What Went Right (And Wrong) With Lifetime’s Latest Eating Disorder Film ‘Starving in Suburbia’

Lifetime is one television network that is no stranger to controversy and controversial topics. Their legend TV films have covered topics such as teen pregnancy, sexual assault, cults, bullying, and eating disorders—just to name a few things. Lifetime has produced or hosted several movies about eating disorders in the network’s history, including films such as[…]

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Why Kim and Kanye (Probably) Didn’t Get Married at Versailles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, after months of rumors and speculation and guesses, are finally married. The week of the wedding, the rumor quickly spread that—despite previous news releases to the contrary—that the couple would be actually getting married at Versailles. This rumor came just months after a statement by the Chateau de Versailles organization,[…]

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