Everything You Need to Know About American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel has been receiving a lot of press this year, and for good reason: not only will the show be going back to its “horror roots,” the series will feature Lady Gaga in a prominent character role.

Like any season of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy has been keeping many details and particulars under wraps. Thankfully, however, there are a number of facts and trivia we already know about the upcoming ‘Hotel’ season of the horror anthology. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about American Horror Story: Hotel.

American Horror Story: Hotel will “go to the Murder House” for at least one episode

In an interview about the upcoming season, creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the new season will “go to the Murder House for one episode.” Murphy declined to give any further information, but the statement has fans running wild with speculation. There are many ways that the new season might be connected to the first season’s infamous Murder house–perhaps a character could be related to someone who died at the House, or a character in ‘Hotel’ could decide to go on the Eternal Darkness Tour that stops by the home. And since Jessica Lange will be appearing in ‘Hotel’ in some capacity, fans have even speculated that Constance will make an appearance.

A Season 1 Character has been Confirmed for Returning

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Although Constance is not confirmed for returning, there is one season 1 character who is definitely making a comeback in Hotel: Marcy, played by Christine Estabrook. Marcy is the realtor who sold the house multiple times throughout the first season, and she will be the realtor who is advertising the Hotel Cortez.

Season 1 won’t be the only crossover for Hotel

In the last season, Freak Show, the series had its first crossover storyline when one of the ‘Freak Show’ characters was sent to the Asylum, where Sister Mary Eunice appeared to help them get adjusted. It was a bit surprising but not unheard of when Ryan Murphy announced that the show would have some crossover from season 1—but that’s not the only connection to previous seasons that ‘Hotel’ will have. Murphy and the show’s writers have revealed that “more and more” characters from previous seasons will be checking into the hotel this season. Time can only tell how prominent these previous character’s roles will be—or if they will simply be ‘wink and you miss it’ cameos.

There are two Big Bads

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American Horror Story isn’t afraid of the big bad wolf–or the big bad wolves. Hotel, like most seasons of the show, will feature more than one big bad antagonistic character. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ryan Murphy revealed the names of the two big bads (or at least, the two that he’s revealed to fans!): The Ten Commandments Killer and the Addiction Demon. Since ‘Hotel’ will definitely be featuring supernatural characters, many fans believe the Addiction Demon will be an actual demon—or at least some type of otherworldly creature. Murphy described the Addiction Demon as being similar to the character of Rubber Man, except he is—at least he is not described—as being a ghost. And like Rubber Man, the Addiction Demon will be up to some terrible, awful deeds; his accessory of choice, according to the show’s creative time, is a deadly looking adult toy.

Fans think the Hotel might be Hell

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Fan speculations are always abound when it comes to American Horror Story, since the details are often murky and the show’s teasers give a lot of conflicting clues and ideas. But there are several reasons that fans believe the Hotel might be Hell, or at least some kind of afterlife destination similar to the “hells” created in the show’s third season, Coven.

The reason for this particular fan theory is that the series is apparently set in modern day, but many characters revealed so far are long dead–including Aileen Wuronos, who will be played by Lily Rabe, and the fictional architect who built the hotel in the 1930s, who will be played by Evan Peters. Peters’ character is described as “never leaving his room,” which may indicate that he is a ghost or, in the case of this fan theory, the soul of someone trapped in the hotel’s version of Hell.

Fans have also wondered if the previous season characters who “check in” to the hotel will be characters who have died.

There has been no confirmation from anyone on the show’s creative team about this speculation—other than simply saying “Fans will have to watch and see what happens.”

Ryan Murphy considers the season a return to the show’s “horror roots”

There’s no denying that every season of American Horror Story has had an element of creepiness or strangeness to it; even the quirky Coven season had zombies and murders—but only Murder House was the only season that was strictly ‘horror’ in style and tone. Murphy has stated that he wanted to bring the show back to its horror roots, and wrote “Hotel” with the first season’s style in mind. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other staples of the series—including the potential for aliens, strange subplots and quirky characters—won’t be making an appearance.

Real life murders and serial killers will appear

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There are several real life murder cases and even serial killers who are confirmed to appear in the upcoming season. This includes the previously mentioned Aileen Wuronos (Lily Rabe) as well as a fictionalized version of an unsolved murder case in California, where a woman was filmed behaving erratically on hotel cameras before her body was found in the hotel’s rooftop water tank sometime later. There is no word yet on whether or not these characters and cases will play out in the show—or whether they shall simply be a dark part of the hotel’s sordid past. Either way, Marcy has her work cut out for her!


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