What Fans Think of Marvel’s “Iron Fist”

When it comes to their opinions about Marvel’s latest creation for Netflix – “Iron Fist” – there’s a sharp divide between fans and critics. Whereas critics offered a mostly negative take on the show, fans were much more accepting. You can see that divide on many movie rating sites, where the ratings can differ markedly. Read more about What Fans Think of Marvel’s “Iron Fist”[…]


What “Dear White People” Teaches About Racism

The latest Netflix original series, “Dear White People,” has already caused a firestorm of controversy, with people debating whether or not the show is meant to unite or divide people. Even before the first 10 episodes dropped on April 28, there was controversy brewing with the teaser trailer, which led to some people accusing the Read more about What “Dear White People” Teaches About Racism[…]


The Hilarity of “Santa Clarita Diet”

There’s never been a zombie comedy like “Santa Clarita Diet” before, that’s for sure. This Netflix Original Series has steadily gained in fans and popularity ever since all 10 episodes of he first season debuted on February 3. The reason for the popularity is simple: the entire premise of “Santa Clarita Diet” is just hilarious. Read more about The Hilarity of “Santa Clarita Diet”[…]


Review: Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

The Netflix content studios continue to produce some of the highest-quality original content that you’re going to see on TV these days, and that now includes Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” It’s clear that Netflix has figured out the formula for success: bring in top acting and directing talent (in this case, Neil Read more about Review: Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”[…]


Why You Should Watch “The OA” Right Now

Netflix’s new original series, “The OA,” is unlike anything else on television these days. It’s one part supernatural drama, one part science fiction thriller, one part fantasy horror and one part paranormal mystery. But that’s exactly what makes “The OA” so addictive – it will completely play with your mind and emotions. You need to Read more about Why You Should Watch “The OA” Right Now[…]


The Buzz Over “The Crown” on Netflix

It looks like Netflix has done it again – creating a crowd-pleasing dramatic series that everyone’s buzzing about. This time it’s “The Crown,” a 10-episode series about the life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II that launched in its entirety on November 4. Given the fact that Netflix practically invented the whole binge-watching TV phenomenon, it Read more about The Buzz Over “The Crown” on Netflix[…]


Will Netflix launch Star Wars: The Old Republic?

The Force Awakens has created fresh excitement over the Star Wars universe, among both diehard fans and casual movie goers; the Star Wars series has entertained fans for generations, and it has clearly stood the test of time. The Force Awakens was testimony to this fictional universe’s ability to enthrall its audience with stories that Read more about Will Netflix launch Star Wars: The Old Republic?[…]


How Netflix Originals Continue to Revolutionize the Streaming Platform

Ever since it launched its streaming platform in 2007, Netflix has continued to innovate in terms of content and distribution. It’s on the content side, though, where Netflix has really excelled, building a massive library of movies and classic TV shows that has made it one of the leading layers in the streaming content space. Read more about How Netflix Originals Continue to Revolutionize the Streaming Platform[…]


“Black Mirror” and Its Soaring Popularity

“Black Mirror” is becoming the “Twilight Zone” of the new digital generation. Each new episode of “Black Mirror” presents a near-dystopian view of the future in which common, everyday technologies – our smartphones, social networks and digital gadgets – transform into instruments of fear, intimidation and paranoia. That almost palpable sense of fear about what Read more about “Black Mirror” and Its Soaring Popularity[…]

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