How Will Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pregnancy Affect Once Upon a Time?

Ginnifer Goodwin, best known for her portrayal of Snow White in ABC’S hit series Once Upon a Time, announced last year that she was expecting her first child sometime in 2014. The actress has appeared on Once Upon a Time since its pilot episode—but how will her pregnancy affect her role? Or will the show be able to “film around” her pregnancy, as many shows before it have attempted to do?

The character of Snow White in the story may be ripe for the writers to work in Ginnifer’s growing baby-bump rather than attempt to hide it through bulky coats or crafty editing. In the show’s third season, a teary Snow White (trapped, of course, in Neverland while searching for her grandson) revealed to Prince Charming that her deepest secret was that she wanted another child; a child that she could raise because she had missed out on the childhood of her first daughter, Emma.

It may have seemed like an insignificant moment in the grand scheme of the show, but could Snow White’s secret be used to work in a pregnancy plotline for the character? It would make sense—both Snow White and Prince Charming agreed that they wanted to have another child and, now that they are separated from Emma by an entire realm, the time is “ripe” (so to speak) for an attempt to start over with a new life. Or, depending on the mood of the writers, Snow White’s pregnancy could be an unplanned surprise as they attempt to find a way to get back to their daughter and grandson in the “real world” realm.

Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin

There’s been no word as of yet regarding the future of Ginnifer’s character on the show—pregnancy or otherwise. Depending on how fast Ginnifer grows during her pregnancy, it may not even be necessary for the writers to think of some way to cover up or explain her changing body. But—on the slight chance that they did jump at the idea of turning her real life pregnancy into a character arc, fans of the show would probably jump for joy at the new and potentially drama-making development.

Will Ginnifer Goodwin’s pregnancy affect Once Upon a Time? Unfortunately, the answer has not yet been answered or alluded to by anyone in the cast. But with Once Upon a Time? Anything could be in the cards. Check out Once Upon a Time after you sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet deals!


The Most Memorable Characters of Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen’s departure from SNL left a hole in the hearts of many die-hard SNL fans. Armisen, who appeared on the show for about 11 years, had become a mainstay in the cast and one of the show’s most popular actors.

Over the decade of his body of work on the show, Armisen appeared in countless different sketches and roles. It is difficult to decide which of his many sketches and characters are truly the most memorable—so many of them have now become iconic, classic SNL moments. But the difficult task must be done, and so, we present the very best of Fred Armisen’s SNL characters from his 11 year run on Saturday Night Live.


Garth and Kat are a hilarious singing duo who, despite booking appearances on Weekend Update and other engagements, is never actually prepared to perform. The couple typically sing by making up songs on the spot and are typically just out of synch enough for the audience—and, of course, the straight man in the sketch—to notice and point it out. Garth and Kat were a staple of the show and without his poorly timed singing, SNL feels a little bit emptier.

“Joy Behar”

Armisen’s screechy, ridiculous impersonation of The View’s Joy Behar is so spot on that it’s almost a little creepy. Armisen is able to do what many male comedians find difficult: play a female character without appearing simply like a man wearing women’s clothing. Armisen is able to play the comedic version of Behar much like a female actress would: with good wit, good timing, and plenty of talent.

“President Obama”

SNL has bounced from cast member to cast member with its attempts to get ahold on a good impersonation of President Obama, but Armisen’s is perhaps the closest to the real thing—or at least, the most entertaining—of the budget. His embodiment of the “cool” image often adopted during the President’s campaign is perfectly hilarious and always worth watching.

Fred Armisen on Connan
Fred Armisen on Connan

“Larry King”

Armisen’s best roles are typically his impersonations, where he dedicates himself fully to impersonating another person—even if the impersonations are not always spot on, they still feel genuine, sometimes likeable, and always hilarious. Armisen’s Larry King impression was just the right amount of snarky, with this version of Larry King often remarking that he was made up of “at least 90% shoulders.” If you want to see more Fred Armisen sketches, purchase one of the Time Warner Cable Internet offers to get 24/7 access to the web!


Very Best Jimmy Fallon SNL Sketches

To many people, Fallon is best known for his stint on Saturday Night Live, where he worked alongside many fantastic comedians and eventually made a name for himself as one of the show’s most popular actors. Fallon appeared in numerous sketches—some fantastic, some hilarious, some just okay and some… well, it’s better not to mention those. Among Fallon’s many sketches are the true jewels of his performances during his time on SNL. Let’s take a look back at some of the very best, can’t-miss, should-totally-watch Jimmy Fallon SNL Sketches.

The Family Feud Sketch

One of Fallon‘s most memorable SNL sketches was the famous Family Feud sketch, which starred Justin Timberlake, Kenan Thompson and–of course–Jimmy Fallon. In the episode, Fallon played Jim Parsons, best known for his work as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. Fallon’s “Parsons” impression was not quite spot on, but his ability to mimic the actor’s unique vocal inflections was part of what made this sketch so hilarious.

The other part? The fact that Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, who have done numerous skits together in Justin’s many appearances on the show, continually crack each other up. An SNL crack-up isn’t always funny, but the charm of Fallon and Timberlake trying to hold it together skit after skit makes it just cute enough to be hilarious.

The “Omeletteville” Sketch

Another team-up of Timberlake and Fallon that is arguably one of the most famous—or at least one of the catchiest—SNL skits of all time. In this sketch, Fallon and Timberlake play rival restaurant promoters, each dressed up like the food from the restaurant that has hired them. The two quickly begin to have a dance/sing-off, resulting in a simple but catchy singing phrase heard around the world: “Bring it on in to Omeletteville.” This is another sketch where Fallon and Timberlake make each other crack, and the rapport between the two more than makes up for the rather silly premise.

The “Welshley Arms” Sketch

This sketch features the famous “Roger and Virginia Clarven,” well known for their overdramatic and sensual stories of lovemaking. Fallon, playing the straight man, cannot help but laugh at the couple’s antics. This was one of the earliest examples of Fallon cracking during a scene, and even during this early run, his ability to pull off laughing without seeming to break character is well illustrated. Watch reruns of Jimmy Fallon on SNL when you purchase one of the Time Warner Cable Internet plans.

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Why We Love Tina Fey

Tina Fey is often dubbed the “queen of comedy.” She is well known for taking on numerous comedic roles in both film and television, and has even appeared as a host (alongside friend and former co-star, Amy Pohler) at various awards shows. Her two most popular comedic television stints are the role of Liz Lemon on the popular comedy 30 Rock, which aired its final episode in 2013; as well as her years-only stint on Saturday Night Live, where she played a variety of characters but was most well-known as the co-anchor of Weekend Update.

Tina Fey is not just funny: she is one of the most popular actresses on television today. She is well liked, well respected and even loved by fans, fellow actors and people in Hollywood alike. But what makes Tina Fey so popular? Why do we love to love her?

One of the reasons is her generous attitude. Tina Fey has continually proven herself to be the antithesis of the typical stuck up Hollywood actress who thinks more about when she’s getting her next expensive massage than the people around her. While Tina Fey no doubt enjoys the benefits of her career, she also takes the time to talk about issues which are important to her—especially those which are related to people who are struggling to get by in the world; Fey is also active in women’s rights and has spoken out against the often detrimental and stereotypical portrayal of women in film and television.

Another reason why Tina Fey is so well-liked is because of her down to Earth personality. There is something very identifiable with Tina Fey, who has admitted she was bullied in school and was considered to be a “nerd.” People love to be able to identify with celebrities, who are so often put on pedestals and considered too far above the “normal” crowd to truly understand. But Fey isn’t afraid to let her “real” self show, which makes her much more emphatic for TV viewers.

Tina Fey strips down for David Letterman
Tina Fey strips down for David Letterman

Of course, one of the primary reasons that Fey has gotten under the hearts of so many viewers is her talent. Not only does Fey have excellent comedic timing and wit that cannot be rivaled—she’s a fantastic comedy writer, as well, and has penned some of the funniest sketches, jokes, episodes and even films in the 21st century. Purchase one of the Time Warner Cable Internet deals to rewatch Tina Fey’s hilarious filmography over and over.


How is Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Doing in the Ratings?

There is something about late night comedy anchor hosting that brings out the drama, comparisons and competition in people. Jimmy Fallon, who recently moved on from his own show to take over the hosting job on the famous Tonight Show, was getting comparisons (and reviews, and critiques) before his first hour in the chair actually ended. And that’s to say nothing of how it will likely be in the future, with every guest critiqued, every joke analyzed and every potential failing being broadcast throughout the world and compared to Leno’s hosting gig on the show.

Despite misgivings by some diehard Jay Leno fans, Jimmy Fallon’s tenure on the Tonight Show so far is almost universally positive. The ratings for the very first episode of the show were very high, although not quite as high as the ratings for Jay Leno’s farewell show. The reviews of this first episode were mostly positive, with many praising Fallon’s ability to make the show his own while still paying homage to the greats who had come before him. Some reviewers noted that Fallon was nervous—but who wouldn’t be, with such shoes to fill, and it is likely that these types of critiques regarding his nervousness will fade as he grows accustomed to being “The Tonight Show—with host, Jimmy Fallon.”

The ratings for the first episode were very good, although not as spectacular as some people were hoping they would be, but how did the second episode measure up?

The second date of Fallon’s Tonight Show tenure–February 18th, 2013–actually achieved Nielsen ratings which beat the combined rating scores of both the Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Fallon’s second episode had an average rating of 5.3 in homes within 56 Nielsen tested markets. This would make the second episode of Fallon’s tonight show the biggest Tuesday show ratings for the show since 2007.

Jimmy Fallon with The Roots and Justin Timberlake
Jimmy Fallon with The Roots and Justin Timberlake

Fallon’s Tonight Show is currently airing at midnight, which may be helping it achieve higher ratings due to the later start and the discrepancy in the start of The Tonight Show and other comedic talk shows. The show is airing at midnight only because of the winter 2014 Olympics, which are being broadcast on many stations during late night; it is expected that it will move to its traditional 11:35 PM time slot once the Olympic coverage has subsided. To watch reruns of Jimmy Fallon’s show, check out some of the special Charter Spectrum promotions and catch up!

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House of Cards Returns

Netflix original programming has a lot of good shows. Orange is the New Black is taking off well and has great reviews. It seems like alternative networks like Netflix and Amazon have a future and I for one am glad. If you look at the incredible quality of cable shows these days, this is nothing but good news. It means more great shows for fans and will perhaps keep the big dogs on their toes. NBC, CBS, ABC, you all better take notice and start cranking out better TV programs or you’ll continue to lose ground. The ability for an entity like Netflix to load the entire season into homes as soon as they are done is a huge advantage.

One of the flagship new, original shows from Netflix is House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. It’s disingenuous to say it’s completely original. House of Cards, the US version, is based on the BBC mini-series of the same name. I love this mini-series. Ian Richardson was utterly fantastic in the role as Francis Urquhart and while Kevin Spacey has done well thus far, he has some big shoes to fill. The jury is out on whether or not he can own the role as well as Richardson did. They changed his name to reflect an American character to Frank Underwood but the initials remain the same, F.U. and that’s hilarious.

Still, he was a great choice and a very good actor. And the show is top notch. It gets everything the original one did well pretty right and even cleans it up for a modern American audience. It’s a tough balancing act between showing things from Underwood’s perspective and even making us feel for his slime ball of an evil character and showing what a political morass we have in this country. Every villain is the hero of their own story.

House of Cards does a fantastic job of proving this point time and again. No matter what wicked thing Spacey’s Underwood does, you are not only intrigued but entertained by him and his actions. You can’t turn away. Plus, the way the show is structured makes each and every action he takes that much more impactful. With only 13 episodes per season, unlike the bloated 22+ for most network shows, House of Cards doesn’t have time to muck about it.

The pacing is elegant, the writing tight and the acting superb. Every single person takes their role seriously and so in turn do the characters. And this is good because the stakes are high and anyone not on their A Game will get stomped under the heels of someone willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Within the culture of the show is an intensity of action, where what the people don’t do is as important as the things they do. Sometimes letting your enemies hang themselves by letting them is the right move.

House of Cards Netflix
House of Cards Netflix

Anything can happen on this show. I finished watching episode 11 of season two and there were many what the f%$* moments, believe me. Whoa was uttered several times and I almost frightened my wife in the other room. She hasn’t caught up with the seasons yet and I’ll be damned if I wait on her. I have to watch this show and watch it now!

It is in fact very gratifying to find a show you simply can’t stop watching and House of Cards is such a show. I can’t believe it’s almost over as I sit here and watch the pulse pounding last couple of episodes. I want more. Luckily for the world of television Netflix has decided to give us hungry fans more in the form of another season. Season 3 has already been confirmed and I say bring it on.

We are witnessing something really special here and as we say goodbye to other great shows like Breaking Bad, it’s nice to have some back up. If you want to watch House of Cards on Netflix, sign up for the current Time Warner Cable Internet deals for awesome high-speed internet.

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The Beyonce and Jay-Z Empire

I don’t normally get into the whole celebrity fandom like many people do.  I don’t read tabloids, follow TMZ, or watch any reality shows.  I don’t get into much stuff like that because celebrities usually annoy me.  I take Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s attitude towards most celebrities in that they are arrogant, egocentric idiots that only care about their own careers.  I used to think that about Beyonce and Jay-z.

I mean, look at them.  They saunter around like they are kings of the world, right?  They seem smug and are so successful it makes me sick.  They are the same as most celebrities in that they only care about their own careers or don’t give damn about giving back to society or helping others.  And I don’t count some tax shelter charity that most rich people give to because they don’t do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

This is what I used to think.  I never listened to their music, never paid attention to any news article or interview they might have been a part of because of my prejudice towards celebrities and the hip-hop industry, which I really can’t stand.  I like old school rap like Run DMC or Grand Master Flash.  Jay-Z and Beyonce and people like them are everything my 80’s heroes were not; rich, flashy and uncaring.

I was dead wrong about them.  It’s not like I hated them, I just didn’t care and didn’t have any clue as to what they were/are really like in person.  I haven’t met them, don’t get me wrong, but I am learning all kinds of things about them that has changed my mind as to their character.  The first thing that happened was I met someone that had been their assistant for many years and the lady had nothing but awesome things to say about them.

I know, I know.  I know exactly what you might think here.  Sure they knew them, a lot of people talk about their you-know-what and lie about celebrities but I have worked at plenty of spots where people I come into contact with would know and work with plenty of celebrities and whatnot so believe me when I say this is legitimate information.  This woman also worked with tons of other high end clients in her job as an assistant so she’s had a lot of experience with working with all kinds.

She said they were the nicest, most down to earth people she had ever worked with.  Let me say my eyes widened when I heard this and I couldn’t have been more surprised.  It’s always nice to hear of course and I wasn’t upset.  I was glad to be wrong and it made me realize none of us should be so quick to judge people, especially those we do not know.

I took a minute to look at their empire too and it’s quite expansive.  They are the hip-hop industry’s power couple, one of the most influential married couples around in the world today.  Combined, their net worth is close to one billion dollars.  Yes, that’s with a B, not an M.  Billion.  That’s big money and let’s be honest.  You can’t get to that level and work with so many people and not be likable in real life.  You just can’t

I hear the same time and time again about guys like Tom Cruise.  Everyone that works with him loves him to death and this is why he keeps getting work.  With Beyonce and Jay-Z it is the same.  Jay-Z owns record labels, produces video games, runs a night club, a clothing line and is set to launch a sports agency!  This dude is busy.  There is no way this many people would choose to work with him if he wasn’t a nice guy.

And he wouldn’t marry a woman unless she were sweet and as down-to-earth as he. If you’re interested in learning more about Jay-Z and Beyonce, sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet promotions!


Supernatural Shows- The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead’s popularity has grown and grown over the short time it has been on the air. The show about the undead, zombies in fact, and the plague of them walking the earth has taken on a massive cultural shift in the way we think about how episodic television can be made. It is part of this Golden Age of Television we are now enjoying, on par with critically acclaimed shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

The Walking Dead is a serious drama set in an extraordinary situation, the zombie apocalypse. After the events of the first season, where Rick Grimes, his wife Lori, son Carl and a small group of other survivors have banded together to fight the darkness overtaking the world, we find our group stranded and bereft of direction.

the walking dead episode 608

They decide quickly to head out for Ft. Benning but there is a sense of dread amongst them and the idea that it won’t be this simple. It never is with this show and bad things can happen in a hurry. The group proceeds to run into a traffic jam on the interstate and the bad things begin to happen real quick, firstly with Carol’s daughter Sophia running off on her own. Walkers come and the young girl is forced to run, with Rick running after her, into the woods off the road and the season has begun in earnest.

Then when they all go into the woods to search for Sophia, Carl gets shot by a random hunter and they have to find some serious medical help to save his life. This comes in the form of a nearby farm where Hershel Greene, a local veterinarian, lives with his daughters. The group doesn’t know it yet, but this family will become huge members of their small community in the future. But first they have to settle down and regroup on the farm and mend their wounds.

Not all is well, however, and soon they begin to understand Hershel means well but is hiding a dangerous secret. Also, the tension between Rick and Shane on how to lead the group is coming to an end. Shane is also upset by Lori’s decision to push him out of her life despite their previous relationship. Shane feels betrayed and hurt by this and his resentment towards Rick grows worse. Adding to this is the fact that Lori is pregnant but not sure if Rick or Shane is the father.

To make matters worse, they discover Hershel’s secret. Many members of his family have been kept in their barn and kept “alive”, even though they have all been turned into walkers. Hershel believed it possible to bring them back to life and thus he decided to chain them up in the barn and try to maintain some semblance of existence. Shane vents much of his frustration by releasing them from the barn and then executing them, to the horror of Hershel and the family he has left.the walking dead season 6

The group is splintered at this point and most of the animosity is because of Shane and his flagrant anger and vengeance towards Rick and his loss of Lori. It’s obvious we are headed towards a showdown between the two men and when it happens, it’s both shocking and impactful. It also had to happen in order for the group to move on and pick up the pieces of their meager lives. There is blood spilled and tears shed when Rick does what he has to do and kills Shane, putting him down. When he rises once again as a walker, it’s young Carl who ends his (un)life. Carl is growing up fast.

The Walking Dead is not a show for the squeamish and takes chances where other shows might play it safe. Each episode is meaningful and full of conflict and tough decisions. Sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet offers to watch The Walking Dead and other shows of the supernatural variety!

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Can Mel Gibson Find Redemption?

Of course I mean redemption in a different sense other than through religious means. I think his strong faith is part of his problem. So is his drinking. His drinking, let’s call it what it is and say alcoholism, controls his behavior to a point where Gibson is not often himself when the bottle begins to take over. I’m not saying he is completely without fault for his breakdowns, he is an adult after all, but drugs and religious conditioning are powerful forces.

I grew up watching Mel Gibson’s films so I admit I am a bit biased towards him, the good side of him. Let’s be honest, everyone has a bad day and while I’ll admit he’s had a whole slew of them in recent years, I believe the guy has a right to be given a second chance. At one time he was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and could do no wrong. His films made money, he was recognized as a damn fine actor (something not many action stars get recognition for) and was also a successful director who won a bunch of Academy Awards. Remember Braveheart? Of course you do because Braveheart is amazing.

He’s Mad Max, or these days Mad Mel; he’s Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon film series; He’s William I Crap Thunder Wallace. Gibson was a hugely popular star and was even named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Not too shabby for a guy from Australia back when actors from Australia were hardly ever heard of. Sure, these days we have a ton of Aussies making waves all across the globe but back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, all we had was Mel, even though he was born in NY he came straight from Down Under. Mel was enough at the time to make an impact and his movies did well at both the box office and with critics.

So what went wrong? Gibson’s break down goes way back to his childhood. His father is an outspoken critic of the Vatican and the Pope, even though he is Catholic, and is basically a total nut job. Sorry if that sounds mean but I gotta call ‘em as I see ‘em. He raised Mel and the rest of the Gibson clan (Mel is one of ELEVEN children just to give you some perspective) in a very religious household. I don’t want to get into all the particulars on what this type of child rearing can do to a person because I have neither the space here nor the expertise to get into it.

Gibson got messed up as a child. It’s that simple, it really is. He got some hardcore ideology shoved down his throat and as a big time actor with power and money he sometimes feels the need to say things that are stupid and crass. His rants against Jewish people are despicable, as are his words against an ex-girlfriend but considering the fact he has a massive alcohol problem, one can make the argument he wasn’t himself when these breakdowns occurred.

Nobody is perfect. From every interview I have seen of him, from every word from his co-stars I have read, Mel Gibson is a funny, intelligent man and a blast to work with. I have never heard a single bad thing said about him by people that work with him on movies. Is he a different person in real life? It seems like it but that doesn’t mean he should be shunned by society and never given another chance.

Was what he did worse than what Michael Vick did to dozens of dogs during his dog fighting days? I say no way. Words are words. What Vick and many sports stars have done is far worse than what Gibson did yet Gibson is relegated to second tier status and forgotten.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? If you think so, sign up for Charter Spectrum Internet plans and stream all of Mel Gibson’s filmography.



The TV Grimm takes its place alongside other current supernatural shows as the standard new trend in television.  Its premise is simple enough, take the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and sprinkle them with newer, more updated innovations and create a cop drama with this wondrous world as a backdrop and off you go.  This combination has paid dividends for the creators of the show as it enters deep into its third season.

The show has bounced around a bit from day to day in different time slots but now rests comfortably back on its original Friday night spot for NBC.  There are so many stories yet to be told, drawn from both common mythology and folktales and what the Brothers Grimm wrote in the 19th Century, that there is no telling how long this supernatural series can keep going.

It all began with the pilot episode, which aired on October 10th, 2011.  This is where officer Nick Burkhardt discovers he is actually descended from a long line of ancient monster hunters known as Grimms.  As a Grimm, he has the ability to see disguised monsters for what they really are and has the strength to fight them.  He keeps the secret from both his police partner Hank Griffin and his girlfriend Juliette Silverton.  They find out eventually but it is tricky for him to keep the secret hidden all the while.

Over the course of the next couple of episodes, the brave men and women of Grimm do battle with a variety of creatures.  One of them involves bee venom of all things!  No one is safe on this show, even an herbalist that tried to kill Nick.  Nick does the right thing and attempts to save the man.

The long revered fable of the Little Pigs is given an update on The Three Bad Wolves in a very fun episode involving a fire and a long standing feud.  Another episode has a prison escapee that is not what he seems and goes on a rampage against anyone and everyone that were responsible for his arrest.

What’s great is that there is this hidden community of the supernatural that goes on in the back of normal society but threatens the whole of humanity.  Nick and Griffin are on the job and fight against this confounding evil that pervades our world.  They are brave men and with the help of Monroe, a creature himself, and Juliette, Nick’s girlfriend, they pit themselves against the creatures of the night.

It is a dangerous job and as the show goes on, Nick becomes increasingly in greater and greater peril as time goes on.  His reputation as a creature fighting Grimm grows and grows more evil minions of our worst nightmares go after him more and more.  The walls close in all around them and they must fight harder as the dangers grow higher.

From the 'Shared Spaces' episode. Grimm
From the ‘Shared Spaces’ episode. Grimm

One of the coolest episodes they have is called Last Grimm Standing and harkens back to a great film by David Fincher.  It’s called Fight Club and on Grimm, this underground fight club is one where monsters fight to the death.  It’s a great, fun, exciting episode where Nick must dive into in order to track down a killer.  This combination of police procedural with a twist is highlighted with this fantastic episode.  You have the great drama with the crime committed and subsequent investigation, which you can get on any show, but then you add in the cool creature effects and the supernatural aspect and that takes this show to the next level of entertainment.

There really is something for everyone on Grimm.  There is romance, crime drama, action,  deep sense of gothic horror and a macabre sense of humor as well.  With a great cast and awesome chemistry, it’s a great show to sink your teeth into and really enjoy the spectacle of what is on screen. If you sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet deals, you can watch Grimm anytime you want.

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