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Cheaper Than Taking in a Movie – Movie Channels From Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable TV Savings

It’s a movie lovers dream and it’s more affordable than one trip to the movie theater. You’ll get a whole bunch of newly released movies, hot movies, classic movies, original series, and special premieres every single month. Commercial-free around the clock programming in the finest movie channels available like, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and Starz, are all available as an add on to your already exceptional Time Warner Cable TV service.

Premium channels from Spectrum offer all their themed channels in addition, differing time zone feeds, HD channels and On Demand programming with no additional fees over and above the cost of the subscription.  Don't forget all the premium Sports channels that are available! Customers can tune in to On Demand to access their Premium Network using their handheld remote for easy viewing of their favorite picks of the month. Sign up and enjoy!

Time Warner Cable TV Savings

Family Night Never Looked So Good Until HBO

More popular than all the rest, HBO is the favorite of premium channels offering customers 14 channels of pure movie heaven inclusive of newly released movies, documentaries, stand up comedy, concert specials, and original shows to keep your adrenalin pumping for joy as you revel in the programming from the finest premium channel of all.

HBO fulfills the movie lover needs in some 29 million homes.  The second largest movie channel in the US and broadcasts reaching 151 countries worldwide, HBO is Time Warner Cable owned.  It’s no wonder it’s so popular. So call all the family, gather them around the TV tonight and have yourself a family night to remember with a good flick from HBO. It’s so good you can’t live without it!

Pick Your Seat – It’s Showtime at Home Tonight!

Time Warner Cable Premium Channel TV Deals

If you are looking to be entertained, then sign on to some Showtime.  You won’t believe you eyes when you cast them upon the uncut hit movies, hard core sporting events, captivating documentaries, and rib-tickling comedies that will keep you entertained like you’ve never been entertained in your life. If you have not experienced Showtime it’s high time you started enjoying the finer things in life with a premium entertainment package from Showtime to go along with your Time Warner Cable TV service. It’s a brilliant platform so get ready to be impressed!

All the Stuff You Love In a Bundle of Glory – The Movie Channel

More than just movies, The Movie Channel is your premium source for the things you like to know about the movies you like comprised of film facts, celebrity interviews and news, and the behind the scenes scoop on what’s going on in the world of movies. Broadcasting movies for movie lovers in HD format, is offered as a premium channel to Spectrum customers everywhere.

The Movie Channel On Demand is a counterpart to TMC. Gracing the homes of 2 million viewerss, The Movie Channel offers themed movies in Action, Drama, Comedy, "Midnight Movies" made for adults, and "Movie Stuff" which is all about film trivia and happenings behind the scenes.  Get the latest updates available when you check in with The Movie Channel.

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