Quick Guide to Charter Spectrum Movies On Demand

Charter Spectrum TV Package DealsCharter Spectrum, the most loved cable service in the US, has spoiled TV viewers. Through its massive assemblage of over 200 channels, Charter Spectrum offers every type of modern television entertainment that every TV viewer craves for. Most of the television channels are available in high definition and at no additional cost to the subscriber. That’s not all. The company also offers a lot of On-demand content to its subscribers.

This includes sporting action videos, and movies as well. Movies on Demand from Charter Spectrum is every movie lover’s dream come true. If you are a movie buff, then this is something that you should know about. Once you get on-demand movies from this service, you will never have to stand in long queues at your local cinema. You can watch the best of cinema, without ever leaving your home.

Superb Choices

That is the most apt way to put it. The collection of movies on offer is simply mind-blowing. Whether you are looking for an all-time classic or are in the mood for a latest release, everything is available to you in the Charter Spectrum library. There are thousands of movies for you to watch. Needless to say, once you subscribe to Charter Spectrum, you will never have a boring day in your life; not when there is a whole library of movies waiting for you to enjoy them.

There are action movies, romantic films, comedy gems, and other genre movies for you to pick. All you have to do is wish for a movie and Charter Spectrum will make sure that you can enjoy it right away. You can truly demand whichever movie you want and there is a good chance that Charter will have it.

Quick Access

Charter Spectrum On Demand MoviesThere is no dearth of options when it comes to Movies on Demand on Charter Spectrum. In fact, not finding the movie you like is hardly the problem you will be facing. Your problem will more likely be choosing the ‘one’ among all the available option. Charter Spectrum makes your job a lot easier. It has neatly arranged all the movies in various categories, so that you can find a suitable movie to suit your mood. If you are feeling romantic, then head on to the romantics section. If you are in the mood for some action, then the respective category will feature the right movies for you.

You can quickly find the movies you like and purchase them in the Video Store to enjoy a fun-filled evening. If you want to save the movies for viewing them later, Charter Spectrum offers you that facility as well. Here is a stepwise guide to help you through the options.

Access the On-Demand Movie Library

  • 1. Choose the ‘Menu’ option on the remote
  • 2. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to reach ‘Movies’ and then press ‘OK’
  • 3. On the other hand, if your remote has a separate button called ‘On Demand’, press it twice to reach On-Demand Movies. If you want to go to ‘Video Store’, then press the ‘On Demand’ button thrice.

Choose an On-Demand Movie

  • 1. Use the arrow keys on your remote to move up and down the movie library
  • 2. Once you reach the movie of your choice, select ‘OK’
  • 3. Press ‘OK’ again on the remote to access additional options2. You can add all the on-demand titles that you have shortlisted to a Watchlist, which you can access at any time in the future. This feature ensures that you do not have to spend time to search for movies every single time you want to watch one. Here is how you can add content to your Watchlist.
  • 4. Go to ‘Menu’ on your remote and choose ‘Movies’
  • 5. Click on the title of your choice to add to the Watchlist and press ‘OK’
  • 6. You can then click on ‘Add to Watchlist’ by using the arrow keys
  • 7. Confirm your selection and you are done
  • 8. When you finally have the time to watch the movie you have previously saved in the watch list, follow these steps.
  • 9. Go to ‘Menu’ and click on ‘My Library’
  • 10. Use arrow keys to go to the ‘Watch list’
  • 11. You can then choose the movie you want to watch
  • With Charter Spectrum, you have a service that truly values your time. The whole service offering is designed to please the subscribers in a way that other services will find it difficult to match. And they do.

    High Quality

    Charter Spectrum Movie ChannelsJust because Charter Spectrum is offering you a collection of movies and offering excellent navigation, it does not mean that you have to compromise in any way on the quality aspect. Movies on Charter Spectrum are available in high definition and superb sound quality.

    When you watch an on-demand movie from the Charter Spectrum library, you can actually connect with the characters, like never before. Your favorite actors will jump into your living room and play out their roles. Even the movies you have watched will feel completely new when you watch them in Charter Spectrum HD.

    When we tag the Charter Spectrum on-demand movies as high quality, we are not talking only about the audio and video quality, but the entire experience. So, when you order movies via Charter Spectrum, you are signing up for an incredible movie experience that is not interrupted by commercials. What you get is a completely immersive experience that is impossible to beat.

    You have Help

    Let’s say you have watched all the movies suggested by your friends and relatives, and now you are looking for more quality cinema. Then who do you go to? Rotten Tomatoes? Flixster? You don’t have to, because Charter Spectrum has integrated the reviews from these and other rating websites into its interface.

    When you are browsing through the on-demand movie library from Charter Spectrum, click on the small icon next to the title to find out what the people who watched the movie think about it. If you want to read up on the strengths of the movie, then go for The Red Tomato or The Popcorn review. If you like to eliminate your choices, then opt for the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and The Spilled Popcorn to get all the negative points that the viewers had about the movie.

    In addition to the usual movie reviews, another great feature that you will find in the Charter Spectrum library are the integrated Common Sense Media Ratings, wherever possible. What are these? This service will inform you about the suggested minimum age of the viewer depending on the kind of content in the movie.

    If you are a parent and want to be in control of what your kids are watching, then this feature is a blessing. In addition to these, you can also use the For Parents button, which will give you complete information about the content of the movie. It will inform you whether or not the content has violence, drug abuse, drinking, inappropriate language, and other such details. This will put you in the driver’s seat and lets you decide whether or not the content is suitable for your kids.

    The On Demand Lock

    When you access your on-demand content, you can decide who will be able to access various sections of the On-Demand library, other than you by setting an On-Demand lock. This feature allows you to restrict the access to your on-demand content, which is particularly useful if you share the television with a big family or a group of friends.

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