How Netflix Originals Continue to Revolutionize the Streaming Platform

Ever since it launched its streaming platform in 2007, Netflix has continued to innovate in terms of content and distribution. It’s on the content side, though, where Netflix has really excelled, building a massive library of movies and classic TV shows that has made it one of the leading layers in the streaming content space. Read more about How Netflix Originals Continue to Revolutionize the Streaming Platform[…]


Johnny Depp Will Appear in “Fantastic Beasts 2”

Right about now, Harry Potter fans have to be incredibly excited. Not only is J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts” set to hit movie screens on November 18, but there’s now buzz that A-list Hollywood celebrity Johnny Depp will appear in the sequel to the film, tentatively known as just “Fantastic Beasts 2.” However, for now the Read more about Johnny Depp Will Appear in “Fantastic Beasts 2”[…]


“Black Mirror” and Its Soaring Popularity

“Black Mirror” is becoming the “Twilight Zone” of the new digital generation. Each new episode of “Black Mirror” presents a near-dystopian view of the future in which common, everyday technologies – our smartphones, social networks and digital gadgets – transform into instruments of fear, intimidation and paranoia. That almost palpable sense of fear about what Read more about “Black Mirror” and Its Soaring Popularity[…]

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