introduced a new spark into the show that was beginning to grow stale, which is a welcome sight for both dedicated fans of the Tonight Show and casual viewers flicking through their TV stations during nighttime primetime. But there is one, nagging little aspect of Fallon’s spin on the Tonight Show that is having critics and fans wonder what direction the show is headed in—that is, the lack of real “talk” on the show.

The Tonight Show is, before anything else, a talk show.

Multiple hosts of the show have had skits and comedy bits and musical numbers, of course, but they were always secondary to the main premise of the show: interviews and talking. Fallon, however, seems to be relying on sketches, skits, musical guests and other stage-style comedy bits rather than on interviews or giving his own opinions. The Tonight Show has a comedic spin, of course, but Fallon’s direction currently seems to be heading more towards the realm of variety show than talk show.

Fallon should consider scaling back the sketches and musical numbers in favor of more interviews and opinion segments. Many people tune into the Tonight Show to see interviews with popular guests—actors whose movies are coming out, celebrities who are in the spotlight and similar guests who are related to current entertainment events.

Fallon’s sketches can be funny, true, and there may be a place for them on the show—but they should not be the focus or the focal point.

Some critics of the show have pointed out that it seems like Fallon is trying to steer the Tonight Show in the direction of his last hosting gig, or even in the direction of a mini Saturday Night Live; which goes against the original premise of the Tonight Show’s talk-show origins. It is not the first time Fallon has received criticism for steering away from the show’s original mantras: one of his first acts was to invite Joan Rivers, who had been banned from the show during its original run.

Jimmy Fallon on 'Talk of The Town'
Jimmy Fallon on ‘Talk of The Town’

Fallon’s run as the host of the Tonight Show has only begun, so there is thankfully plenty of time for him to fix this potentially disastrous mistake. If you missed an episode, purchase a Time Warner Cable Internet package today to catch up on Fallon@

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Did Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Punk’D’ Go Too Far?

Ashton Kutcher, currently enjoying a starring role on the comedy series Two and a Half Man, has always been a fan of comedy. His earliest film and television roles were steeped in laughs, and it came as no surprise to many TV viewers when he decided to start up his own prank show—aptly titled ‘Punk’d.’ The twist in ‘Punk’d’ was that Kutcher, rather than pranking random innocent bystanders, decided he would prank (or “punk”) people who are often off limit on these types of shows: celebrities.

This gimmick behind the show was not only fresh and original; it ensured that fans of those celebrities were sure to tune in when their favorite actor, actress, singer, etc., was going to be pranked.

But did the show ever go too far? People who dislike pranks of any kind are sure to say “yes!” while others who tolerate or enjoy a little pranking in life will probably give Kutcher the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of personal feelings towards pranks, however, there are admittedly a few pranks which did get a little out of hand—or almost got out of hand.

Remember the Zach Braff prank?

In this prank, Kutcher decided he would take on what Braff loved most: his very expensive, very fancy Porshe. For this prank, Kutcher had children using (washable) spray paint on Braff’s car just as he returned from an engagement. Braff was not only furious but appeared to want to become physically violet with the kid doing the spray painting, telling a security guard that he “wasn’t going to hit the kid in the head” and threatening the kid with his celebrity status. Thankfully, Kutcher stepped in before any blows (or litigation) were thrown around.

Or what about the Elijah Wood prank? In this prank, Kutcher rigged a dumpster to explode and had fake investigators place the blame on Elijah Wood, who was nearby in his car.

Wood was so terrified that all he could do was repeat how scared he was and proclaim his innocence in the matter of the explosion.

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in 'No Strings Attached'
Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in ‘No Strings Attached’

Admittedly, this prank didn’t get out of hand in the same way that the Braff prank did (Elijah never threatens small children for property damage) but who can bear to see Elijah Wood so terrified?

The show ended after several seasons, likely after celebrities had gotten their fill of Kutcher’s antics. To watch reruns of Punk’d, sign up for a Charter Spectrum Internet package today.

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Karen Gillan Joins ‘Selfie’ Pilot Cast

Karen Gillan is best known for her role in the infinitely popular Doctor Who; her recurring role on the sci-fi drama earned her countless numbers of fans in addition to critical and popular accolade for her performance in the series. But since Gillan has moved on from the show—aside from the occasional guest appearance, as she did in the recent Doctor Who Christmas Episode—she has begun to work on other projects while furthering her career as an actress. Most recently, Karan Gillan has signed on to join the cast of an ABC pilot called “Selfie.” Gillan, who has been cast and signed on as the lead in the show’s pilot episode, reportedly read the script and felt the need to audition immediately.

The show, written by Emily Kapnek, the creator of ‘Suburgatory,’ is somewhat inspired by the famous musical and film, My Fair Lady. In the pilot episode, Gillan will play Eliza Dooley (yes, a play on “Eliza Doolittle”) a young 20-something who is obsessed with social media and finds herself more interested in being able to generate likes and shares online than actually developing her own real-life relationships.

During the pilot episode, Eliza is dumped in a humiliating way in public–something which is caught on camera phone and uploaded online for all to see. The embarrassing video becomes viral, and Eliza’s world is turned completely upside down. She finds herself the laughingstock of her former online “friends” and followers, as well as among the people she knows in real life. In an effort to repair her reputation and damaged image, Eliza decides to hire a public relations marketer who deals with repairing public reputations after particularly nasty incidents.

Karen Gillan for Esquire magazine
Karen Gillan for Esquire


Will the pilot be successful enough to land Gillan a starring role on American primetime television? Only time will be able to tell. Emily Kapnek’s other shows, although they are not usually ratings giants, have been generally received with positive reviews regarding her writing and her ability to develop realistic female characters who do not veer into annoying or vapid stereotypes.

scottish colloquialisms karen gillan
Karen Gillan for Esquire

Gillan, who is also appearing in the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy, is reportedly very excited to be working on the show and can hardly wait to begin filming. “Selfie” is currently expected to premier during ABC’S fall season, although the date of the potential premier is naturally subject to change. Sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet offers today to watch reruns of “Selfie” online!

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Judge Judy Tops the TV Ratings (Yet Again)

Judge Judy—she’s the judge we love to hate, or love to love, depending on your point of view. Since the 90s she has been making waves with her no-nonsense judging style and her always witty, engaging and funny banter exchanged with the people who appear before her court. Judge Judy is sometimes considered to be one of the staples of American television. After all, who could imagine an afternoon without at least one episode of Judge Judy on the screen?

Judge Judy has been on the airwaves since the 1990s. Many people would assume that her show, like so many long lasting shows, has dipped in in its weekly ratings. But the recent ratings published by Nielsen reveals that Judy is far from being a has-been; in fact, her ratings are higher than they ever have been!

According to the information released by Nielsen, Judge Judy recently had her best ratings week since 2003. Judge Judy boasted a whopping 11.9 million viewers each day for the week which ended in February 9th. Even more good news for Judge Judy fans: in addition to these stellar ratings, her show is actually up about 13% in the number of viewers from the last year alone!

What makes Judy so compelling? For some, it is her take no prisoners, no nonsense, put up with no bullroar attitude. When Judge Judy’s court is in session, you know that ridiculous excuses and lies should be checked at the door. For others, it is Judy’s witty and funny banter with the court clients and her own staff that make the show worth the watch. Who doesn’t love a witty judge? And still for others, it may be the myriad of different cases that Judy has overseen in the many years her shown has been on the air that is the attraction. Small claims court TV shows like Judy’s are well known for their ridiculous lawsuits and the often ill-prepared and sometimes drama-mongering ‘clients’ who appear in court with little more than personal complaints about another person.

Judge Judy With Katie Couric
Judge Judy With Katie Couric

Whatever the reason for Judge Judy’s success, one thing is clear: it is here to stay. Judge Judy is currently shopping around a new courtroom television show, which will feature a unique three-judge courtroom. The new show, tentatively titled Hot Bench, is expected to premiere on television in 2014 or 2015. Check out and stream Judge Judy reruns when you sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet plans.


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