Girl Meets World Covers Teen Addictions to Smart Phones

Like its predecessor Boy Meets World, the new Disney Channel show Girl Meets World intends to cover real-life issues, problems and situations that the younger generation faces. Boy Meets World covered many real issues, including topics such as racism, sexism, teenage drinking, teenage pregnancy, depression, and even cults. The creative team behind Girl Meets World—many[…]

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Some of TV’s Priciest TV Shows

Television has a reputation for being cheaper than those Big Hollywood Feature Films—but just because something is seen on TV doesn’t mean it’s cheap to produce. Television shows can be expensive, especially if they require elaborate sets, a significant amount of digital or CGI work, or feature actors who command some pretty hefty salaries per[…]

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3 Characters We’d Like to See in Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful’s first season is over, and although the second season isn’t slated to premiere until 2015, fans are already speculating and posting their hopes for the gothic-horror show’s next season. The first season of the show featured several (public domain, of course) literary characters who were given a “Victorian gothic” makeover for the show.[…]

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AFI’s Top Ten Lists- Fantasy I

Overall, the fantasy genre is my #1 favorite of them all. Unfortunately on film, this genre has not been well represented over the years and the qualification for its attributes is often misconstrued. What does fantasy mean? A lot of people get confused and with AFI’s Top Ten Best Fantasy Films of all time, they[…]

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James Bond

How Long Can James Bond Go On?

When the James Bond franchise celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2012, many fans around the world rejoiced, myself included. Wow, has it really been that long, a full half a century, since Sean Connery first wore the tux and strutted his stuff on screen for the first time? Shocking, positively shocking. It feels like a[…]

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