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Time Warner Cable DVR Deals

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Time Warner Cable DVR Deals

Hold the power to control your enhanced TV experience in the palm of your hand with a DVR or HD-DVR from Time Warner Cable TV. There’s nothing like knowing that no matter when you want to watch your favorite primetime shows, sporting events, movies, or old reruns, you can have it your way, on your time, anytime, with HD-DVR service.

Having Time Warner Cable HD-DVR Service puts you in control of every aspect of watching TV. While just about every body runs across two or more shows that come on at the same time making them choose which one to watch.  That scenario is now long gone with the help and convenience of an HD-DVR.

Likewise, with a DVR, there’s never a need to worry about your schedule not matching up with the Time Warner Cable TV schedule for anything you want to watch. When you can’t be at home or don’t have the time to watch it on your PC or Smartphone, an HD-DVR will resolve your problem, still allowing you to see the programs you want to see when it fits your schedule.

An HD-DVR will allow users to record up to 80 hours of standard definition programming and up to 25 hours of HD shows to watch when you’re ready. While you can record SD programming on your HD-DVR, a DVR will not record HD programming.

Time Warner Cable envisioned that customers would view TV with the very latest in technology which is precisely what you get with an HD-DVR.  Their mission has always been to provide spectacular home entertainment to include the latest in high definition resolutions with crisp images, brilliant color, and theater-like audio for all your viewing pleasures. When you record your choice in HD programming, the HD-DVR allows you to enjoy the same picture quality and sound that the original show aired with.

Time Warner Cable Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Choosing programs you want from the on-screen guide may seem like a chore since there are so many selections to pick from, but once you have made your choice, the rest of the recording process is a cinch. Simply highlight the show you’ve selected and hit the "record" button on your remote to begin recording if the show has started.  If it is coming on later the HD-DVR will remember it and start recording when the show comes on.

When setting up a show to record, users will have the option to set up a series recording in case the program will be coming on every week or if it is a sequel that will have 3 or 4 parts. When you are at home and watching one show, but another one you want to see comes on, that is okay. An HD-DVR will allow you to watch one show while recording another or record two shows while you are watching a recorded program.

Storing up your recorded programs to watch later is like having your very own movie store. You can keep your recordings as long as you wish and call them up to watch as many times as you want. All you have to do is remember to set your HD-DVR settings for the "delete only when I delete them" feature because the default is sometimes set to delete them after you watch them.

In case you like to record adult programming or programming with other inappropriate content, Parental Controls are available to use with your HD-DVR to keep your kids from accessing your recordings. Unless you are experiencing all that Time Warner Cable TV has to offer, you are missing a whole lot more than just TV.

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