American Crime TV Series

American Crime TV Series

American Crime premiered March 5th, 2015 on ABC and it airs 10:00 pm (ET) on Thursdays. This American crime drama is an anthology series created by John Ridley. The first season contains 11 episodes; the pilot was announced in October of 2013. The pilot was greenlighted in January 2014. Certain episodes including the pilot were filmed in Austin Texas.

The cast for American Crime consists of Felicity Huffman as Barbara Hanlon (Barb); Johnny Ortiz asa Anthony Gutierrez (Tony); Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie; Elvis Nolasco as Carter Nix; W. Earl Brown as Thomas Carlin (Tom); Penelope Ann Miller as Eve Carlin; Richard Cabral as Hector Tonz; Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutierrez ; Caitlin Gerald as Aubry Taylor; Gleendylis Inoa as Jennifer Gutierrez (Jenny); Grant Merritt as Matt Skokie; Regina King as Aliyah Shadeed; Kira Pozehl as Gwendolyn Skokie (Gwen); and Lili Taylor as Nancy Straumberg.

American Crime focuses on real issues such as gender, race, and class. The series begins with Matt Skokie who was a murdered war veteran. During a home invasion his wife Gwen was attacked and Matt was murdered. With this tragedy as the base of the series it goes on to explore complex issues in the legal system and in life. The series is primarily depicted through the eyes of the suspect's and victim's families.

The realism embedded in American Crime is stark and blatant. The actors are not the glamorous icons normally portrayed in T.V. shows, and there is almost no musical element to the series. American Crime is also realistic in the fact that issues are not black and white, that is to say, things are not as clear as they seem on first appearance. While victims aren't as innocent as they look the accused aren't always as guilty. Some reviews warn that the series may be uncomfortable for certain individuals due to the realistic and complex problems it addresses.

The series has gotten mostly positive attention from viewers so far, with Rotten Tomatoes giving American Crime a 95% approval rating, Metacritic giving it 84%, and awarding it 7.6/10 stars. Overall the series it getting a lot of attention, and that attention is surfacing online. Many reviews stand by American Crime, calling it a formidable drama with excellent acting. They honestly admit to the commercials having a depressing air and the series being didactic, but they say it is captivating with beautiful characters. 

Critics argue that American Crime is depressing, painful, and boring. Some people dislike the series because it directs the audience to empathize with characters based on race as opposed to personal ideals. Critics were nevertheless few-and-far-between. Some say that whether American Crime is enjoyed or not depends on personal life experience. Overall there is a lot to be said for the show, and more left to unravel.

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