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Mad Men

Mad Men premiered on the cable network AMC on July 19th, 2007. The series was created by Matthew Weiner, produced by Lionsgate Television, and the American period drama will release its final season in 2014 and 2015. The last season consists of two parts which contain seven episodes each. The second half of the season premiered on April[…]

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Why People Love to Watch Hoarding: Buried Alive

Hoarding: Buried Alive is a reality television series that focuses on people who are considered hoarders, otherwise known as people who obsessively collect a large amount of items until it is detrimental to their mental and physical health. Some people on the show are considered ‘junk or garbage’ hoarders, people who have difficulty throwing even[…]

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Three Changes The Hunger Games Films Shouldn’t Have Made

The Hunger Games film series have been both financially and, for the most part, critically successful adaptations of the original book trilogy by Suzanne Collins. As with any book to film adaptation, however, the Hunger Games movies have made many changes to the original book material. These changes have ranged from significant differences to minor changes;[…]

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The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Insights

Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles often referred to as The Lizzie Borden Chronicles or as the Lizzie Borden movie, is a Lifetime fictionalized television miniseries that focuses around the events and people surrounding Lizzie Borden’s life after her controversial acquittal of the double murder of her father and stepmother in 1892. Lizzie Borden premiered[…]

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Things You Didn’t Know About Ax Men

Ax Men is an American reality television series that originally premiered on the History channel in March of 2008. The show follows the real-life work of logging crews who work in the second-growth forests of Northwestern Oregon, Washington and Montana, in addition to the rivers of Louisiana and Florida. Like other shows in this genre,[…]

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Why You Should Be Watching In An Instant

ABC’s In An Instant premiered in March of 2015 to solid ratings and reviews. The show focuses on traumatic situations that changed people’s lives “in an instant.” The situations on the show include grizzly bear attacks, plane crashes, bridge collapses, and other instances where everything changes in a moment. The show includes dramatizations of what[…]

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