Al Pacino’s Incredibly Successful Career

Al Pacino’s Fabulous Career

Al Pacino’s Fascinating Career

It seems that just about every movie that stars Al Pacino becomes a hit. With titles like The Godfather and Scarface on his resume, there’s no doubt that Al is considered one of the most successful, and most-favored, movie stars today.

With over 40 wins, including an Oscar, and over 50 nominations, Al has made his acting career incredibly successful with parts in the classic movies Serpico and Scent of a Women. The American-born star has been gaining fans ever since his career took off in the 70s, and on through today he continues to star in hit movies.

Born in 1940 in New York City, Al began studying acting at the age of nineteen. With his rage and seriousness, he often got the parts in gritty films and brought his roles to life on screen. His natural-born talent for acting took him quickly and successfully into the world of filming.

Al started with theater productions, with his most prominent on-stage performances being in the 1960s with Out There and various others. In 1969, with some productions under his belt and a lot of support from the local actors and audiences, Al got the part in the Broadway play Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? He received a Tony Award for his performance, and later appeared in the Broadway show Me, Natalie.

The Panic in Needle Park brought Al one of his first successful film roles in the 70s. After years of acting in plays and on various stages, the now award-winning actor had the chance to take his talent to the big screen. It wasn’t long before his movie debut that he began auditioning for various roles.

The following year, in 1972, Al’s career was officially taken to new heights, and it never came down. His performance in The Godfather took the world by storm, and the now classic movie is still considered one of the most successful films of all time. His performance in this movie alone scored him dozens of awards and nominations, and the movie itself has won over 30 awards, including three Oscars, with nearly another dozen wins.

A lot of Al’s fans have credited his part in The Godfather as the reason for their support, with thousands of  new viewers tuning in annually to watch the world-acclaimed movie, even forty years after its release.

In 1973, Al starred in another movie, although this time around it didn’t get as much attention, Scarecrow is still considered a successful film. The next year, Al met another hit movie with his performance in the second part of The Godfather series, which again proved to be incredibly successful.

Al has often said that his chance to play a part in The Godfather series completely turned his career around, and fans agree. Many critics, and fans alike say if Al hadn’t gotten the part in The Godfather the movie’s success and his entire career would have turned out much different.

But, Al’s fans go far beyond just the love for his performance in that single film, and they proved their love for his acting when they came back to watch him play in Dog Day Afternoon.

It wasn’t until 1990 that Pacino got to return for the final installment in the final Godfather film. That same decade, he played in Dick Tracy and an assortment of other roles that helped further launch his acting career to new heights.

In fact, the 90s proved to be even more successful than any other decade in his career, and he performed in a variety of movies including Scent of a Woman, Carlito’s Way, Heat, and Any Given Sunday. Al was officially launched into Hollywood stardom as the 2000s rolled around, and it was clear this his 1999 performances showed that his acting skills and professional career wouldn’t be coming to an end anytime soon.

Even as he turned sixty years old at the turn of the century, Al refused to slow down. In 2002, he played alongside Robin Williams in the film Insomnia. He also got a role in People I Know and in 2007 he played a part in Ocean’s Thirteen. His list of outstanding roles continues today, with multiple films in post-production and many to be released this year.

Al’s childhood background in New York is likely what fueled his original drive to take the gritty parts, and that decision has clearly proved to be a great one. Now in his mid-seventies, it doesn’t look like Al will be calling it quits any time soon.  

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