Ranking Disney’s Animated Dogs

Dogs have been a part of film and television for as long as the industry has been around. Dogs are beloved companions, loyal friends and beloved pets for millions of people around the world. It is therefore no surprise that the Walt Disney Company, famous for its family-friendly television shows and movies, should create many films which feature dogs as primary or otherwise beloved characters. Disney has made both live action and animated films featuring dogs. Let’s take a look at the top rankings of Disney’s animated dogs.

Nana’ from Peter Pan

Nana, who appears in Disney’s animated version of Peter Pan, is a Saint Bernard who acts as the nanny of the three Darling children. Nana is not only a watch dog, but she is capable of feeding the children, getting them dressed, and tucking them into bed. Children who watched Peter Pan at a young age are no doubt envious that they, too, don’t have a dog for their nanny!

The 101 Dalmatians from ‘101 Dalmatians’

101 Dalmatians features—as you might expect—101 Dalmatians. There are many different dog characters in the film, all of whom are enjoyed by audiences for a number of different reasons; the most popular characters are, of course, the Dalmatians themselves. From the courageous father Pogo to the curious Patches, the 101 Dalmatians from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians have something for just about everyone. The film was so popular that it was adapted into a live action feature film, which starred Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil. The live action received mixed reviews, but the animated dogs will certainly be a mainstay in the hearts of audiences for years to come.

‘Copper’ from the Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound is one of Disney’s more tragic animated films; it tells the story of a pet Fox named Todd and a dog named Copper who becomes the best of friends when they are young. As they grow older, however, Copper and Todd must deal with the fact that each are expected to grow into their proper roles—Copper as a hunting dog and Todd as a wild fox. Copper is both a loveable and tragic figure in the film, and at turns audiences both cheer his friendship with Todd and lament that he must be a hunting dog, regardless of his earlier relationship and bond with Todd.

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TV Dogs We Miss the Most

Dogs aren’t exclusive to Hollywood blockbusters; dogs have graced the small screen of television for many years as well. There have been a nearly countless number of dogs on television—appearing in everything from family sitcoms to serious dramas—but there are certain TV dogs that we remember more than others, many of whom appear in TV shows and other TV mediums that are no longer on the air. Let’s look at the TV dogs that we certainly miss the most.

Lassie – Lassie (TV series)

Lassie appeared in a number of mediums, but the most longstanding was the television incarnations which involved a total of 600 produced episodes. In every TV incarnation, Lassie was not only a loyal dog, but a courageous and brave dog who knew how to sense danger and save people and animals from being hurt or worse whenever she could. Although Lassie was a female character, she was actually played by male dogs–all of whom were the descendent of the original Lassie, “Pal.”

Petey – Our Gang/The Little Rascals

Petey (Or “Pete the Pup”) was made famous through the Our Gang shorts and the Little Rascals TV series. The shorts told various short stories about a group of children living during the Depression Era; Pete was a stray dog who made friends with the children and appeared in many of the shorts. The first, original Petey was played by an American Pit Bull Terrier named Pal; he had a unique ring that went almost entirely around his eye. His original owner previously used dye to finish off the ring, but when Pal was hired to appear in the Our Gang shorts, the dye was rinsed out and the look of ‘Petey’ was instantly iconic.

Gidget – the ‘Taco Bell’ dog

Who doesn’t remember the famous ‘Chihuahua’ Taco Bell commercials that achieved great popularity in the late 90s? Gidget, who was portrayed as a male in the commercials, was an instant success for the Taco Bell brand and spawned everything from commercials to stuffed animals to t-shirts and more. Gidget became a pop culture icon in her own right even well after the Taco Bell commercials stopped airing. Gidget lived quietly after her 15 minutes of fame until her death in 2009 from a stroke, but TV audiences will never forget the loveable Chihuahua who stole their hearts.

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The Pickers on The History Channel’s “American Pickers”: Scripted or Not?

Fans of The History Channel’s reality show American Pickers have enjoyed following the picking antics of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz for several seasons.

The pair, who have seen just about everything on the show, from antique toys to old fast food buildings, often struggle with attempting to get people to sell items to them; and indeed much of the show’s tension and drama comes from those moments when the audience can’t tell if the ‘target’ will actually sell to Mike and Frank.

But is the show, which is one of The History Channels’ most popular picks, actually real? Or is it as scripted as any sitcom?

The answer may be surprising. There is a degree of scripting in any reality TV show; even those with producers who strive to create as real a show as possible may have to ask the participants to repeat a line or play with the timeline or footage to make the events more understandable to viewers. But detractors of American Pickers say the show is not just a little bit scripted, but almost entirely faked.

How much is faked? According to detractors of the show:

• Mike and Frank were not business partners before the show

Although Mike and Frank were friends, they did not become business partners until after Mike successfully pitched the show to The History Channel. Frank, who did occasionally buy antiques as part of a hobby, was put on board as Mike’s supposed longtime “picking partner.”

• Danielle is an actress hired for show

Danielle, depicted as the quirky office manager, is actually a longtime friend of Mike Wolfe’s—and, according to those who accuse the show of being staged, was hired when the show was given the green light to play the part (and not do the real job) of fun, unusual office manager.

• The picks are staged

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
Danielle makes killer sales!

In the show, the picks are depicted as being entirely random—but according to the show’s detractors, everything from the location to the items found to the prices are decided well in advance by the show’s producers; the producers are the ones who actually find the locations, look through the locations for the right items, and pre-pay the seller’s for their items before they are “found” on the show. In other words, when Mike and Frank are “randomly picking,” they are looking for specific items already purchased. You must have a speedy broadband internet connection to see reruns of American Pickers.

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Did Gillian Anderson Leave ‘Hannibal’ Too Soon?

Gillian Anderson, best known for her performance as ‘Scully’ on the X-Files, made waves when she signed on to do a multi-episode arc on NBC’s horror drama, Hannibal. In the series, Anderson plays Bedelia, the therapist of Hannibal Lecter with mysterious ties to Hannibal’s past.

Throughout the first season, Hannibal revealed his growing obsession with Will Graham to Bedelia, who expressed her concerns that he was getting too close to Will and that the relationship was unhealthy for everyone involved.

In the show’s first season finale, Hannibal frames Will for multiple serial murders and, in a dinner conversation with his therapist, it is revealed that something in their past has led Bedelia to be wary of Hannibal’s motives and his actions.

In the first episodes of the show’s second season, Bedelia expresses even more concern for Hannibal’s obsession with Will, especially in light of the fact that Will has accused Hannibal of framing him and of being a serial killer himself.

In the second season’s second episode, Bedelia formally excused herself from her role as Hannibal’s therapist in a tension-filled with culminated with Hannibal, clad in a plastic suit, visiting Bedelia’s apartment at night with the intention to kill her—only to discover that she was one step ahead and had already left her apartment, and her old life, behind. But not before Bedelia visited Will Graham and revealed that she believed him regarding Hannibal.

The character’s departure from the show came as a surprise to many fans, especially in light of the fact that the many mysteries regarding her shared past with Hannibal were not yet revealed.

It is probable that the role was shortened in the show due to the fact that Anderson has landed a starring role on another TV series, which would take over most of her schedule.

But did she leave the show too soon? Some fans say yes—there are still plenty of mysteries regarding Bedelia, and what exactly happened with her and Hannibal before the series began, to be solved. Fans may also wonder if her confession to Will—that she believed him—will play a larger part in the show’s later episodes.

For now, though, fans may have to settle for the writers addressing (or not addressing) Bedelia and her mysteries through off-screen reveals or, if fans are lucky, a potential guest spot return for Gillian Anderson. Stream Hannibal online when you have a high-speed internet connection from Time Warner Cable.


Zac Efron Hints at High School Musical Reunion

Is there a High School Musical reunion in the works? Don’t “bet on it”—but Zac Efron, famous for his role in all three of the popular High School Musical films, has gone on the record saying he would love to reunite with his former cast mates and reprise his role if Disney thinks the cards are right for a new High School Musical film.

This statement may come as a surprise to Efron fans, who have watched this former Disney Channel teen star grow into more mature, serious roles in recent years; but many fans would likely agree that a return to his roots would be something fun and exciting to see.

In a recent interview with E!Online, Efron revealed not only that he would be keen on a High School Musical reunion, but that he regularly meets up with his former High School Musical cast mates. And, he revealed, many of them are also up for a return to their musical roots.

“We’re all thinking about it,” Efron revealed. “… there’s just this look between us. It’s so cool [to see] because we never forget a single moment [of our experience with the films.]”

Another High School musical film would be vastly different from what we have seen from the trilogy’s former alumni in recent years. Efron appeared in the drama Me and Orson Welles in 2009 and Vanessa Hudgens recently appeared in Machete Kills and Spring Breakers, two films much grittier and vastly different from her breakout role as the sweetheart of High School Musical 1, 2 and 3.

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
High School Musical Cast

Although it seems that at least a few of the stars from the films are willing to make a return, the bigger question is this: will it really be happening? The Disney Channel has certainly changed in the years since the first two film’s premiered to rave reviews—the closest it has come to another ‘musical’ franchise was the satirical Teen Beach Movie, which many saw as a semi-parody of a High School musical style film and received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

So far, neither a representative from Disney or the Disney Channel has made a statement for or against another High School Musical film. Only time will tell whether the rumors and hopes from former cast members—and plenty of fans—will become a reality. To watch the first High School Musical film, take a look at high-speed internet plans and stream it on Netflix!


Why Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow White Strikes a Chord With Audiences

Snow White is one of the most popular characters on the hit ABC fantasy series, Once Upon a Time. Many fans attribute their love of the character to the excellent performance of Ginnifer Goodwin, who takes a role that might otherwise be a ‘stereotypical’ fairy tale role and turns it on its head. But exactly why is it that Ginnifer Goodwin’s portrayal of Snow White is so popular? Let’s look at some of the primary reasons that her Snow White strikes such a chord with audiences and fans of the show.

She isn’t your typical Snow White

One of the reasons that Once Upon a Time has garnered such a huge following is that it has taken common fairytale characters and given them more life than they usually find in storybooks—Goodwin’s Snow White isn’t just a sweet-natured girl who is tricked by her stepmother into eating a poisoned apple, only to be awakened by True Love’s Kiss. She is a complex, realistic character who has dealt with hardships, who has made real friends, who has sacrificed herself for friends and loved ones, and who has had to struggle and fight to retain even the smallest bit of happiness in her own life.

She isn’t handed everyone because she’s beautiful—the Huntsman, for example, does not spare her life because she is “too beautiful to kill” as he does in the original fairytale; instead, he spares her because he realizes the depths of her kindheartedness go well beyond the norm, and cannot bear to kill someone so good-natured.

She can fight for herself

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
Ginnifer Goodwin Herself 😉

And she isn’t relegated to sweeping the dwarf’s cottage or singing songs, either. Goodwin’s Snow White is adept at hunting, tracking and fighting—she isn’t afraid to draw a sword and use it. Neither is she afraid to face villains to protect her family.

She’s human

Fairy tale characters so often suffer in film and television because writers and actors are unable to translate them into an emphatic character. Goodwin, however, endows her Snow White with enough pathos to make her a real live human being. Ginnifer’s Snow White is not perfect—far from it. She is capable of bitterness and hatred and anger—she even orchestrates the death of Regina’s mother, an act she comes to regret but was completely understandable given all that was at stake. You can watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix, which is available via a Time Warner Cable broadband internet connection.


Mariska Hargitay To Participate in Documentary About Backlogged Rape Kits

Mariska Hargitay is best known for her role as Special Victims Unit Detective Olivia Benson on the popular Law and Order spin-off, Law and Order: SVU; but Hargitay does more than play a detective who is dedicated to solving, preventing and stopping crimes related to rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault—she is now at the forefront of a new documentary about the city of Detroit’s rape kit backlog.

Hargitay is not only participating in the documentary, called Shelved; she will also be its primary producer. The documentary will primarily focus on the thousands of rape kits that have not been tested, processed or followed up with in the city of Detroit.

A rape kit is a procedure which is given to a victim of rape immediately following the report of the crime. Rape kits are instrumental to investigations of rape crimes and can often lead to the identification of the alleged rapist’s DNA–which is key in almost any type of prosecution of the alleged crime. Ideally, a rape kit is meant to be processed a quickly as possible. But in the city of Detroit, thousands of rape kits—some of which go back a decade or more—are not being tested, processed or utilized in criminal investigations.

This has led to thousands of cold cases in the case of alleged rape and sexual assault, which is a growing and serious crime in the city of Detroit.

Detroit is not the city in the United States to have a severe rape kit backlog. There are numerous cities and states across the country with anywhere from hundreds to thousands upon thousands of untested and unprocessed rape kits.

Mariska Hargitay
Mariska Hargitay

Hargitay, who has spoken out against sexual assault and sexual violence many times in the past, wants to do what she can to stop the backlog and, in turn, help those who have been negatively affected by this. She recently appeared at a press conference with the Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym L. Worthy, who discussed the city’s growing backlog and the many ways that she, Hargitay, and others in the state are fighting against it. The hope is that the documentary will help raise awareness and help the push for legislation that will end the backlog.

Shelved currently has no official release date, but rumors suggest it may be released later in 2014 or in early 2015. To watch Shelved, check out these Time Warner Cable internet bundles today to stream online.


It Doesn’t Matter that Leonardo DiCaprio Hasn’t Won An Oscar–Here’s Why

When Leonardo DiCaprio lost the Oscar for Best Actor in the 2014 Academy Awards, fans around the world reacted with various emotions—anger, upset, shock and of course, plenty of theme appropriate memes and gifs. Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Academy Award several times but, so far, has always lost out to someone else. Although the internet is fond of lamenting that he has been ‘robbed’ (arguably, this is undeniable true for at least one of his performances—the incomparable performance he gave in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape!) or that the world will end if he never wins recognition through the Academy, it is not that important that he win an Oscar. In fact, it doesn’t even matter! Here’s why.

He’s Still Talented

You don’t need to win an award to be talented. A golden statue and a speech in front of millions of TV viewers will not suddenly elevate your performance. The performance an actor or actress gives in a film can be judged, on its own merits, without the Academy Awards factoring in at all. There are countless excellent, wonderful and transcendent performances that are never recognized with an Oscar—yet audiences will continue to cry, laugh, and cheer through them. Leo doesn’t need a statue to make audiences feel.

He Still Gives Oscar Worthy Performances

Once again, the Oscar itself has nothing to do with an actor’s performance. Many of Leo’s performances—not all, of course, as everyone has a few odd men out every now and again—could be considered “Oscar worthy” when judging by the criteria that the Academy seems to use. The aforementioned What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, of course, was more than Oscar worthy. Other performances, such as his amazing dramatic portrayed of a burned out suburban career husband in Revolutionary Road, were also realistic, intense and emotional. And all without a single statue!

You Don’t Need to Win an Oscar to Be Great

Finally: There are many great actors, directors and other Hollywood crew who have never won an Oscar. But they were, and still are, great performances, editors, and filmmakers. Leonardo is still a fantastic actor, even if there isn’t a spot on his mantel for the golden statue. Maybe one day he will win the Academy Award for acting or directing—but until then, it doesn’t matter. When you sign up for Charter internet plans now, you can access and stream some of Leonardo’s filmography!


Why Is Jennifer Lawrence Experiencing Backlash?

Since her rise to fame after being cast as Kati’s Aberdeen in the Hunger Games films, Jennifer Lawrence has risen from an unknown actress to an international superstar.

For many, Lawrence is a breath of fresh air in a Hollywood where many people put on fake personas and personalities—both in order to be more appealing to the public and possibly to shield themselves from scrutiny over revealing too much of their real personality. In consequence, though, many people in Hollywood share the same, almost bland, “act” in public. They are gracious, grateful and always poised and ready with a quip or compliment or quotable quote.

David Giuntoli shirtless grimm
Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence, on the other hand, has no problem telling interviewers that she has no idea whose dress she is wearing, that she is hungry because they wouldn’t let her eat all day, and that she finds certain aspects of Hollywood silly or bothersome. Lawrence makes goofy jokes, can be clumsy, and personifies the “everyday girl next door” in a world of perfectly practiced actresses.

For a while, Lawrence was considered America’s sweetheart—a goofy sweetheart, to be sure, but still a sweetheart. IN recent weeks, however, many gossip blogs and celebrity entertainment blogs have popped up with comments criticizing Lawrence.

Why is she experiencing backlash—especially in light of the fact that she has not done anything in particular wrong?

The answer may lie in her exposure. As a general rule of thumb, people enjoy someone in the spotlight, someone new and refreshing and fun. But they do not enjoy someone in the spotlight over and over, often doing similar things, acting a similar way, or giving similar quotes. When Jennifer Lawrence talks about the fact that she is considered fat in Hollywood once, it is refreshing and real and interesting—when she does it 10 times, it is suddenly annoying and an “act.”

Whether or not Lawrence is acting is beside the point, however, because no matter how genuine her feelings or how real she is being, people will see her repetition as tiring, annoying or even take.

It is an unfortunate consequence of being in the Hollywood spotlight. No matter how beloved an actor or actress, no matter how charming or endearing they appear in front of fans, there are people who will get “tired” of them being in the spotlight. Hopefully, the fickle fans will soon tired of being ‘tired’ of this endearing actress. Check out these Time Warner Cable internet packages to watch some awesome Jennifer Lawrence films!


How Lupita Nyong’o Sold Out Lip Balm

Lupita Nyong’o, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 2014 Oscars, is the new “it girl” in Hollywood.

She is not only well known for her dramatic and emotional performance as Patsy, a slave girl whom Solomon Northrup encounters during his 12 years of captivity and slavery, she is well known for being gracious, interested in talking about social issues, and—less importantly, but still fun—her wonderful fashion sense.

Before Lupita Nyong’o even showed up on the red carpet before the 2014 Oscars, the audience was abuzz with wonder at what she would be wearing. Lupita Nyong’o is well known for her beautiful dresses and her often interesting use of color—she typically goes for dramatic colors rarely seen on red carpets, such as vibrant oranges and reds. Her dress for the Oscars, a pastel blue custom gown that was part princess part Hollywood glamour, made waves and has earned her many nods towards “Best Dressed at the Oscars.”

But it’s not just Nyong’o’s dress that had the world talking! At one point during the ceremony, Ellen was handed Nyong’o’s lip balm to put into the basket for the pizza that was ceremoniously delivered to the hungry actors and actresses waiting in the audience. The audience at home quickly identified the lip balm as a tube of HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm—and the rest is history!

Clarins, the makers of the HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, released a statement about 24 hours after the ceremony. Their statement revealed that the lip balm had virtually sold out in stores and online across the United States in only about 24 hours—an incredible, astounding and certainly shocking feat! The company has since restocked the lip balm online by taking back stock from their Paris warehouses. The lip balm, which costs $24, is still selling very well and is expected to continue to do so.

As for why the lip balm sold out—chalks it up to celebrity power! People love to buy what celebrity’s do, and while most fans can’t afford a $24,000 gown, they can afford to splurge on a $24 tube of lip balm. Especially when their favorite actress and It Girl is seen using it.

The entire incident is truly a perfect example of accidental celebrity marketing.

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