Why Jessica Lange’s ‘Freakshow’ Character is Disappointing

Jessica Lange has consistently been the highlight of each season of American Horror Story. Her characters have always been intense, memorable, and very well-acted. But the latest season of American Horror Story—titled Freakshow—has been disappointing, even to fans of Jessica’s Lange’s other characters on the show. Why has her character been so disappointing? Read on[…]

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All About Richard Kiel

The late Richard Kiel (born Richard Dawson Kiel) was best known for his many film roles and his distinctive appearance. Kiel was born on September 13th, 1939; he was born with a condition called acromegaly, which causes an excess of growth hormones in the body. Kiel did not begin acting until he was in his[…]

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All About Danièle Watts

Danièle Watts is an American-born actress who is most well known for her appearances in television shows, such as Weeds, and films such as Django Unchained. Danièle Watts was born in southern California, but her family often moved due to her father’s job in the military. Although she attended elementary school in California, her family[…]

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Three Excellent Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Ever since they first premiered, the yearly Halloween “Treehouse of Horror” episodes of the Simpsons have delighted—and even chilled—fans of the beloved animated show. Each Treehouse of Horror episode contains three different segments, which are sometimes connected through a framing device such as the Simpsons telling scary stories at night or having nightmares. But, like[…]

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