How Will Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pregnancy Affect Once Upon a Time?

Ginnifer Goodwin, best known for her portrayal of Snow White in ABC’S hit series Once Upon a Time, announced last year that she was expecting her first child sometime in 2014. The actress has appeared on Once Upon a Time since its pilot episode—but how will her pregnancy affect her role? Or will the show Read more about How Will Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pregnancy Affect Once Upon a Time?[…]

Very Best Jimmy Fallon SNL Sketches

To many people, Fallon is best known for his stint on Saturday Night Live, where he worked alongside many fantastic comedians and eventually made a name for himself as one of the show’s most popular actors. Fallon appeared in numerous sketches—some fantastic, some hilarious, some just okay and some… well, it’s better not to mention Read more about Very Best Jimmy Fallon SNL Sketches[…]

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How is Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Doing in the Ratings?

There is something about late night comedy anchor hosting that brings out the drama, comparisons and competition in people. Jimmy Fallon, who recently moved on from his own show to take over the hosting job on the famous Tonight Show, was getting comparisons (and reviews, and critiques) before his first hour in the chair actually Read more about How is Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Doing in the Ratings?[…]

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The Beyonce and Jay-Z Empire

I don’t normally get into the whole celebrity fandom like many people do.  I don’t read tabloids, follow TMZ, or watch any reality shows.  I don’t get into much stuff like that because celebrities usually annoy me.  I take Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s attitude towards most celebrities in that they are arrogant, egocentric idiots Read more about The Beyonce and Jay-Z Empire[…]


The TV Grimm takes its place alongside other current supernatural shows as the standard new trend in television.  Its premise is simple enough, take the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and sprinkle them with newer, more updated innovations and create a cop drama with this wondrous world as a backdrop and off you go.  This combination Read more about Grimm[…]

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