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The days of having to watch TV on the provider’s schedule are long gone now that On Demand is at the forefront of every cable plan offered by Time Warner Cable TV.  Customers no longer have to let TV schedules dictate their time to watch their favorite shows any more. Over 10,000 of the hottest movies and shows are accessible every hour of every day.  At Time Warner Cable TV, customers get more On Demand choices than satellite.

It’s not been very many years ago when people only had three major networks to choose programming from. It went off after the last news program of the day and did not come back on until the next morning.  Wow! Talk about change. Now customers have the power of one button technology to access thousands of On Demand programs, many of which are broadcast in high definition format.

One of the most popular features of Time Warner Cable TV offers customers the opportunity to manage primetime shows in a way they’ve never had before. If your schedule won’t allow you to get home in time for your favorite primetime programs, you can still watch them 24 hours later On Demand for those that love the evening news, weekly sitcoms, and reality shows. Unlike satellite, you’ll get instant access to all Movies On Demand content.

The On Demand lineup is just one button away on your handheld remote.  There’s a special "On Demand" button for your convenience, or you can always just tune into channel 1 to access the on-screen guide for On Demand features.  The On Demand lineup offers categories like Primetime, Kids, Movies, Premiums and plenty of Free On Demand and more.

There is a huge selection of HD programming as well for a continual stream of entertainment delivered in high quality widescreen technology to millions of homes across the nation. Holding the key to that much power could make your life a living dream!

Time Warner Cable On Demand Movies

If your schedule is hectic but you love to unwind to a few of your favorite shows in the evening, you might want to get a TV app for your iPad®, or iPhone® and catch your favorite TV shows on your PC, Smartphone. With Time Warner Cable TV, you don’t have to be sitting in front of the TV to enjoy On Demand programming. They offer interactive features to manage the device, time, and location where you watch TV.  Bet you didn’t know you had this much flexibility in TV viewing at your disposal.

Just in case your favorite primetime show is not one of the featured On Demand programs, there are still a couple of ways you can watch your shows.  Initially, if you know ahead of time you won’t make it home to see the program you are dying to see, you can always set the HD DVR to record it and watch it at time that is convenient for you.

Should you find out after you leave home you won’t make it home on time, you can access the online manager (assuming you subscribe to Time Warner Cable Internet) and use the DVR manager to set up a recording from your Smartphone or PC remotely. It’s just one more super-feature offered by Time Warner Cable.

Additionally, once you order up an On Demand program, you’ll be able to access it for 24 hours after you order it so the family can watch it in the early evening, and you can watch it when you do get home or even the next day.  How cool is that?

Time Warner Cable TV also offers some exclusive platforms that you can’t get from any other providers. A feature called Look Back allows you to watch a show for up to 72 hours after is comes on.  Look Back is a brand new way to light up your life when you pull up a single program, movie or event to watch anytime after it airs for up to 3 days.

This "watch it on your time" feature is the latest way to put the power to schedule back into the hands of the customer. Additionally, when you get interrupted in the middle of a "to die for" program, you can use the Start Over platform to start an in-progress program back at the beginning and never miss a single second. Start Over® and Look Back® are free and only available with Time Warner Cable TV.

Time Warner Cable Movie Channels

Along with access to 10,000 On Demand programs and the flexibility to watch them anytime you wish, the youngsters in your household might need extra guidance and help ensuring that they are always viewing suitable and age appropriate content. Spectrum TV has partnered with some of the best online organizations as resources that can help you keep up with the content necessary to educate yourself with the latest safety features and tools that challenge appropriate programming as it relates to family entertainment.

Parental Control tools are a must and Time Warner Cable TV provides them free of charge for parents to set up according to their preference. . Parents can choose to block a show by rating, block a particular show or series, block out certain times to watch specific channels, and restrict viewing to complete channels with PIN protected selections, so parents can feel at ease that young ones in the house will not have access to unsuitable subject matter. Utilizing these helpful control features allows Time Warner Cable to keep an eye on your kids even when you are not able to do so.

With Time Warner Cable Digital TV, where there is a will, there’s a way for you to control what you watch and when you watch it. If you really want to get the benefit out of a full service home entertainment package, you need to take the time to discover all the tools that Spectrum TV has given you to enhance your viewing experience. Whether you watch programs at home on the TV or remotely from your PC or Smartphone, the enchanting lineup of features is sure to offer you joy and excitement for a long time to come from Time Warner Cable TV On Demand.

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