Best Family-Friendly Halloween Films

Halloween is just around the corner! If your family loves spending the holiday together, why not indulge with some classic, family-friendly Halloween flicks? Many horror movies out today will probably scare off children and give them nightmares, but celebrating the Halloween spirit is still possible with these milder, yet still spooky, films. Grab some candy,[…]

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How Comedians Cope with the 2016 Presidential Race

Political satire and comedy have always been an integral part of U.S. Presidential elections in the recent era; American comedians have often guided voters through confusing and challenging times in an election and made light of situations. There is information coming at us from all directions, and an election year can be quite maddening. Comedians[…]

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What to Expect from “Stranger Things” Season 2

The wildly popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, will return next year with its second season. The second season will feature nine episodes, one more than the eight episodes of the first season. Ross and Matt Duffer will continue writing for the show; the brothers are also the executive producers of the show, along with Dan[…]

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