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Time Warner Cable 3D

Enjoying the New Dimension in TV Viewing That’s Just Like Being There

Time Warner Cable TV 3D Deals

You won’t believe your eyes when you see what Time Warner Cable TV now offers in 3D technology programming. Things have really changed in the way people watch TV.  You used to have to go to the movies to see a 3D movie that came around once in a blue moon, but now with a Time Warner Cable TV plan, customers can view it whenever they like with the new programming line up of sensational shows, sports and movies offered in 3D format.

The 3D offered now is much different from what it used to be as the screen resolution is many times over better and you no longer have to sacrifice quality to view 3D programming. The 3D features provided via Time Warner Cable TV offer a crisp high definition format making viewers feel just like they are at a live performance. It’s so good people eyes are popping out of their heads over the exciting shows to watch in the new 3D technology available through the newest in-home service.

No more trips to the theater and the picture quality and sound are even better in the new 3D format! Customers can enjoy lots of movies, sporting events, and other genres come to life right in front of their eyes with a Time Warner Cable TV 3D Pass. You’ve never experienced live sports like the action you can feel with 3D technology.

Time Warner Cable 3D TV Shows

Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the humongous array of exciting movies that include blockbuster varieties, captivating documentaries, lots of family oriented features, and a whole lot more.  You just have to add 3D capability to your arsenal of TV programming. Honestly, you’ll never want to be without it again.

Along with all the normal sports and movie titles, you will not want to miss out on the 3D special event shows offering out of the ordinary entertainment to include the 2012 London Summer Olympics, boxing, UFC and WWE events too! Step into the ring or on the track as you take the exciting journey of 3D technology with your favorite sporting events, as well as the ones outside the box.

Don’t miss out on the latest in TV viewing by not being ready to receive the latest in 3D programming. Time Warner Cable TV offers the newest technology utilizing the “side by side’ or “Top Bottom” formatting for delivering 3D picture images to the customer.

Just so you will be ready to start enjoying your 3D programming, make sure you have the proper set top box, a 3D-ready TV purchased after March 2010, and the compatible 3D glasses from your TV manufacturer. It’s time you got on board to have the time of your life!

If you purchased a 3D-ready TV prior to March 2010, it will not likely be compatible with the latest technology of 3D viewing. However, most manufacturers of those outdated sets do offer upgrades to make them compatible and therefore capable of receiving the later content in 3D technology. If you purchased your 3DTV prior to March 2010, check with the manufacturer to see if an update is available so you can start enjoying this phenomenal programming in the latest way to watch in-home 3DTV. Get the latest 3D technology today, with Time Warner Cable TV!

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