Judge Judy Tops the TV Ratings (Yet Again)

Judge Judy—she’s the judge we love to hate, or love to love, depending on your point of view. Since the 90s she has been making waves with her no-nonsense judging style and her always witty, engaging and funny banter exchanged with the people who appear before her court. Judge Judy is sometimes considered to be one of the staples of American television. After all, who could imagine an afternoon without at least one episode of Judge Judy on the screen?

Judge Judy has been on the airwaves since the 1990s. Many people would assume that her show, like so many long lasting shows, has dipped in in its weekly ratings. But the recent ratings published by Nielsen reveals that Judy is far from being a has-been; in fact, her ratings are higher than they ever have been!

According to the information released by Nielsen, Judge Judy recently had her best ratings week since 2003. Judge Judy boasted a whopping 11.9 million viewers each day for the week which ended in February 9th. Even more good news for Judge Judy fans: in addition to these stellar ratings, her show is actually up about 13% in the number of viewers from the last year alone!

What makes Judy so compelling? For some, it is her take no prisoners, no nonsense, put up with no bullroar attitude. When Judge Judy’s court is in session, you know that ridiculous excuses and lies should be checked at the door. For others, it is Judy’s witty and funny banter with the court clients and her own staff that make the show worth the watch. Who doesn’t love a witty judge? And still for others, it may be the myriad of different cases that Judy has overseen in the many years her shown has been on the air that is the attraction. Small claims court TV shows like Judy’s are well known for their ridiculous lawsuits and the often ill-prepared and sometimes drama-mongering ‘clients’ who appear in court with little more than personal complaints about another person.

Judge Judy With Katie Couric
Judge Judy With Katie Couric

Whatever the reason for Judge Judy’s success, one thing is clear: it is here to stay. Judge Judy is currently shopping around a new courtroom television show, which will feature a unique three-judge courtroom. The new show, tentatively titled Hot Bench, is expected to premiere on television in 2014 or 2015. Check out and stream Judge Judy reruns when you sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet plans.


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